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Inside Trader

Review 1:

This is a great (and perhaps the only) stock market sim that lets you be an inside trader trying to make piles of cash while avoiding detection from the SEC. Aside from the usual buy/sell functions, running ticker tape and newswire, you now have an option to pay the informant, destroy evidence, or co-operate with the authorities. A fun and reasonably realistic game that's a great way to release that mean streak in all traders ;)

Review 2:

This is an unusual stockmarket-game with some little extras. You have to make lots and lots of money on the stockmarket. To do this you buy and sell stocks. But now the fun begins. You also can pay for information or get reports from inside =) So you know what to buy ;) But beware of the SEC! If they find out you might get in some trouble.

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Inside Trader screenshot
Inside Trader screenshot

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