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Macadam Bumper (a.k.a. Pinball Wizard)

Macadam Bumper is a very early pinball simulation with the nice option to create your own pinball tables. For its time quite nice, although ball physics are not comparable with today's standards. It was ... the game from a floppy disk or by using SUBST. A slow-down util is required on modern computers. Overall, a fun early pinball game that would predate a slew of more realistic pinball sims later on.

Mad Mix (a.k.a. Pepsi Challenge, The)

Mad Mix from Spanish developer Topo Soft was released as The Pepsi Challenge in the UK, although there isn't anything related to Pepsi in the game. It's a Pac-Man clone, but there are some, err, 'alternative' ... the music is terrible. It's a bit easy but I enjoyed it, and I think the game is aimed at younger players anyway. Especially for the game's wonderful creativity... even if it's not so original.

Mad Mix 2

Fun, unassuming sequel to Mad Mix, Topo Soft's interesting Pac-Man clone. In this second outing, the Spanish version of Pac-Man is presented in outstanding isometric graphics, with the third dimension ... in sight and avoid ghosts. This makes Mad Mix 2 repetitive after a while, but at least you will have fun before you get bored of the game. If you are a Pac-Man fan, Mad Mix 2 is well worth a look.

Madness Interactive

Madness Interactive is a fun Windows version of a Flash game of the same name, made by the guys at based on the popular "Madness" Flash series. This huge game features many gameplay ... low-tech and high-tech weaponry, attractive South Park-style graphics, and very addictive (albeit bloody) gameplay, Madness Interactive is a must-have for any fan of beat 'em ups. Highly recommended!

Mage Craft

Mage Craft is a fun freeware action/RPG game from Robert Lupinek a.k.a. Darthlupi, a lone programmer. Similar to Magic & Mayhem, the game weaves elements of action and RPG into a very fun game. The ... that has enough depth to keep you playing to the end. One warning, though: I find the game very difficult for the first 1-2 hours until I discovered more powerful spells, so beginners should be wary.


Another underrated released from premier action house Raven Software (most famous for Hexen and Heretic), Mageslayer is an excellent hack 'n slash-fest that rejuvenates the overhead dungeon hack genre ... With a solid gameplay, great graphics, and the same addictive furious action fans of Raven's other titles are familiar with, Mageslayer is yet another underrated classic from experts in the genre.

Magic Boy

The game was made in 1993, but it lacks just about everything you would expect from a game made at that time. This version however seems to be missing the sound files as well, but I am not sure about that. I don't even know what is the goal of Magic Boy. You can jump around, collect items, shoot and capture some creatures and advance in levels. Two player game is also supported.

Magic Carpet Plus

One of the most original games ever made, Bullfrog's Magic Carpet is a classic action/strategy hybrid that remains eminently playable years after its release. Magic Carpet Plus is a re-release of the game ... of the game more than outweigh these points. With 50 islands and at least that many more in the Hidden Worlds add-on, Magic Carpet Plus will keep you up nights for months to come. Highly recommended!

Magic Pockets

Review 1: A decent platform game from Bitmap Brothers featuring a strange, kid-in-fantasy-land plot. From the manual: "The Bitmap Kid was pretty much like every other kid on the block until the ... you go on a 'quest' to get back your stolen toys. To do this you walk around platform levels where you have to kill the enemies. Nice good looking game, with some extra's you'll find out playing.

Magical Broom Extreme

Magical Broom Extreme is another spectacular freeware shooter from Japan with jaw-dropping 3D weapon effects and very good gameplay. You control a cute little anime witch who shoots from her broom. The ... and drop-dead gorgeous shooter that, like many of its recent brethren, will make you admire the designer's decision to make such a high-quality freeware game as opposed to a commercial one.

Magicland Dizzy

Review 1: Yet another well made and simple game from Codemasters (also behind the Micro Machines series). You are this little round fellow (ball) and you have to collect diamonds and other important ... been upgraded to Adlib/Soundblaster, so PC gamers can now hear what Spectrum gamers have enjoyed for years. Overall, nice graphics, nice tune, nice game - what more can I say? Highly recommended!

Mach 3

Mach 3 is a classic 3D shooter by Loriciel with a typical Michel Winogradoff sampled title tune - very cool. The action is very smooth and fast, and overall it's a very polished CGA game that manages to ... speaker, so the game should be played in real DOS mode. Be sure to check out Ultraforce's SoundBlaster-ized replay of all game samples below. They only seem to play on native SoundBlasters, though.

Machines of Destruction

Machines of Destruction is a very fun - but also very difficult - arcade/racing gem from Fallen Angel Industries. Best played in multiplayer mode, the game, in the developer's words, is "...a mixture ... FAIND's usual standards, excellent Weapons Designer feature, and plenty of frenetic action, Machines of Destruction is highly recommended to action fans, especially those with superhuman reflexes ;)

Machines, The

The Machines is an okay overhead shooter game similar in style to Team 17's (vastly superior) Alien Breed or freeware classic C-DOGS. The plot, as is common for this kind of game, is negligible: in the ... and lack of decent challenge. The upshot is that you can play against another human player in hot-seat, split-screen mode, but even that is little consolation considering how average the game is.

Major Stryker

Review 1: Major Stryker is a Raiden-type game produced by Apogee in the early 90's. You know what these games are like, Ctrl to shoot... the type of game that Apogee are infamous for producing around ... fully registered version below. Also an interesting anecdote for fans of Apogee trivia: the main character in the game, Harrison Stryker, is related to Duke Nukem, a far more famous Apogee character.

Mall Monster

Mall Monster is a great game from a team of programmers at Digipen Institute of Technology. You play a little kid who has been locked inside a mall, and now it's the middle of the night and you have to ... not to mention creepy when played at night in silence. Highly recommended to fans of horror or action games who are looking for something outside the usual "kill everything in sight" theme.


Malos is a unique strategy/action hybrid that plays like a board version of "Tag" game. As the official page describes, "...each level contains a set of red tags on a grid. As the player, ... game is quite challenging and entertaining, even if the basic gameplay from level to level remains the same. Well worth a look if you enjoy unique action games that blend elements from other genre.

Manhattan Dealers (a.k.a. Operation: Clean Streets)

A lackluster PC version of excellent Silmarils game for the Commodore 64, Manhattan Dealers (distributed by Broderbund in the US as Operation: Clean Streets) is a CGA platform game in which you are Inspector ... game for years to come. If you've played every other platform game or are curious about Silmarils' early start, then the game might have some appeal. The rest of us should shrug and pass this one by.

Manic Miner

Review 1: Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy are without a doubt the two BEST games ever made for the Sinclair Spectrum computer in mid-1980s. Designed by Matthew Smith and published by Bug Byte / Software ... to jump a lot, climb stairs, avoid hundreds of hostile creatures and machines and, of course, collect items. As I said, the game is extremely hard and will require a lot of nerves to be completed.

Marathon 2: Durandal

Marathon 2: Durandal is a good PC conversion of the Macintosh FPS blockbuster of the same name. Although the game looks out of date and old-fashioned compared to other FPS'es on the PC during that time ... game cooperatively with other human players. With an in-depth and evolving plot, involved gameplay, and excellent play balance, Marathon 2 is a worthy addition to every FPS gamer's collection.

Marble Madness

Review 1: I spent countless coins on the arcade version of this game, which proves why Atari was a highly successful game company in the 80s: original concept, great graphics, and solid gameplay. Guide ... Speaker sounds, which can be irritating, but trust me, I've heard much worse than this game! I would suggest playing this game with a joystick, as the controls are a bit out of whack for a keyboard.

Mario Forever

Review 1: One of the best fanmade Super Mario games, bar none, Mario Forever from Polish freeware group Buziol Games is a highly polished, addictive, and long Super Mario clone, featuring dozens of levels ... is amazing and I strongly recommend giving this game a try, it is amazing. This brings back the good old memories of the gaming. And creating own levels is awesome. This is a fun free game to play.

Mario VGA

Small mario game for the computer.


MarioUp is a nice fanmade Mario Brothers game, coded in QBasic. Your job once again is to guide our plump plumber across the 2D side-scrolling levels, collecting stars while he can and jumping on enemies. ... faithful to Nintendo's classic makes the game well worth a look, though. It's fun as a nice little coffee break game, at least. Too bad Luigi doesn't make his appearance in this fanmade old game.

Mars Taxi

Mars Taxi is a fun and faithful clone of the 8-bit classic Space Taxi game. Short description on MobyGames: "As an operator of a taxi on Mars, your job is to carry passengers from one platform to ... is as smooth and hectic as Space Taxi. If you like the original, or like arcade games in general, Mars Taxi has plenty to offer, although casual players may find the action a bit too repetitive.

Marshmallow Duel

Marshmallow Duel is a simple-looking 2D multiplayer action game that is much more fun than it looks. Although only playable with 2 human players, the game is one of the best 2-player games you will have ... hooks, warps, saveable stats, and other features not available in the shareware version. Although the "ordering info" section is still there, rest assured this is the registered version :)

Mass Destruction

Mass Destruction is an addictive 3D shoot 'em up that would have been much more successful had it not been released a few years too late. Similar to Return Fire, the game offers frenetic top-down shoot-everything-that-moves ... be welcome. While the graphics are merely passable, and the sounds terrible, the gameplay saves the day and makes this game a worthy addition to every action gamer's collection. Highly recommended!

Master Blaster

Yet another compilation by Keypunch in which the company essentially stole freelance designers' works (most released as freeware or shareware on various BBS's), took out all credits, and sold them as the ... of these games anyway. So, get it only if you are a completist like me - similar to Capstone, I just can't stop trying to complete my collection of Keypunch games no matter how horrible they are ;)

Master Ninja: Shadow Warriors of Death

The first Paragon game is an extremely primitive stick-figure fighting game that really has nothing going for it except the exotic locales and a good variety of moves. The game is not really worth playing, but is good as reminder of how far Paragon has to go to be a quality developer ;)


Some strange CGA game.

Mayday Squad

Mayday Squad is a fun CGA hostage rescue game similar to Mindscape's classic Hostage but with more options and variety despite inferior graphics. The Red Legion has taken control of the Lutonian Embassy ... integration of strategic planning into the game help make it stand out from the crowd, but not nearly enough to boost my patience at shooting dozens after dozens of enemies who look exactly alike.

Maze Adventures

Review 1: Maze Adventures is one of Keypunch's many game packages in which the company essentially stole freelance designers' works (most released as freeware or shareware on various BBS's), took out ... level with a maze in it. After that it becomes a bit dark and you have to find your way out. Last but not least you can make your own mazes with the Maze Machine. Print them out and give to friends.

Maze Wars

Maze Wars is a decent 3D maze game that is by no means revolutionary, but deserves mention as one of the first 3D maze mouse-driven games that I quite like ;) The objective is simple: find the exit to ... smooth, and the action fast and furious. Overall, recommended for fans of maze games who want more challenge than typical maze games. Make sure you use a slowdown program to run this one, though.

McDonald Land

McDonald Land is a fun little platform game created by Virgin Interactive to promote McDonald, one of the world's most recognizable franchise back when Happy Meals were all the rage. The game stars you, ... in all, this is a good introduction to the platform genre for kids and newbies alike, but experts should look elsewhere. The game bodes well for Virgin's future promotional games (e.g. Cool Spot).


One of the most innovative first-person shooter games ever made, Shiny Entertainment?s MDK (short for ?Maim, Destroy, Kill?) sets new standards in the crowded genre popularized by the likes of Quake, and ... gameplay, MDK is definitely a must-have for fans of the genre. Just don?t expect a ?serious? or realistic shooter, but a fun FPS highly steeped in the best tradition of arcade/platform games.

Mean Cuisine

Mean Cuisine is another quality freeware gem from Blackeye Software, makers of the outstanding Eternal Daughter. This time, they brought us not another epic platformer, but a nice Pac-Man-style game. The ... of bonuses to keep the gameplay fresh. Even though the game does get repetitive after a while, as a coffee-break title Mean Cuisine provides plenty of fun - 10-15 minutes at a time. Recommended!


Another fun "cute flying witch" horizontal shooter from Japan, Medicalat features smooth SVGA graphics and addictive gameplay that recalls the best of IREM's offerings. One of the best features ... shooter: I die quite often Level 3 of the "Normal" mode, and the "Expert" mode is aptly named. All in all, yet another quality SHMUP from the impressive Japanese freeware scene.


Probably the very first giant robot game that can proudly claim to be a simulation than a straightforward action shooter, Mechwarrior is a great game set in FASA's famous BattleTech world of giant robots. ... for other games in the giant robots genre, and its role-playing elements are sorely missing from today's mech games where the focus has shifted to strategy and 3D graphics than plot and atmosphere.


Standard side-scrolling shooter from DMA Design (designers of Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto among other Psygnosis classics). Menace was their first title, written for the Amiga first in 1988. This is a ... of the EGA palette. But nevertheless a nice shooter. Nothing special, but fun for a while. Especially if you like the genre, like I do. :) You might need a slow-down util to make this playable.


Storm Caliber and Messier are two excellent freeware shooters from Japan. Both games feature fun gameplay, imaginative enemy ship designs, and plenty of cool power-ups to use. The graphics are excellent, ... games are more difficult and longer than an average freeware shooter, too, which should make them appeal to joystick experts everywhere. If you prefer vertical shooters, play Storm Caliber first.

Metal Blade

Yet another outstanding fighting game made with ASCII's Fighting Game Maker application (never released outside Japan, unfortunately), Metal Blade has it all: unique and well-designed characters, fluid ... will find. The game could use more characters and backgrounds, but what is there is already very good. If you like the game, check out the author's many other fighting games on his site. Recommended!

Metal Gear

Metal Gear for PC is a good conversion of the NES game of the same name, which is in turn based on a MSX blockbuster (MSX was an early console system that no longer exists). This is the one that started ... of its time, but playing the MSX version is necessary to understand why this series is still going strong. If you like the game, check out the superior sequel Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake on this site.

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake is a little-known release in Konami's popular Metal Gear series, because it was released only in Japan for Konami's MSX2 computer. It's not until the release of MSX2 emulator ... (probably because you have WinXP or other versions that have no DOS support, you'll need to download an emulator for Windows and use it to open the SOLIDE12.ROM game file. I recommend RuMSX emulator.

Metal Gear Solid

Review 1: Metal Gear Solid is a solid PC conversion of a hit Playstation game, in itself a hugely popular console series designed by Hideo Kojima. GameSpy's comprehensive review of this "definitive" ... edge of your seats, demonic weapons that create havoc, the chance to play a bionic ninja dude that could run circles around you while killing you in 20 different ways. My vote for this game is 9.5/10

Metal Mutant

A difficult side-scrolling action game, Metal Mutant is similar to Sierra's Thexder in that it allows you to transform at any time into three different robot forms, each with its own weapons. The range ... game, as you can use torpedoes, axes, rope, tooth, and even a remote-controlled flying robot. Although billed as another action/adventure, it's really just an action game, although a very good one.

Metal Rage

Metal Rage is a lackluster 3D shooter from Titus. It remains probably Titus' least known game, but you will discover why very soon after you start playing: this is a sub-par game that is not fun to play, ... choices than this uninspired game. The bland gameplay is just not worth the amount of hassle required to get this game running on modern PCs (if you have no real DOS mode, you are out of luck).

Metal Saver

Metal Saver is a fun arcade-style game from Korea that plays like a cross between Bubble Ghost and Dinosaur Balls. Controlling either a male or female fighter (or play both in 2-player mode), your job ... with many different power-ups and hidden secrets. If you enjoy mindless but fun arcade games, Metal Saver is a good candidate. Recommended, but make sure you use a slowdown program to play the game.


Review 1: Meteor is a fun top-down on-foot shooter game that is reminiscent of Cannon Fodder and Commando, among others. You play Sergeant Ash, diehard soldier whose mission is to recapture the control ... is very playable, its user friendly and its open to modifications. The control part is a bit awkward though as your character doesn't move around as you want him to but you can easily live with that.


Review 1: Another excellent ASCII game by Scott Miller of Apogee game, Meteors was included on Softdisk's "Big Blue Disk" number 30. Here's a summary of plot and gameplay from the game's instructions: ... disk based magazine called Big Blue Disk in 1989, issue number 30. Ascii graphics. Fly your scout ship through a meteor storm and save survivors of the USS Sagan before they run out of oxygen.

Metroid Redemption

Metroid Redemption is a great fanmade platformer set in the universe of Metroid, Nintendo's immensely popular series. Beanjo's excellent review at says it all: "Metroid Redemption ... lots of exploring and lots of action. This game dishes both out in Metroid style. I highly recommend playing this game; it'll keep you hooked throughout the entire experience. Very well done!"

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