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Manhattan Dealers (a.k.a. Operation: Clean Streets)

A lackluster PC version of excellent Silmarils game for the Commodore 64, Manhattan Dealers (distributed by Broderbund in the US as Operation: Clean Streets) is a CGA platform game in which you are Inspector Harry, assigned to seize and destroy all the drugs smuggled into Manhattan. Gameplay is standard shoot-everything-in-sight fare which pits you against vicious thugs, evil vamps, pitiless skinheads, maniac punks, cruel ninjas and even invincible samurais. The game lives up to Silmarils' notoriety for extremely difficult action games: you'll die many, many times and start to wonder if the ending scene is worth bruising your knuckles for (it isn't). While the game does feature some innovations in this genre (such as buildings you can walk into), repetitive enemies and boring levels ensure that it'll stay a marginal old game for years to come. If you've played every other platform game or are curious about Silmarils' early start, then the game might have some appeal. The rest of us should shrug and pass this one by.

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Manhattan Dealers (a.k.a. Operation: Clean Streets) screenshot
Manhattan Dealers (a.k.a. Operation: Clean Streets) screenshot

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