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Panda Dodgeball

Panda Entertainment's Dodgeball parodies Panda's own Sango Fighter and other Chinese legends. This game dodgeball - a rough game where the object is to hit the players on the opposite team - with 3 players ... problem is that the game is very difficult, as you can control only one character at a time while your computer-controlled teammates wander around stupidly. Still, it's fun, and eminently playable.

Panza Kick Boxing

Review 1: A surprisingly well done conversion from the Amiga version means that Panza Kick Boxing looks as good also is the exact same game as seen on the Amiga. It is one of the few games focusing on ... hardly any time to choose the various options. A slow-down util might help. Note: if you like the game, also check out the better but lesser-known sequel called Best of the Best, also on this site :)

Paragliding (a.k.a. Paraplane)

Review 1: Probably the most obscure Loriciel game ever made, Paragliding (a.k.a. Paraplane) is a fun simulation of gliding sport - perhaps the only one ever made for the computer except for the fun paragliding ... seen, but the idea is cool and original and it's definately worth a try. Don't expect too much of it, but maybe you are amazed by the game and that way, you have done the right thing, haven't you?

Patrick Polly Swooshball Challenge, The

The Patrick Polly Swooshball Challenge is an innovative, but ultimately banal, blend of tennis and Pong, mixed with elements of air hockey. Played in the style of tennis, your objective is simply to hit ... play value. Perhaps that's why the game was released as freeware by UDS. Overall, a decent game you might have fun toying with during coffee break, but lacks the longevity to last on your hard drive.

PBA Bowling for Windows 95

This concise review at GameSpot says it all about this lackluster bowling game from Bethesda that could have been great: "I'm sure there are people out there saying "Yeah, football and baseball ... robbing you of the crash and explosion that all bowlers crave. While not a total gutterball, PBA needs to address shortcomings in value and challenge if it wants to be the elusive perfect game."

PC Pool Challenges

Review 1: Probably the first pool game made for PC, Pool Challenges offers two game types, up to four players in the same time, many available options and some great statistics screens. Not much else ... much much more." PC Pool Challenge is an astounding programming feat for its time (1984), and a game that, surprisingly enough, stands the test of time amazingly well almost two decades later.

PC Rally

PC Rally is a below average shareware rally racing game from Spain's Digital Dreams Multimedia. The game lets you drive either a Toyota Celica or a Lancia Delta HF Integrale in 30 world championship circuits. ... not been done many times better by the likes of Rally Championship and other rally games. Recommended only if you are interested in racing games with a strong arcade feel and digitized car graphics.

Pete Rose Pennant Fever

Perhaps the most obscure Dynamix game ever, Pete Rose Pennant Fever is a ground-breaking baseball simulation that sets the stage for the likes of EA's Earl Weaver Baseball series. Endorsed by the Cincinnati ... its luster compared to the superior Earl Weaver Baseball 2, but make no mistake: Pete Rose Pennant Fever is one of the true pioneers in the genre that deserve to be forever played, and not forgotten.

Peter Schmeichel Soccer Manager

Peter Schmeichel Soccer Manager is a fairly primitive soccer management simulation of the English league. The relation with the Danish star is, as usual, just in the title and title pic. Choose your club, buy/sell players, build-up your team - the standard manager game. Nothing special and remembers me of the ancient soccer managers from the mid-80's on the C64, just with some graphics.

PGA Golf

Good golf game.

PGA Tour Golf

PGA Tour Golf is an excellent oldie golf game by EA. Although technically not as amazing as Access' Links, which (unfortunately for EA) came out around the same time, but PGA Tour Golf offers a tournament ... strong, and has been recently renamed to Tiger Woods Golf. It may not be as replayable as Jack Nicklaus series for lack of design tools, but it still plays a great game of golf. Highly recommended!

Pie Jackers (a.k.a. Pizza Pilots)

"You're working the late shift and the call comes in for another double cheese, pepperoni, black olives and onion. Grab the stick and hold on tight. The race is on! And the competition is fierce. ... good fun and inventive. Overall though, Pie Jackers isn't challenging enough for real race fans, nor easy enough for newcomers. Recommended only if you are interested in unconventional racing games.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a fun ping pong (more formally known as table tennis) game from Konami, released for the MSX computer in 1985 as well as for Commodore 64, Spectrum, and other 8-bit computers. A faithful translation ... (especially if they are bored of the excellent freeware gem Cannon Smash). Note: the game was never made for PC. This download is the MSX version recompiled to work in DOS with no emulator required.

Plane Crazy

Plane Crazy is based on the very familiar theme of racing along a course, tagging checkpoints to get the extra time, and ultimately, trying to cross the finish line before any of your opponents do. The ... to climb when making sharp turns, which adds to your problems. Fortunately, the controls are very good, and even though there are no supports for rudder controls, the joystick works very well.

Planet Football

Planet Football is an ambitious soccer game that tries to beat EA's classic FIFA Soccer, but falls short in many areas, most notably poor player controls and inexplicable AI quirks. The game is only good ... in a reasonably realistic manner, thanks to shaded polygonal graphics. Unfortunately, Overall, a dodgy game that suffers from over-ambition-- not a Real Dog, but comes very close to that (dis)honor.

Player Manager 2

Player Manager 2 by Anco is a decent football management sim that tries to entice fans of its classic Kick Off arcade-style football series, but without designer Dino Dini at the helm. As the name of the ... but will not dethrone either Championship Manager or Anstoss series as the kings of football management games. It doesn't match up to Anco's classic Goal! or Kick Off 2, but it's not a bad effort.

Player of the Year

Based on the English FA and with the Professional Footballers Association (PFA), this Krisalis manager/action game is probably one of the most underrated football games ever. Updated and upgraded version ... that promised a lot more, but failed, and due to too many bugs and easyness of play when you get a couple of talented players. Is not a piority unless you want to try all football games ever done.

Playmaker Football

Playmaker Football is little-known PC version of legendary football simulation for the Macintosh. One of the best American football management sims ever made, the game lets you decide a myriad of options, ... very realistic and detailed simulation the sport. It may not be as strong as XOR's venerable NFL Challenge in terms of computer intelligence, but it does come very close. Highly recommended.

Pole Position (a.k.a. Team F1)

Pole Position (a.k.a. Team F1 outside Germany) is a great, atmospheric formula one management simulation, complex with many details and overall much nicer presentation than Edcom's Grand Prix Manager. ... less realistic than MicroProse's release, but still offers a wide range of options and many European tracks that are not usually covered in US-based F1 games. Highly recommended for all F1 fans!

Pole Position (Arcade)

One of the most loved arcade games, Pole Position is a watershed in arcade racing games and was THE game that set standard for all subsequent "checkpoint racers" (i.e. racing through checkpoints ... of time quite well. It's much better than the vast majority of other PC racing games at that time, and a true pioneer in its genre. If you like racing games, here's one pedigree you shouldn't miss.

Pole Position II

Pole Position II is a decent EGA/VGA conversion of Namco's arcade hit of the same name. The premise is the same as the original: drive your F1 as fast as possible to qualify for "pole position" ... added some complexity to the game. As it stands, Pole Position II is a merely average arcade-style racer that pales besides major contemporaries Vette! from Spectrum Holobyte and OutRun from SEGA.

Pool Champion

Pool Champion is a unique and innovative pool simulation that unfortunately suffers in the marketplace from the mere fact that Celeris/Interplay's Virtual Pool is technically superior and better-marketed. ... own is the need to learn new games and beat a series of increasingly skilled opponents. Definitely well worth a look, especially if you wish pool games had more character and long-term play value.

Pool Shark

Tim Chown of Games Domain says it all about this excellent and highly underrated pool game from Mirage/Gremlin: "Pool Shark features a dozen or more pool halls in which you can play, each with a distinct ... valuable techniques. It is not as good as Virtual Pool series, but it is still a lot of fun. Recommended for casual pool fans who don't mind some physics flaws if the atmosphere is immersive enough.

Power Drift

Power Drift should be familiar to those of you who owned a C64/Amiga or played arcade games in the late 1980s. For those of you who didn't, then I think one can safely say that it inspired one of the more ... and ended up as mediocre arcade racing action. Sadly, this game is hardly playable on modern computers as the game-speed is waaay too fast. A slow-down util can help but makes gameplay very choppy.

Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball

Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball is a decent beach volleyball game from French developer Carapace that has all the bells and whistles and official endorsement of a sport association, but unfortunately ... if you are interested in a beach volleyball game (which is very few and far between) with modern pizzazz. But for sheer playability and fun, you would be better off replaying EA's Kings of the Beach.

Power Surge

Power Surge is a decent drag racing game from MicroStyle. An exciting sport that is unfortunately not simulated enough by racing games, drag racing is a contest of acceleration and raw speed between two ... to keep die-hard players satisfied for long. But if you are get bored of better drag racing games such as Bethesda Softworks' Burnout: Championship Drag Racing, Power Surge is a decent filler.


Powerslide, created by talented Australian developer Ratbag, is a post apocalyptic racer with heaping helpings of style, character and best of all, fun. I think the official website describes the game ... you have an openGL or D3D capable graphics accelerator. Powerslide is an outstanding racer with great graphics, wonderful gameplay and piles of character, making it very easy to recommend to anyone.

Premier Manager 3

Review 1: This is one of those so called "easy football management" games. Unlike Championship Manager (which is definitely the best game in the genre), PM3 is more focused on acquiring the ... and deep SMG that falls a bit short off Top Dog status. If you like the series, though, check out Premier Manager '99-- a much better successor that gives Championship Manager a run for its money.

Premiership, The

Review 1: One of many football management games that just isn't as good as it should be. The Premiership tries to challenge some of the best known games of it's type but it's just not enough. As you ... and there are some obvious flaws in the engine. Overall, an average management simulation you can do without. Recommended, naturally, only to fans of the genre who have to collect all of these games.

PRO Challenge

PRO Challenge is a fun, "light" version of XOR's celebrated NFL Challenge, one of the best American football simulations ever made. Instead of coaching a team through the entire season, PRO Challenge ... instead stick with NFL Challenge and FPS: Football. But if you just want a quick game of football played by the best players in the business, PRO Challenge more than fits the bill. Recommended!

Pro League Baseball

Pro League Baseball is an excellent text-based baseball simulation from Micro Sports. Officially endorsed by USA's Major League Baseball, the game features full rosters for the 1991 season, as well as ... other sports game NFL Pro League Football was actually used by a number of publications to predict Super Bowl winner, so that should give you an indication of what to expect here ;) Recommended!

Pro Manager

The very first statistical baseball simulation for PC, Pro Manager is a faithful adaptation of the Avalon Hill board game of the same name that enjoyed moderate success among tabletop baseball fans in ... at how versatile this granddaddy of baseball sims is-the next revolution in the genre didn't come along until Pete Rose Pennant Fever and the next giant leap, EA's Earl Weaver Baseball. Recommended!

Pro Pilkki

I like fishing in the summer. If it's peaceful and quiet fishing by yourself on a lake, or some true seabound fishing with a large boat, it is nice way to spend time. What I don't understand are the people ... what each button does (and Obi-2 has kindly translated all the basic commands, which you can get below). So if you are even a little bit interested in ice-fishing you should give Pro Pilkki a try.

Pub Pool

Pub Pool is a unique "coffee break" pool game from Mastertronic. In contrast to other serious pool simulations, the idea behind Pub Pool is simple: shoot six pool balls into each corner of a ... seem to only have good things to say ;) Overall, the game is simple, but fun and effective. A good choice to while away coffee breaks, Pub Poolis a refreshing change from typical pool/snooker titles.

Purple Saturn Day

Master of innovative sports games (California Games etc) returns to form with this strangely compelling futuristic first-person intergalactic olympics game designed by Exxos (a team of French programmers ... or a sport game that's literally out of this world, Purple Saturn Day is for you. It is an extremely difficult game, but you can proudly claim yourself a master arcade gamer if you beat this one.

Race Drivin'

Race Drivin' is a terrible PC version of a fun arcade game of the same name, which itself is a clone of Atari's superior Hard Drivin' series. In short, choose from four different cars and three different ... familiar with Accolade's classic Test Drive series will recognize all the things that are missing from Race Drivin'. My advice: stay away from this Real Dog and play Hard Drivin' games instead.

Race Mania

One of the last games produced by Flair, Race Mania is a fun offroad racing game that plays like a cross between Micro Machines and Flair's own Rally Championship, except it is not as fun as either game. ... "bonus items" (like in Death Rally) to keep gameplay interesting for the long term. Well worth a look if you are a fan of Micro Machines or arcade-style rally games in general, though.

Rack 'em

Rack 'em is a fun pool game that offers 8-ball, 9-ball, and snooker games. The game captures both look and feel of a pool parlor, and has an effective three-window interface (close-up of the ball used to adjust the english, sideways view to adjust your cue and power, and top-down view to line up your shot). More importantly, you can play many trick shots and design your own. Recommended.

Radio Baseball

One of Electronic Arts' oldest sport releases and one of the few sports simulations it ever published, Radio Baseball is a solid baseball simulation from the now-defunct Diamond Edge Software. Despite ... baseball sims. Overall, though, Radio Baseball is a great simulation that sets the stage for successive baseball sims, and predates Dynamix' solid Front Page Sport Baseball by almost a decade.

Rally Challenge

Rally Challenge is a decent shareware rally game from Silver Lightning Software - "decent" being the operative word. Endorsed by some of the world's biggest rally teams, the game features 3 famous ... that separates classic racing games from mediocre ones. Rally Challenge is little more than another nondescript, bland racing game that you'll play only once or twice before going back to Stunts.

Rally Championship

Rally Championship is a decent rally racing sim from Inside Team, published by Flair in 1994. The game's strengths lie more in the excellent choice of cars and racing locales than actual car physics. The ... just me, but die-hard rally fans would do well to treat this as a casual, "light" rally game rather than a full-fledged simulation of the sport. Worth a look, but probably not a must-have.


One of the best rally games ever made, Rally-Sport is a great 3D rally game with excellent vector graphics. The game is very accessible, with smooth graphics, great controls, and a ton of cars and options ... a welcome addition. Still, these are minor gripes compared to what Rally-Sport has to offer: addictive rally action that fans of the sport will be hard pressed to complain about. Highly recommended!

RBI Baseball 2

Three years after the release of RBI Baseball, commonly regarded as the best baseball game ever made for the Nintendo, Tengen made a big comeback in 1990 with RBI Baseball 2, released first for the Nintendo ... over like the pitches and scoring. Overall, RBI Baseball 2 won't appeal to baseball fans who crave a plethora of statistics and realism, but as an arcade-style sport game, it's pretty damn good.

Reach for The Gold

Reach for the Gold is fun, arcade-oriented collection of Olympic events. With cartoon graphics and simple controls, the game is strong on fun if short on realism, and as such appeals more to the sports ... boxing, skeet shooting, kayak, javelin, 100 meter dash, long jump, and swimming. Excellent animation and many hidden surprises enhance the replay value of this "beer and pretzel" old game.

Reel Fish'n

In Reel Fish'n you play the owner of a small business who is trying to juggle work with his hobby of fishing. At the start of each week, you examine the weather forecast and decide when to work and when ... in tournaments so you can buy better equipment extends Reel Fish'n's re-playability. And if a fishing game can appeal to impatient non-fishers like me, it must have something going for it.


In the world of toy publishing, few toys can match the speed of Toy-Volt's success with its line of remote-controlled (R/C) cars. Acclaim brought the fun of R/C racing to Re-Volt, which boasts great gameplay ... that become amusingly "stuck" in scenery on more than one occasion), the game offers enough beauty and brains to satisfy everyone - including a few multiplayer modes. Highly recommended!


Riot is a unique and fun 3D futuristic sport game that plays like a cross between basketball, football, and hockey. The game plays a bit like Bitmap Brothers' classic Speedball upgraded for the new millennium, ... is intuitive, easy enough to control (with practice), and addictive enough for limited single-player replayability—8 to 10 hours worth of gaming. Tournament play will extend your amusement."

Road Hog!

One of the wackiest, unique, and fun arcade racing games ever made, the premise of Road Hog! is simple: you're just an average guy who's sick of all the "nice driver" charades and decides to ... in some and other drivers in others; pick up yetis in snow track for bonus points, etc.) and a cool track editor option that lets you change curvature and other track features. Highly recommended.

Road Rash

Road Rash is one of the rare gems that play much better than it looks. Although very dated when released, the game's simple charm attracted a small but loyal following. While the game may sound like a ... the most die-hard racing fans glued to the screen. Whether you have a passing interest in racing, street racing, or if you're just looking for a fun arcade fix, Road Rash is well worth your time.

Rocket Jockey

One of the most original futuristic sport games ever made, Rocket Jockey is undoubtedly the best game Rocket Science produced in their short career as game developer. Unfortunately, its very steep hardware ... Fiction guy). The psychotic toreador riffs and manic drums complement the action perfectly.? A unique premise, addictive gameplay, and great graphics combined makes Rocket Jockey a true old game.

Rodeo Games

Rodeo Games is an original collection of mini arcade games based on Western mythos. The mini-games are fun, but unrelated to each other, and the only purpose in the game is to break your own high scores ... in Bronco Riding is nearly impossible for all but the most dexterous of gamers. Rodeo Games is fun, but for anyone who's not an expert arcade gamer it may prove to be an exercise in frustration.


Rollcage is a fun futuristic racer from Attention to Detail (ATD), a short-lived UK developer. Published by Psygnosis in 1999, the game did not sell very well despite introducing a number of cool features ... After all, how many racers let you destroy obstacles and drive on walls and ceilings? It may not be as addictive as classics of the genre, but it is far better than average. Highly recommended!

Roller Coaster Rumbler

Although many games have suffered due to advancing years, few have fared worse than early polygon-based games. Even in EGA, Tynesoft's Roller Coaster Rumbler looks bland and insipid. The sparing use of ... competitive. Looking at this game, the heritage of such CD-only titles as Sewer Shark and Rebel Assault is clear. And, like the aforementioned titles, RCR is a very enjoyable short-term shooter.

Rollerblade Racer

A fun rollerblade game that is highly reminiscent of Atari's classic 720 Degrees, Rollerblade Racer casts you in the role of either Kirk or Trish, a young rollerblader who wants to compete in the upcoming ... gameplay, and a lot of fun surprises will keep even the most jaded gamers glued to the screen. If you like Epyx' California Dreams or Skate or Die, you'll definitely enjoy this underrated classic.

Rush Hour (a.k.a. Speedster)

Rush Hour is a decent top-down arcade racing game that is much better known on the PlayStation than the PC. Like most arcade racers, driving in Rush Hour is very simple: just use the arrow keys to steer; ... nice features, Rush Hour is unfortunately too over-responsive to be addictive in the long run. Definitely not for hard-core racers, although casual gamers and arcade racing fans may be interested.

Ryder Cup Golf

A decent golf simulation of the famous tournament of the same name, Ryder Cup Golf is long on ambition, but short on actual delivery. True to the actual Ryder Cup, the game lets you play as US or European ... in the sport, and its emphasis on actual tournament gives it a unique spin that sets the game apart from the likes of Links or Jack Nicklaus games. Not a Top Dog, but definitely well worth a look.

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