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Pro Pilkki

I like fishing in the summer. If it's peaceful and quiet fishing by yourself on a lake, or some true seabound fishing with a large boat, it is nice way to spend time. What I don't understand are the people who fish during the winter. Fortunately, the people at Procyon Productions have made Pro Pilkki, quite a nice simulation of ice fishing that puts the player in the shoes of the brave men (or women) who go out to the cold to catch some fish.

The graphics are basic, but do their job. Fishers are decipted as colored circles and the backgrounds are only a litte better, but still recognizable as a frozen lake. There are some sounds, nothing remarkable, but they are there.

But what matters in a fishing simulation is the realism of the fishing engine. This is where Pro Pilkki shines. It takes into account many things, from the depth charts of the lake to the placement of the worm in your hook. Altough I haven't ever done ice-fishing (and I don't take this review so seriously that I would try :-) ), it seems like quite accurate simulation. With many different lakes that require different tactics and many modes of play, there is plenty to do in this game.

The game is in Finnish, but not too hard to play once one knows what each button does (and Obi-2 has kindly translated all the basic commands, which you can get below). So if you are even a little bit interested in ice-fishing you should give Pro Pilkki a try.

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Pro Pilkki screenshot
Pro Pilkki screenshot

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