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Pub Pool

Pub Pool is a unique "coffee break" pool game from Mastertronic. In contrast to other serious pool simulations, the idea behind Pub Pool is simple: shoot six pool balls into each corner of a hexagonal pool table, using as few moves as possible. You play the game from a top-down perspective, using a simple but effective interface that lets you adjust the spin of your cue, the direction, etc. You are allowed to miss 5 times (a miss is counted when your shot doesn't sink any ball), and it's game over. You can either compete against another human player in hot-seat mode, or against computer player. Crowds around the table comment on your shots, although they seem to only have good things to say ;) Overall, the game is simple, but fun and effective. A good choice to while away coffee breaks, Pub Poolis a refreshing change from typical pool/snooker titles.

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