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Galdregon's Domain

Galdregon's Domain is a fun dungeon-crawl epic that makes up for its lackluster plot with good gameplay and a vast gameworld to explore. The premise is as cliché as it gets in this kind of game: the dead ... them truly give you a sense of accomplishment. But you'll need patience and time to see these events in this uninspiring solo-player RPG. Only play it if you really can't think of anything better.

Gateway to the Savage Frontier

Gateway to the Savage Frontier and Treasures of the Savage Frontier are the last two releases in SSI's famous but by-now-overused "Gold Box" engine. Both games take place in the world of "Savage ... All in all, two worthy additions to every RPG's library, although the engine is clearly "long in the tooth," showing its age, and you still have to slog through far too many battles.

God of Thunder

You are Thor, The God of Thunder! Armed with only your enchanted hammer that always returns to the one who throws it, you must journey through dozens of puzzles and fight your way through hundreds of creatures ... you laugh with their hilarious responses. At the end of each of the three parts, you will come face-to-face with an evil boss character, whom you must defeat to free the villagers from his tyranny!


Another fine Sierra adventure game, this time in the wildwest. This game starts off during the great gold rush in California. You're a young guy, named Jerrod who has a good job, a satisfied boss and a ... in total, giving you new gameplay when playing the game differently. Maybe up to 3 or 4 times. This makes the game very unique. I recommend this one or at least I suggest that you try this one out!

Halls of The Dead: Faery Tale Adventure II

Review 1: One of the most underrated RPGs of all time, Halls of the Dead is the excellent sequel to The Faery Tale Adventure, classic RPG and MicroIllusions' best-known game. This time, the three brothers ... big difference with these two versions is that you can control all three brothers at the same time or you can just decide to split all three brothers up and explore different places at the same time.

Hard Nova

Hard Nova is an overlooked epic sci-fi RPG that is a follow-up of sorts to the excellent Sentinel Worlds. Every aspect of the game is a vast improvement over its predecessor, the most important one being ... gameplay, colorful characters, and interesting missions and items to find and use, Hard Nova is in many ways a better game than the already excellent Sentinel Worlds. A must-play for all sci-fi fans!

Harvest Moon: Back To Nature

Review 1: Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is the superb sequel to Natsume's Harvest Moon for the Super Nintendo. Released for the Sony Playstation console, the game improves upon the "farmer's life ... until the real gems pop up. If you're able to dismiss the lack of action, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature should pacify your gaming needs -- unless you're like me, who craves game types of faster paces.

Hexx: Heresy of The Wizard

A fun RPG from the makers of Bloodwych, Wizard! improves on the standards set by that cult classic with even more exotic classes of characters to choose from, a much better interface, good puzzles in dungeons ... around, and sharp VGA graphics that finally matches the Amiga version. Although not a hall-of-fame material, it's a decent RPG that is fun for a while... before the combat becomes very repetitive.


A fun RPG with lots of neat arcade sequences (e.g. horseback riding, lockpicking, arena fights), this game once again proves that Westwood didn't become one of the greatest computer game companies from ... though, since you'll definitely need reflexes for this one. Aside from vibrant graphics and many sub-plot for each character class, the lock-picking interface in this game is the best I've seen.

Hired Guns

Hired Guns is a neat futuristic RPG that allows you to control 4 characters simultaneously via 4 windows. The plot, which would send your band of galactic mercenaries on a wide variety of missions, is ... customise the character graphics to your heart's content. The variety of weapons, monsters, and locations make up for repetitive graphics, below-average writing, and scarce character interactions.

ICON: Quest for The Ring

ICON: Quest for The Ring and Seven Spirits of Ra are two very revolutionary real-time RPGs that are unfortunately overlooked by most gamers. The reasons on why they deserve a permanent spotlight in RPG ... look no further than these two forgotten old games. Designers Neal White III and Rand Bohrer have also made ICON freeware following the MobyGames interview—a generous act for fans of old-skool RPGs.

Ishar 1

The Ishar series is undoubtedly Silmarils' most successful games, and rightly so. Silmarils touted Ishar I when it was released in 1992 as "a new benchmark for RPG"-- a bold statement that turns ... members that make gameplay tenfold more colorful and fun. Ishar III is the best of the series, combining the mundane kill-the-bad-guys-in-Ishar plot with time travel elements. Highly recommended.

Ishar 2

The Ishar series is undoubtedly Silmarils' most successful games, and rightly so. Silmarils touted Ishar I when it was released in 1992 as "a new benchmark for RPG"-- a bold statement that turns ... members that make gameplay tenfold more colorful and fun. Ishar III is the best of the series, combining the mundane kill-the-bad-guys-in-Ishar plot with time travel elements. Highly recommended.

Ishar 3

The Ishar series is undoubtedly Silmarils' most successful games, and rightly so. Silmarils touted Ishar I when it was released in 1992 as "a new benchmark for RPG"-- a bold statement that turns ... members that make gameplay tenfold more colorful and fun. Ishar III is the best of the series, combining the mundane kill-the-bad-guys-in-Ishar plot with time travel elements. Highly recommended.

JauntTrooper - Mission: Firestorm

Mission: Firestorm is the first and only sequel to Mission: Thunderbolt, probably the most underrated commercial Roguelike RPG ever made. Released only for the Macintosh, Firestorm is a sci-fi Roguelike ... in our System Requirements section below to find everything you need). This is a highly underrated sci-fi Roguelike that will keep all fans of the genre happy for months to come. Highly recommended!

JauntTrooper - Mission: Thunderbolt

Most likely the rarest Roguelike game in existence, JauntTrooper - Mission: Thunderbolt is not only a great Roguelike RPG, but also one of the few sci-fi Roguelikes designed on the Macintosh - making it ... of high-tech devices in the game, hidden areas, and a huge range of inventory items. If you enjoy Roguelike games or just sci-fi RPGs in general, Mission: Thunderbolt is one of the best there is.

Keys to Maramon

This game is best described as the "light" version of far better-known Magic Candle series. Mindcraft seems to be targeting the RPG newbies with simplified RPG engine and statistics-- instead of 4 characters, now you control only one. Combat and spellcasting are also not terribly exciting. Still, like Origin's Tangled Tales, it's a commendable (and underappreciated) effort to expand the RPG market.

Knights of Legend

Knights of Legend ranks to this day among the most detailed RPGs ever created. It was designed to allow for future expansion packs that, unfortunately, never came out. In your mission to vanquish the evil ... are high. Origin's ability to fit this *huge* game on a few 5.25" disks must be one of the most amazing programming feats in the whole of gaming history. Simply a must play for all RPG fans.

Knights of Xentar

Review 1: Do you like anime? Do you like RPGs? Do you like a game that will keep you playing for hours? If you like all three, THIS is the game for you. You start out loaded: legendary sword armor, etc. ... is neither the best of Hentai, nor RPG. Stay awayfrom this game unless you are curious about this kind of game, or really like Hentai in general. Note: This download is the NR-18 (adult) version.

Land, The

The Land is an interesting and unique shareware RPG based on the fantasy trilogy "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" by Stephen R. Donaldson. In typical Roguelike games manner, you create a character, ... to the registered version except for the "nag" screen, the shareware version for download here doesn't come with detailed manual which is available only to those who registered the game.

Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos

Review 1: Westwood's Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos is sequel in spirit to acclaimed Eye of The Beholder 2, but surpasses its AD&D predecessor in every way. The game broke new grounds with astounding ... occasionally a glitch with the first pit and teleport combination you come across, you may need to press the wall button a few times instead of just once, which is the usual rule, to get it working.

Laxius Power

Laxius Power is one of the best fanmade RPGs I have ever seen. Although the plot is quite cliche, the game more than makes up for this with sheer size: not counting numerous side quests and secret locations, ... RPGs, check out this excellent old game that will occupy you for dozens of hours. If offensive material put you off, though, your best bet is to look for a more 'traditional' console RPG.

Laxius Power 3

The third and best in the epic trilogy, Laxius Power III is one of the best freeware console-style RPGs made with RPG Maker 2000 program. Over one and a half years in the making, Laxius Power III offers ... the excellent graphics and many nuances (such as character-specific dialogues and quests), and we have a captivating RPG that will keep fans of console-style games glued to their computer screens.

Legacy of The Ancients

A classic RPG from Electronic Arts, this game became an instant classic once it was released on the Commodore 64. One of the best "solo" RPG ever, everything in this game is flawlessly implemented, ... down to the entertaining casino in towns. I daresay this is the best CGA RPG ever made :) Too bad its sequel Legacy of Blacksilver was never converted to the PC, although its cousin Questron 2 was.

Legend (a.k.a. Four Crystals of Trazere)

Sure winner of the "games with the most monikers" award if there were such a thing, Legend is a great RPG that is also known as Empire and Four Crystals of Trazere. Despite the typical kill-the-big-foozle ... a truly epic quest, Legend is an outstanding old game. Be sure to check out its sequel Worlds of Legend which is based on the same engine, and has no less a number of alternate names. Recommended!

Legend of Djel

Probably Coktel's only action game, Legend of Djel is a very strange game that combines quick reflexes with minimal strategic elements. Everything about the game is simply strange, including the plot, ... review . The game is basically too strange to be fun. There are far better games that manage to be playable despite its uniqueness (e.g. Captain Blood). This game, unfortunately, isn't one of them.

Legend of Faerghail

Review 1: Another great roleplay game. You start be creating your characters. You can choose between many different races, classes, skills and much more. But in this game you don't have to create characters ... also excellent, harking back to the Bard's Tale series where different classes have distinctive choices in combat. This game is certainly on many Amiga gamers' list of best-loved games of all time.

Legend of the Silver Talisman

Legend of the Silver Talisman is a fun action/RPG hybrid from Inter-Active Arts. The game is similar to coin-op classic Gauntlet, except with many more weapons, monsters, and levels. Your ultimate goal ... With a fun blend of action and RPG, Legend of the Silver Talisman should appeal to fans of both genre who are looking for a "light" game, especially one designed with multiplayer in mind.

Legend of Valour

Review 1: Legend of Valour is yet another roleplay game from Strategic Simulation Inc. The game engine is a mix between the regular old classic games like Champions of Krynn and Curse of the Azure Bonds ... you must deal with is infuriating. Pixellated NPCs, lackluster plot, and irresponsive interface add up to a game that's best played as a lesson in how NOT to design an RPG. You have been warned ;)

Legends of Murder

Legends of Murder is a fun fantasy RPG/murder mystery game designed by Jamie (later James) Schmalz, who would years later be famous as one of Unreal designers. Similar to MicroProse's The Legacy, the game ... that the game is a tad too short, and the character a tad too small. Other than that, you'll probably enjoy this old game if you like RPG hybrids that place more emphasis on gameplay than graphics.

Leygref's Castle

Leygref's Castle is a fun, unassuming Roguelike RPG that deserves to be much better known. In this game, you will explore one of the largest gaming worlds in history - a castle with 512 rooms. But to make ... offers simplified gameplay that actually works - although in my opinion quite impossible to beat :) Recommended, especially to anyone who likes to play a quick and dirty Roguelike once in a while.

Liberal Crime Squad

Liberal Crime Squad is a fun little tongue-in-cheek "lite" Roguelike RPG game inspired by Oubliette, a 1983 Roguelike. You may not like the game very much if your political orientation is anything ... that makes it feel more like a strategy game at times than an RPG, Liberal Crime Squad is a fun and unique game that will entertain both Roguelike fans and liberals alike ;) Highly recommended!

Light in The Darkness

Light in the Darkness is a fun action/RPG hybrid coded in Game Maker. The favorable review by tapeworm (maker of Seiklus) at does a good job of explaining why both RPG and action genre ... up and gaining new items and abilities is well implemented, the bosses are fun, and you can probably get through the entire game in an hour or two. Definitely worth a try, in my opinion."

Lord of the Rings 1: Fellowship of the Ring

Review 1: Lord of the Rings... who doesn't know the fantastic book trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien? This game contains the whole story from the first book. The one ring has been passed to you, Frodo Baggins, ... are avoidable). The game is truly epic in scope and design, and the fact that it does not follow the book too closely leads to numerous side-quests and different paths to the end. Highly recommended.

Lord of The Rings 2: Two Towers

The sequel to Interplay's acclaimed but undersold Lords of The Ring vol. I took place slightly before its predecessor ends: at the dark forest of Fangorn, where the adventurous band of Hobbits and their ... Saruman the evil wizard will appear to foil your plans, but this time your party is (thankfully) much more capable to handle combats so greater focus is on puzzle-solving and story this time around.

Lords of Doom

A potentially good horror RPG that unfortunately fumbled, Lords of Doom from Attic/StarByte looks, feels, and plays like a second-rate "B" horror movie than Alfred Hitchcock classic. You control ... frustration. Overall, Lords of Doom is a huge disappointment... a game that promises a lot but ends up being only a bland RPG. Only the most die-hard horror RPG fans might be interested in this one.

Lords of Midnight 3: The Citadel

The first official PC version in Mike Singleton's celebrated Lords of Midnight series, Lords of Midnight 3: The Citadel is also the last. In stark contrast to its predecessors, LOM3 is an absolute mess ... to why the first two games receive such praise, I urge you to play Chris Wild's excellent PC conversions of Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge (both reviewed and linked on this site) instead.

Lost Valley

Lost Valley is an excellent freeware action-oriented RPG that offers over 25 hours of gameplay, a lot of neat weapons and magic items, and smooth animations. Similar to Zelda, you will roam a huge gameworld, ... techniques and items to use, Lost Valley is definitely one of the best - and most underrated - freeware releases in 2003. Highly recommended if you like Zelda, console-style RPGs, or platformers.

Mad Paradox

A relatively unknown anime-style RPG from Japanese designer Samourai, Mad Paradox is your typical lad-on-a-quest-to-avenge-father's-death game that is one of the worse games of its type ever made. The ... all magnified tenfold. Nevertheless, it might appeal to fans of "Hentai" games (e.g. anime style games interspersed with nude pictures). Everyone else is advised to stay away, however.

MAG (a.k.a. Mike's Adventure Game)

MAG is an early and very difficult Rogue clone written by Mike Teixeira in 1991. The game as well as the source code is now public domain, thanks to the author. The lack of interesting plot and bland dungeon ... and shoot the player. Monsters can also blunder into hidden traps just the same as the player. It is very difficult to win, but definitely possible from the reports I've gotten over the years."

Magebane 2

Review 1: Magebane 2 is a 3D single player role-playing game where you command three monks on a quest to recover the holy Amulet of Yendor. Each monk masters a different school of magic, and you must ... is a minor nitpick. If you enjoy Rage of Mages style of RPGs or Warhammer: Dark Omen style of strategy games, check out this fun old game that offers much more play value than some commercial games.

Magic Candle 2, The

Review 1: The Magic Candle 2 is yet another roleplay game. It doesn't offer any good graphics or sound, but only pure roleplay game all though it has improved a bit compared to volume 1. Like most other ... will probably still like the game somewhat, but it is nowhere near as addictive or charming as the original. Arguably the weakest game in the trilogy, and one best played by hardcore RPGers only.

Magic Candle 3, The

Review 1: The Magic Candle 3 is yet another roleplay game. It doesn't offer any good graphics or sound, but only pure roleplay game all though it has improved a bit compared to volume 1 and 2. Like most ... Candle III is a good concluding story for the fans of the trilogy. Although much better than The Magic Candle II, it's still not as addictive as The Magic Candle I. Recommended, but not a must-have.

Magic Candle, The

Review 1: The Magic Candle 1 is yet another roleplay game. It doesn't offer any good graphics or sound, but only pure roleplay game. Like most other roleplay games you can create several characters to ... amount of information). Still, the game offers a good balance of combat, puzzle-solving, and character interaction. A definite must-have for all RPG fans, and a much better game than its two sequels.


Review 1: If you are a huge roleplay game fan this might just be the right game for you. If not I suggest you take a look at some of our other games as this is quite a heavy game to start with due to ... focuses more on character development and combat, as the actual quest is linear and short, but it's a good game based on a proven paper & pencil RPG system, and bodes well for Paragon's future.

MegaTraveller 2: Quest for The Ancients

The sequel to MegaTraveller 1 surpasses its predecessor in every respect: sharp VGA graphics, more detailed character creation, and vastly improved gameplay. Although still set in the MegaTraveller universe, ... party is now assigned to find secrets of the mysterious alien race Ancients. Highly recommended for sci-fi RPGers who prefer skill-based character development and combat more than puzzle-solving.

Middle Earth
Mines of Titan

Review 1: Mines of Titan is a role-playing adventure set in the 22nd century on Saturn's moon, Titan. In this role-playing game, you create and control a party of characters exploring the moon-base Primus. ... moon Titan. Control up to 6 characters from various futuristic backgrounds to investigate strange happenings in the mines. Interesting skills and plot make up for the boring and repetitive combats.

Mission: Mainframe

Mission: Mainframe is a fun but very little known Roguelike RPG - released as public domain as far back as 1987. One of the first sci-fi Roguelikes ever made, the game casts you as a commando/secret agent/detective/private ... and fun Roguelike, although more weapon and enemy types as well as more unique floor designs (they all look the same after a while, just with different enemies) would have been nice. Recommended.

Miura Warrior

Miura Warrior is a fun console-style RPG that saw over 3 years in development. Despite amateurish graphics that makes everything look like 2D paper cutouts without any depth, Miura Warrior is notable for ... all anime fans and fans of console RPGs in particular. The writing could use some polish, and there is a few bad typos here and there, but they don't detract much from the fun. Well worth a look!


Slightly reminiscent of the Shining Force series on Sega's Megadrive system, Monstania is an RPG with a turn-based combat system, which takes place on a 2D grid, rather than the usual select-target-and-attack ... list. Originally released only in Japan with no English version, you can now play the game in English thanks to a fanmade translation patch made by AGTP which is included in this download.


Review 1: It's quite an unusual game. Not a pure RPG and not "only" an Action-Game. Let's call it Action-RPG. The story is quickly set up - your mission is to find the four keys from four continents ... places. Those places are only one screen big. There you have to slay some monsters and find some stuff. In a town you can buy equipment or gamble. The game can be played up to 4 persons (turnbased).

Mysterious Song

One of the better freeware "indie" RPGs ever made, Mysterious Song is a fun console-style RPGs that features hand-drawn 2D tile graphics, rendered battle backgrounds, nice original music score, ... is a bit on the short side—10 hours or less of play time, but it's quite enjoyable throughout. Here's hoping that DarkDread and his team would continue with bigger and better sequels. Recommended!

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