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Review 1:

If you are a huge roleplay game fan this might just be the right game for you. If not I suggest you take a look at some of our other games as this is quite a heavy game to start with due to the long proces of making your characters and starting up the game.

As I'm a huge rpg fan I don't mind this though and I always like when I can work a lot on my character. The game also feature a good story so I recommended this game if you are into this genre.

Review 2:

First of all: This is no game for beginners! You need some RPG-experience to play this one - and you need patience to fight your way through some menus. The procedure of creating your characters itself can take some hours. Some people will like that - a solid character-system is very important for a good RPG. You send your characters through a career before the game starts. You can let them stay in the army for long if you want - you will get quite some money when they drop out and they might be very experienced in some ways. On the other hand they will lose strength and some other things - ask yourself if you would send your grandpa on an intergalactic journey to fight the bad guys ;)

If you decided to deal with all of those numbers and stats and more than 80 different skills you get quite a complex game with a nice atmosphere. Everything starts in a bar where a woman you don't know puts you right into the action and you got to run for your life coz' the local bad guy set a bounty on your head. RPG-Fans will love this game - others will probably hate it - decide yourself...

Review 3:

After years of producing sub-par, simplistic arcade/RPG titles, Paragon finally found their true calling with Megatraveller 1, the first Game Designers Workshop's paper & pencil RPG to be transformed into a computer game. You must thwart the invasion of alien Zhodani by finding the renegade who has been supplying arms to them. It's a very skill-intensive game that focuses more on character development and combat, as the actual quest is linear and short, but it's a good game based on a proven paper & pencil RPG system, and bodes well for Paragon's future.

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