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Kaged is a stylish, superbly written game of alternate history that is a worthy winner of the 2000 Interactive Fiction Competition. After impressing the judges with science fiction thriller Babel, Ian ... mood perfectly. In short, this is a definite must-have, although anyone who dislikes Kafka-esque, existentialist games that will make you feel depressed for days should stay well clear of this one.

Keef The Thief

Originally released for the Apple IIgs, Keef the Thief is a unique parody role-playing game about a young thief. The game and puzzles are quite absurd, but strangely addictive. Some inside scoop from developer ... is cracked in that you don't get thrown out of the game when entering a wrong copy protection answer. So just click on an answer often enough until you get two correct ones and can enter the game.

KGB (aka Conspiracy)

Review 1: KGB puts You in role of Soviet secret agent! Your job is to find and arrest drug dealers, but You've got almost nothing to start with. KGB is one of the hardest adventure games I've ever played ... the game on CD-ROM and renamed it Conspiracy. This version features identical gameplay as KGB, but with (horrible) video clips of your character's father giving advice, played by Donald Sutherland.

Kingdom Without End

Winner of the 2001 LOTECHComp and deservedly so, Kingdom Without End is a wonderfully well-written CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) game. The setting is none too interesting - like in Infidel and countless ... objects (similar to Fighting Fantasy books, for example), thus giving it an added layer of complexity. If you enjoy CYOA books or IF titles in general, Kingdom Without End is simply a must-play.

Kingdom: The Far Reaches

Kingdom: The Far Reaches is a decent cartoon adventure game designed by Rick Dyer, who worked on Dragon's Lair. Quandary Review's thorough review says it all about this entertaining family game that is ... and manipulate lots of objects. There are a few objects to collect, but it is much more akin to watching a fantasy cartoon with the opportunity to direct the action at the appropriate places."

King's Quest 1

Review 1: The story in the game is quite short and it only contains one page of text, making it very short. You start as Sir Graham, just outside the castle and when you met King Edward, he tells you ... In February 2011, it was announced that the series will be rebooted by Telltale Games. Description The world of King's Quest is sophisticated and immersive. It encompasses many different kingdoms …

King's Quest 3: To Heir is Human

Review 1: For the first time in the series, Graham is not the main character of the game. This time it's Gwydion, a young apprentice of an evil wizard Mannaman. Your goal is….simple, heh. You have to ... than the previous two so that at least is a good thing. It's a nice game and more of the same but unfortunately that's also it's weak point depending on how you look at it, for me I quite like it.

King's Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella

Review 1: During King's Quest 3 we were introduced to two new characters: prince Alexander and princess Rosella. Alexander finally reunited with his family and saved his sister from the dragon, but not ... series is the pressure of having a time limit, nicely disguised as the need to save Graham. While the graphics show the date of this game, it still holds admirable merit as a true adventure classic.

King's Quest 5: Absence Makes the Heart go Yonder

Review 1: Graham is back! After a short pause of two games, the good old King of Daventry is ready for some serious adventures. In the last game Rosella managed to help her dying father and everything ... concept of icons instead of text-verbs. As a King's Quest game, it's the last game of the series featuring King Graham as the main character and provides the foundation for the better King's Quest 6.

King's Quest 6: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Review 1: Poor prince Alexander is in love with Cassima, a beautiful princess of Green Isles. She invited him for a visit at the end of King's Quest 5, but the problem is - he doesn't know where her ... graphics, a good storyline, entertaining game play and good replay value because of the alternate puzzles and the multiple endings. Great soundtrack too! What are you waiting for... Download it now!

Knapsack Problem, The

A fun Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style entrant in the LOTECHComp, although it's essentially just a clever implementation of a logic puzzle. As Mark Silcox points out, The Knapsack Problem is "...a ... logic (like The Magic Toyshop), or want to see an original use of CYOA format. I liked it for the 10 minutes that it lasted, but it's certainly not for everyone -- especially if you hate math.

Knight Orc

Level 9's breakthrough game and the game that first showcases its new robust engine, Knight Orc was one of the first games to give a voice to a villain: in this case, you play an orc named Grindleguts, ... who melts like butter for you when you steer the pillow talk completely in her direction... at which point you then fall in love with her depth. Arguably the best game from Level 9, and a must-have.

Kobyashi Naru

One of the strangest adventure games ever made, Kobyashi Naru has an innovative interface (choose a verb among icons and specific noun from the description of the scene to make sentences) but an incomprehensible ... in the game but have no idea of their meaning. Fortunately, easy puzzles help save the game from being an exercise in frustration. Play it only if you are curious about how convoluted a game can get.

Kristal, The

One of Cinemaware's last releases before the company disbanded and one of the few games it did not develop in-house, The Kristal is a zany outer-space adventure game that combines traditional adventure ... bar, and found himself stranded on an alien planet. The Kristal isn't really worth anyone's time, unless you want to see how bad a Cinemaware game can get. Underrated, perhaps, but not by a longshot.

Kronolog: The Nazi Paradox (a.k.a. Red Hell)

Kronolog presents one answer to the intruguing question: What would the future be like if Hitler's Nazi had won World War II? You are Dr. Hoffman, American scientist by day and leader of an underground ... This game is extremely unforgiving: you *can* proceed far into the game only to realize that you need something you forgot to pick up in the first screen. Ignore the walkthrough at your own risk.

L.A. Law

A shallow courtroom game based on blockbuster TV series of the same name, L.A. Law is an ambitious design that is ultimately flawed due to logic inconsistencies and limited interaction. First, some background ... the player more freedom of action, and make the cases more logically consistent. As it stands, L.A. Law might appeal to fans of the series, but is mildly entertaining at best for everyone else.

L'Affaire Morlov (a.k.a. Morlov Affair, The)

One of the most obscure FMV (full-motion video) adventure games ever made, L'Affaire Morlov is a surprisingly decent spy thriller adventure game once you get used to the annoying interface. You play Paul ... in professional acting and a more intuitive (and more mouse-sensitive) interface. If you can get used to the interface and don't mind bad acting, you'll have a decent time with this obscure game.


Review 1: As King Arthur's favorite knight Lancelot, set out on a quest for the Holy Grail and save a myriad of imprisoned knights and damsels in distress along the way. A welcome change from the difficult ... of Camelot years later. Review 2: Play this adventure in the times of king Arthur and Camelot. Of course you are Lancelot and in search of the Holy Grail. But you'll start at the beginning.

Lane Mastodon vs. The Blubberman

Infocom released Lane Mastodon, the world's first "interactive comic book" in 1988 with little fanfare and even lesser reaction from the gaming public. Apart from being the first electronic comic ... superhero, and tongue-in-cheek humor in the style of Meretzsky's earlier Leather Goddesses of Phobos. Fun for a good laugh or two, but the illogical plot and sophomoric humor may turn some off.

Larry Vales 1: Traffic Division

Review 1: Larry Vales: Traffic Division was made by a non-programmer, a person named Phillip J. Reed who used Adventure Game Studio to create this game. And boy, he sure did a good job! The game is filled ... game fan who values gameplay much more than graphics, Larry Vales is simply a must-have, and with its freeware status and the sequel on the way, you don't have an excuse for not trying this one out.

Larry Vales 2: Dead Girls are Easy

Review 1: Larry Vales is back! After solving the case of berserk traffic droid, he's into another case. This time it's a bit more personal - Larry's girlfriend was killed and it's time to solve that ... It's really a pleasure to hear all those old tunes again. I would definately recommend this game to anyone who has played the first game, and to anyone who enjoys a laugh and pop-culture spoofs.

Last Half of Darkness

One of the most obscure horror games ever made, SoftLab's Last Half of Darkness attracted a small following when the first part was released as freeware in 1991, and quickly spread over BBS (= Bulletin ... that's worth a look. If you like the game, also check out an even lesser-known shareware old game, The Nine Lives of Secret Agent Kat, which was based on an upgraded version of this game's engine.

Laura Bow

Detective adventure where you play as a Laura Bow who's investigating a murder.

Laura Bow 2: The Dagger of Amon Ra

Another classic from Sierra! After Laura's graduation she works for a New York newspaper. Her assignment is to investigate some theft at a museum. Before she knows she's in deep trouble and has to solve some murders and find the stolen Egyptian artefact.

Leather Goddess of Phobos [Solid Gold]

One of the best Infocom games ever made, Leather Goddess of Phobos a big hit when it was first released in 1986. So it is no surprise that it was chosen as one of five games to be updated and re-released ... seriously, Leather Goddess of Phobos is a very funny, very entertaining game that will keep you hooked. It's much better than Meretzsky's dismal sequel LGOP 2, which you can also find on this site.

Leather Goddess of Phobos 2

Review 1: If there's an award for 'Best Title for a PC Game' floating somewhere out in the ether, Leather Goddess of Phobos 2 would have to come close to taking the top spot. The reviews of Leather Goddess ... intelligence to solve. LGOP2 *might* be considered an old game for some, but not unless you lower the standards to ground-level. Those who've been looking for this game-- proceed at your own risk.

Legacy: Realms of Terror, The

Magnetic Scrolls' last game is a hugely underrated adventure game with RPG elements based on its "Magnetic Windows" system last seen in Collection 1 and Wonderland. The cliche beginning (explore ... and spellcasting systems lend a strong RPG feel to traditional inventory-based gameplay. Highly recommended, but be prepared for a long journey and some very frustrating battles with the undead.

Legend of Kyrandia, The

Review 1: This awesome game is the first in the Kyrandia trilogy. Kyrandia is a magic island which is a home for many creatures and magic users. in the game you role Brandon, who was chosen to save kyrandia ... disappointed me. Simplest puzzle in the game. I won't spoil anything for you, though, and the reward of seeing all your hard work come to fruition is more than worth the feeble final 'challenge'.

Legend of Kyrandia, The: Hand of Fate

Review 1: Arguably among the best adventure games series ever, Kyrandia games tell the stories set in the fantasy land of Kyrandia, told from 3 different perspectives: Brandon (a hero chosen to save ... game and a solid sequel in the series. It is a fairly large game and will require a while to complete. It is a solid and satisfying play that will leave the user ready and waiting for a sequel.

Legend of Kyrandia, The: Malcolm's Revenge

Review 1: Arguably among the best adventure games series ever, Kyrandia games tell the stories set in the fantasy land of Kyrandia, told from 3 different perspectives: Brandon (a hero chosen to save ... else, it is an easy, mouse-driven command. This is a pretty good game and could provide some first rate entertainment to an adventure gamer. I highly recommend downloading this fantastic game!

Legend of the Sword

Legend of the Sword is a well-written fantasy adventure that was revolutionary in many ways for its time despite its being relatively unknown: fluid mouse support, on-screen map, compass rose, and some ... plot is typical, but well-written. With engaging puzzles and many locations to explore, this is one of Rainbird's finest old games, and much better than its sequel Final Battle. Recommended.

Les Manley 2: Lost in L.A.

Lost in L.A. is the inferior sequel of Search for the King, a funny Leisure Suit Larry clone released 2 years earlier. In a nod to the unfortunate adventure trend, the versatile parser in Search for the ... from the first game, has been kidnapped from his mansion in LA, and it's up to our bumbling nerd again to the rescue. If you want to play a good Larry ripoff, play Search for the Kings instead.

Les Manley in Search for the King

Review 1: Les Manley is a loser. He works at the small TV-Station WILL without any high responsibilities, just doing the work nobody else is willing to do. One day they decide to launch a big campaign ... the necessary items. The game is disappointingly short, with the second half simply not as well scripted or funny as the first. Still, it's a funny game that deserve a second look-- just save often!

Litil Divil Deluxe

A great game from the team that brought cult classics Heimdall 1 and 2, Litil Divil is a charming action/adventure that will appeal to young and old (err-- I mean seasoned) adventurers alike. As the game's ... This is the "Deluxe" version of the game, released 2 years on CD-ROM after the original floppy release. It adds a few animated cut-scenes and rooms that are not in the floppy version :)

Little Big Adventure

Review 1: One of the most unique arcade/adventure games ever made. The animation is just fantastic and very funny as well. The way this whole game is animated is really great and even if the game wasn't ... planet from the evil dr. Funfrock. Some fool who controls the planet with clones and using teleport machines. Nice thing about the game is that you can set you character Twinsen in 4 'action' modes.

Little Big Adventure 2 (a.k.a. Twinsen's Odyssey)

Without a doubt two of the most unique and revolutionary games ever, Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 are charming isometric SVGA adventures that deftly weave action, RPG (spellcasting), and traditional adventure ... are almost perfect, except that late-game combat sequences are a tad too difficult and will frustrate adventure gamers who are reflexes-impaired. Help a young Quetch Twinsen save his planet today!

Little Red Riding Hood

Probably the only game from Coktel Vision that was designed with kids in mind, Little Red Riding Hood is a hodgepodge mix between adventure and action elements that are, more often than not, more frustrating ... value, and some arcade sequences may be too frustrating for young gamers. Little Red Riding Hood is therefore best regarded as a curious artifact of Coktel's inconsistent career, and little else.


Review 1: One of the most unique adventures ever made, Loom is a brainchild of Brian Moriarty (the brain behind Infocom's Wishbringer and Trinity). The game's intriguing plot is enough to ensure its ... is a little bizarre and I will not disclose any details as you discover the actual storyline while playing the game. If you are a LucasArts adventure games fan, you certainly shouldn't miss this one!

Lost Dutchman's Gold

Lost Dutchman's Gold is a below-average BASICA game distributed only among IPCO members. Due to limitations of the BASIC language and early 1980 hardware, the game amounts to little more than a quirky ... Sam (better known as the computer) will guide you on your quest by providing descriptions and clues. You get around and interact with the game by entering two word commands. Good luck!"

Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes 1 (a.k.a. Case of the Serrated

Review 1: Arguably the best games starring the world's most famous fictional detective, Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes 1 and 2 are similar: while the plot, writing, graphics, are all first-rate, most ... but no speech). The player interacts with the characters through a command menu that is intuitive for anyone who had played other adventure games of the period. A manual exists but is not necessary.

Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes 2 (a.k.a. Case of Rose Tattoo)

Review 1: Arguably the best games starring the world's most famous fictional detective, Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes 1 and 2 are similar: while the plot, writing, graphics, are all first-rate, most ... and turns, this game probably won't deliver. But if you're in the mood to use a little brain power and watch a fascinating mystery from the eyes of a master detective, this is the game for you.

Lost in Time

Lost in Time is arguably Coktel Vision's best game, and one of the most fiendishly difficult and intricate puzzle games you'll ever come across. You play Doralice, intrepid heroine who has been chosen ... back . With a vast scope that spans various eras in time from 1840 to the present, challenging puzzles, and interesting plot, Lost in Time will keep you occupied for days on end. Highly recommended.

Lure of the Temptress

Review 1: Lure of the Temptress is a really good but short adventure game. You start the game in a prison and you will have to escape from it as you are the only one who can save the town and the rest ... when you're in the same room and he doesn't, even while you think it's looking for you. Anyway, put this on the shelve with adventure games and it will fit nicely into your collection! Nice one...

Lurking Horror, The

Review 1: My third most favorite Infocom game (after Trinity and A Mind Forever Voyaging), The Lurking Horror is, without a doubt, one of the best horror computer games ever made. It is nothing short ... many memorable characters and twists in the game also add to the experience. I enjoyed The Lurking Horror, it might not appeal to everyone but for a desensitised horror fanatic like me it was great.

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