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Little Big Adventure

Review 1:

One of the most unique arcade/adventure games ever made. The animation is just fantastic and very funny as well. The way this whole game is animated is really great and even if the game wasn't good (the game is good) it would still be fun to look at. Especially when you run into a wall or something similar.

The story in the game is quite simple. You have to rescue your girlfriend because evil elephants (yes I said elephants) have captured and imprisoned her. You will have to find the way to get her back as soon as possible. The best feature in the game is that you can change mode like athletic mode, normal mode, aggressive mode etc.

Review 2:

Without a doubt two of the most unique and revolutionary old games ever, Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 are charming isometric SVGA adventures that deftly weave action, RPG (spellcasting), and traditional adventure into a wholly engrossing gaming experience. Intuitive interface, vibrant graphics, and wonderful and unique plots make them a worthy successor to Alone in The Dark, designed by the same team. The games are almost perfect, except that late-game combat sequences are a tad too difficult and will frustrate adventure gamers who are reflexes-impaired. Help a young Quetch Twinsen save his planet today!

Review 3:

This game has some popularity because of the excellent graphics that are used. Nice 3D polygon style surroundings, with shadows and stuff. You play Twinsen a fellow who is on a journey to save his planet from the evil dr. Funfrock. Some fool who controls the planet with clones and using teleport machines. Nice thing about the game is that you can set you character Twinsen in 4 'action' modes.

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