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MacArthur's War

General Douglas Macarthur. The name brings thoughts of an American war hero. The Korean War was really one of the first times the US intervened between 2 rivals in a "Police Action". In the early ... tough!! Like all of SSG's wargames, this one does not disappoint. The Battlefront game system is here in all its glory. This is a must have for all wargamers, especially those that want a challenge!


Review 1: Maelstrom is yet another game in which you must colonize a struggling planet and defend the planet from those who would force their own agendas upon it. The plot is quite simple but interesting: ... buried beneath a cumbersome interface. Bear with its idiosyncracies for a while, though, and you'll find a decent game lurking underneath despite all the micromanagement and tough time constraints.

Magic: The Gathering

Review 1: One of the best computer translation of a non-computer games ever made, MicroProse's Magic: The Gathering not only deserves a Hall of Fame status for its faithful rendition of Wizard of the ... once they get used to this UI. Players unfamiliar with the card game may have a slightly hard time getting into and learning the game but an interactive Tutorial has been included to facilitate this.


Magnetic is a decent Reversi variant from The X-ample Architectures, a German developer. The game is basically Reversi, except that you can only change the color of one tile to your color, not the entire ... really want a challenge. A neat game overall, but nothing special compared to full-featured Reversi/Othello games such as WZebra (which is freeware to boot). The background music is pleasant, though.


MahJong is a nice little Mahjong game included for free with DOS/V, a Japan magazine. The game offers a no-frills, no-nonsense Mahjong experience. If you don't know how to play the game, this one isn't ... jump into a game, build a "wall" of tiles, and create the ultimate hand - all during that precious 10-15 minutes coffee break. The graphics are excellent, and computer AI is no cakewalk.

Machiavelli The Prince (a.k.a. Merchant Prince)

Review 1: Undoubtedly one of the best --if not THE best-- medieval strategy games ever released, Machiavelli: The Prince is a superb trading game set in the Renaissance, where you assume the role of ... If the user comes into a little wealth, it is easy to effectively use it and pull away from the simple AI. Still, it is a novel game and is well worth the download to the strategist and trading guru.

Mario's Game Gallery

Bringing the popular Nintendo character to PC, Mario's Game Gallery lets you play against Mario in 5 popular parlor games: Checkers, Dominoes, Go Fish, Yacht, and Backgammon. Easy-to-read on-screen instructions, Mario's encouraging voices, and amusing animations throughout the game makes this one of the most underrated puzzle games for kids of all ages.

Master of Magic

Review 1: Highly requested game. A lot like Sid Meier's Civilization, but set in the magic world of wizards, witches, spells, life and death, good and evil. The goal is pretty much the same as in Civ ... and much, much more. So, when you think you're ready to send your units out to explore the landscape, you will start making allies, who may become your rival, who may become your most hated enemy.

Master of Orion

Review 1: The first SimTex that puts their name on the map is also arguably the best games Steve Barcia ever designed in his short career. This is *the* 4X space strategy game that has it all: solid ... it makes the game a pain to play. The selection of races and the specialties of each races makes it a challenge to play with each (sillicoids aside) race. Just my thoughts, thanks for playing =]

MathDa, The

The MathDa is a challenging and refreshingly unique board game for 2 players (computer player is available) with a simple premise: place numbered tiles with values between 1 to 25 on the board until there ... all the spaces occupied with tiles) makes The MathDa one of the best brainteasers you'll come across. Highly recommended, especially if you like math and/or unique puzzles with no time constraint.


Maven is an excellent PC Scrabble program by Brian Sheppard. Maven is not only one of the first Scrabble game that provides a good enough challenge for expert players, but is one of the first computer ... strong AI and plenty of options you can use to customize your game (adding word lists, board layouts, etc.), Maven is a top-notch program that will keep Scrabble fans entertained for hours on end.


MaxIt is a nicely coded DOS version of a fun two-player board game of the same name. This turn-based board game plays on an 8x8 grid as follows: each cell on the board contains a number which can be either ... good graphics, mind you), it offers excellent AI. You can also play against a friend if you want. Like the board game original, MaxIt is a fun little game perfect for a few minutes of coffee break.


Meander is a good PC version of an innovative abstract board game from The Netherlands. Frequent visitors may wonder why I decide to review a freeware game that in my opinion does not merit our "top ... and variations, it will definitely merit our top game tag. As it stands, though, it is just a curious little coffee-break game that is worth a look more for the original premise than actual fun.

Medieval Clash

Medieval Clash is the English version of Tornimäe, a simple but fun strategy game from Estonia. Set in a nondescript country in 1387, your purpose is to destroy the opposing king's castle while protecting ... of units apart. All in all, a nice "snack-sized" strategy title for one or two players that you can enjoy during coffee breaks - and one that you will come back to for more. Recommended!

Medieval Chess

Medieval Chess is a unique chess game from short-lived JV Enterprises that is more intriguing in concept than how it actually plays. The game is best described as an attempt to make chess "realistic" ... win). The game is worth a look for die-hard chess fans, but the rest of us would do well to stick to Archon or Dark Legions (if you prefer a dash of arcade action) than playing this shareware game.

Medieval Lords

Although quite well received upon first release, Medieval Lords had many bugs that were not fixed until patch 1.1, which was not widely available and so this game never took off. It is a very historically ... in the world and deal with taxes, war, diplomacy, the Pope, real historical events and personalities, plus many other things! Overall, a far more effective use of the Storm Across Europe game engine.

Medieval Warriors

The fantasy version of Operation Com*Bat, a dismal turn-based wargame from Merit Studios. Read my review of that game -- everything I said applies to Medieval Warriors since it's based on the same engine. Tedious, boring, and uninspired to say the least. For a great fantasy/historical tactical wargame, SSI's venerable Sword of Aragon is far superior. Thumbs down for this Real Dog.


Review 1: MEGA lo MANIA is a game where the player chooses to be one of 4 would-be-gods, each seeking to gain total supremacy over a planet. Each of the 4 would-be-gods controls a race of people (his ... futuristic spacecraft! In the end this isn't the hardest of strategy games but it will keep you occupied for a while and will be sure to entertain. To quote the game, it's, 'Ergonomically Terrific!

Mech Brigade

Despite its age, Mech Brigade remains to this day one of the most detailed simulation of modern land battles. As with his later masterpieces, Gary Grigsby took into account a staggering amount of data: ... Four scenarios are provided, each in a different area of West Germany. With random scenario options, the game's replay value is virtually unlimited. A must play for all grognards and Grigsby fans.

Merchant Colony

A boring precursor to Impressions' vastly improved High Seas Trader, Merchant Colony is an 18th century trading game that suffers from the same syndrome that characterizes all Impressions games of that ... very limited options and bland graphics seriously erode long-term play value. Fun for a while, but it really doesn't stand up to other, better games, such as Holistic Design's Machiavelli The Prince.

Metal Fatigue

One of the best giant robot games I've ever played, Metal Fatigue is an excellent real-time strategy games in the same mold as Command & Conquer, but with enough innovations to stand above the crowd. ... varied terrain would have been a welcome change. These nitpicks aside, though, Metal Fatigue is a must have for all RTS fans who want something a little different than another Command & Conquer.

Metal Knight

Metal Knight is a fun Command & Conquer-style real-time strategy game from Object Software, an independent Chinese outfit who later developed Fate of the Dragon and Prince of Qin. One of the first ... distribution. Metal Knight at least deserves recognition as the first RTS game to introduce the robot customization feature years before better-known RTS games that were developed in the West.

Metal Marines Master Edition

Metal Marines is a unique RTS (Real Time Strategy) war game that is a fun and challenging game once you get used to the frantic pace of gameplay. This Windows game has a lot going for it -- nice looking ... are minor issues -- stick with it and you will find a fun, challenging, and unique strategy/war game, simple in scope but sure to wow you when you see the unique interface and hear the opening story.

Midway: The Battle that Doomed Japan

This game simulates the naval Battle of Midway in 1942 where the United States Fleet and naval air forces defeated the Japanese Invasion fleet that was heading towards Midway Island. Play as either the ... It's an excellent simulation of the old battle if you don't mind PC speaker beeps and CGA graphics. General Quarters also did a few other games that year, of which Pearl Harbor was quite good.

Mille Bornes

Mille Bornes (which means "a thousand milestones" in French) is an excellent PC game based on a popular French card game of the same name. Brief rules from "Mille Bornes ... a very nice mouse-driven interface, challenging AI, and plenty of options. If you like card games in general, especially games like Uno, this now out-of-print game will definitely prove a delight.


Review 1: After a long nuclear war, life was no longer possible on Earth and humans (or what's left of them) moved to the Moon colony. Now, Your goal is to colonize other planets and defend against aliens. ... :) Still, technologies you can research are creative, as well as the many ship designs you can make. Recommended for Master of Orion veterans who wants a different, light break from their campaign ;)

Millennium Auction

One of the most unique computer games ever made, Millennium Auction is a fascinating "auction simulation" that is set in the year 2006, but it could very well have been at modern-day Christie's ... (although sometimes it's hard to tell the "fake art" apart from the real thing). If you are in a mood for a "lite" and unique business strategy game, check out this rare old game.

Mind Games Entertainment Pack for Windows

Mind Games Entertainment Pack for Windows is a great collection of 10 classic board games from Oxford Softworks. This is essentially a 1995 update of the company's earlier Intelligent Strategy Games 10 ... all Oxford Softworks titles. Each game here is not good as the best stand-alone game, but as a compilation, Mind Games is one of the best and most polished you'll likely to find. Highly recommended.


Min-Ha-To is a great PC version of a fun card game of the same name, which is essentially the Korean equivalent of the Japanese game of Hanafuda (or "flower cards" as it is known in the West). ... graphics, intuitive mouse-driven interface, and a competent computer player. If you enjoy Hanafuda or unique card games in general, Min-Ha-To deserves a spot in your collection. Highly recommended!


Mini-Avalanche is a nice little PC version of Avalanche, a 1966 reflexes-oriented game from Parker Brothers. In this 2-player game, the players take turns dropping balls from the top of the board. On their ... colors (i.e. yours). The game is fast and quite a lot of fun, although it takes some time to understand the rules (you can download PDF rules of the original board game below). Highly recommended!

MissionForce: Cyberstorm

One of the best giant robot strategy games ever made, bar none. MissionForce: Cyberstorm from Dynamix is a hex-based, top-down, turn-based wargame set in the same universe as Earthsiege, an earlier Dynamix ... you can customize bioderms ensure excellent playability and high replay value. It is also worth noting that the game is much superior to the very disappointing sequel, Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars.

ML Crux

Between 1987 and 1990, Bob Lancaster wrote 6 games that he released under the name of "MicroLink," a PC user group he belonged to. All the games boast simple, ASCII-character graphics, but the ... and take the time to examine all of your options you'll do just fine." All in all, this unique strategy game is a fitting end to one of the best freeware series of all time. Highly recommended.

ML Push Your Luck

Between 1987 and 1990, Bob Lancaster wrote 6 games that he released under the name of "MicroLink," a PC user group he belonged to. All the games boast simple, ASCII-character graphics, but the ... strategy than ML Yaht, but luck also plays a part. Like other Bob Lancaster games, the game offers mouse support and multiplayer capabilities. Simple, small, but a lot of fun. Highly recommended!

ML Shut the Box

Between 1987 and 1990, Bob Lancaster wrote 6 games that he released under the name of "MicroLink," a PC user group he belonged to. All the games boast simple, ASCII-character graphics, but the ... intuitive, and a lot of fun especially when you play with friends. If you love dice games or simple strategy games where both luck and skill are required, ML Shut the Box is well worth your time.

ML Yaht

Between 1987 and 1990, Bob Lancaster wrote 6 games that he released under the name of "MicroLink," a PC user group he belonged to. All the games boast simple, ASCII-character graphics, but the ... points. The combination of luck and strategy that characterize the board game is intact in ML Yaht. The game even supports mouse - a rarity in 1987! If you like dice games, ML Yaht is a must-play.

Modem Wars

From Brian Moriarty's tribute to Dani Bunten: "A final title for Electronic Arts broke even more new ground. 1988's Modem Wars was the first game released by a major publisher to support modem-to-modem ... experience within the severe constraints of 1200-baud modems. Many of the latency and synchronization challenges faced by today's network game engineers were solved first by Modem Wars."

Monad (a.k.a. Die 1 Million)

Monad is an excellent freeware PC version of Sid Sackson's classic card/board game of the same name, released as Die 1 Million in Germany. The wonderful description at this Sid Sackson fan site says it ... the moves you can make." In short, if you enjoy abstract strategy games, you will love Monad. It's fun, it's original, and it's a very challenging strategy game with very little luck involved.

Monopoly Tycoon

Review 1: Monopoly Tycoon, like the name suggests, is based on the classic board game "Monopoly". It has all of the classic locations, as well as a set of docklands properties which may or ... game into a new and interesting direction, and the game's few minor faults are far outweighed by its strong combination of crisp graphics, involved and varied gameplay, and entertaining premise.

Monte Carlo Baccarat

Monte Carlo Baccarat is another decent release in the genre that Capstone seems best at doing (at least compared to their horrendous action and adventure titles): casino games. Similar to Trump Castle ... pleasant music accompany this fun little game. Recommended for fans of Baccarat, but those looking for a more comprehensive and long-lasting casino game should check out Trump Castle series instead.


Review 1: A very interesting game. As the title may tell your job is to build your own moonbase. The game is a lot like the more famous Sim City but instead of a city you have to build and expand a moonbase. ... is a really fun game, it's a great challenge and you would enjoy it. It's a good game for getting the feel of those really involved sim games. Warning: Save your cash, you WILL run out of cash.

MoonBase Commander

One of the most underrated turn-based strategy games ever made, MoonBase Commander is a superb release from Humongous Entertainment that would definitely have sold much better without the "designed ... enjoy MoonBase Commander, but the strategic depth, entertaining presentation and bargain price tag make this game an easy recommendation." A superb game that is definitely NOT 'just for kids.'

Morkin 2

Back before the brothers Gollop became world-reknown with a little game called X-COM (a.k.a. UFO: Enemy Unknown), one of their early hits was called Chaos, a revolutionary multiplayer fantasy strategy ... Magic & Mayhem in particular should play the game to realize its illustrious lineage. Note: If you are curious about the original, Julian Gollop has kindly released Chaos into the public domain.

Mortal Coil: Adrenalin Intelligence

Mortal Coil is an innovative first-person squad-based real-time strategy game that plays like a poor man's version of Rainbow Six (years before that game was released). The year is 2005. "Mortal Coil" ... abundance) degrade the game to become a merely "decent" game as opposed to a great one. If you like Rainbow Six and similar games, this is worth a look - just don't expect to be surprised.

NAM 1965-1975

Review 1: A rather unique war game simulation. You can decide to be several different people and the game is created after the way you make your choice. The game engine and interface are pretty simple ... speed. The game is pretty hard to get into in my opinion, because of the non-intuitive interface and tough AI, and so is recommended only for hard-core wargamers.. and rare game collectors :)

Napoleon in Russia: Borodino 1812

Step back to 1813 and try to penetrate the Russian front. The graphics are reminescent of SSI's Sons of Liberty, but the gameplay is similar to an RTS game, with the exception of a hex system. You can set the timer for actions to take place and they happen automatically (set to 1 second for PURE fun). Keys are kind of funky, but the gameplay is good, especially for Napoleonic era wargame fans.


Nectaris is one of the most obscure sci-fi strategy classics of all time. If you like Battle Isle by Blue Byte, you will definitely enjoy this game. Actually, Battle Isle was very much inspired (although ... gamers' attention away from the likes of Master of Orion. Highly recommended for any armchair commander who just wants a quick, attractive, beer-and-pretzel game of galactic conquest. A must-have!

Nemesis: The Go Master

This is a solid Go game that isn't as good as Ishi Press' Go Simulator, but has more teaching options. From a review at British Go Association: "[Nemesis: The Go Master] is primarily a Go-playing ... of what they might achieve; and which strings of stones it thinks can be killed." Overall, this is a good game for beginners, although expert Go players should try Ishi Press' game instead.

NetStorm: Islands at War

NetStorm was the only game I ever had ever dreamed about and it will most likely stay that way. After nagging my parents for weeks, I received NetStorm at my cottage for my birthday. The next few weeks ... one versus one the Battlemaster should be red and the other blue). These are the main downsides to the tight community, but the friendship that grows from this kind of community is very enjoyable.


NimSim is a fun PC version of Nim, one of the oldest mathematics-based 2-player games. The game of Nim is thought to originate in China, and has been the subject of interest for mathematicians and computer ... technical support), you should register the game to encourage the authors to make fun games. If you enjoy board games, especially games with strong mathematical roots, NimSim is a great time-waster.

N-Knights & N-Queens

N-Knights and N-Queens are two excellent computer version of classic chess problems. N-Knights contains two problems, Max Knights and Min Knights. In the Max Knights puzzle, your goal is to move the knight ... interface. Together, they are great mind games for all chess enthusiasts, as well as anyone who enjoys some cerebral challenge that does not rely on luck. Note: This download contains both programs.

No Greater Glory

Revolution '76 and No Greater Glory are grand wargames covering the entire U.S. Civil War. You choose to be either Lincoln or Davis and you must deal with politics, cabinet choices, internal bickering, appointments and firings of generals and of course..the conduct of the actual war itself! Both games are designed by Ed Bever, longtime Sid Meier collaborator and himself a veteran wargamer. Highly recommended!

Nobunaga's Ambition 1

Essentially Romance of The Three Kingdoms with Japan as a backdrop, the game chronicles the achievements of Oda Nobunaga, a shrewd daimyo who came close to the ultimate title of shogun in one of the most ... talent, etc). Definitely a must play for any KOEI fan and an interesting historical wargame for anyone interested in Japanese history, or how crucial your generals' loyalty is in the thick of war.

Nobunaga's Ambition 2

This sequel to Nobunaga's Ambition is to its predecessor what Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 is to RTK 1: better graphics and sound, but almost identical gameplay. The AI has been improve somewhat in ... is not as impossible a task as in the first game. Overall, if you like the first game, you'll definitely love this sequel. Yet another solid strategy / war hybrid from KOEI. Highly recommended!

Node Warriors

Node Warriors is an excellent fanmade version of Wizard of the Coast's addictive board game RoboRally. The official plot goes as follows: "it is the year X002. The internet as we know it is now known ... laser beams, and use laser tiles to help trigger door sensors. Overall, if you enjoy thought-provoking board games, Node Warriors will keep you hooked for hours with hundreds of devious levels.


Norow is a unique boardgame where you must occupy as much squares on the board as possible without having more then two squares in a row. The official rules: "...the game itself is very simple: you ... the author's claim, the computer opponent plays a mean game on "Hard" level and above. If you enjoy chess-like games, Norow is well worth a try, even if it's not as sophisticated as chess.

Nuclear War 3: Ground Zero

Nuclear War 3: Ground Zero is an excellent fanmade remake of New World Computing's Nuclear War. The game is the third installment in RC Software's line of Nuclear War remakes that dates from 1997. Game ... Don't expect it to be funny, though. Note: the game is coded in Java, which means it will run on any machine (Windows, Mac, Polaris, etc.) that has "Java Runtime Environment" installed.

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