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Pickaxe Pete!

Pickaxe Pete! from Philips is a very addictive Donkey Kong variety of 2D climbing games. Originally released for Philip's own Videopac console system, the description from the manual says it all about ... timing are required to succeed. To me, the game has the same charm as other arcade classics like Kangaroo or Invaders: that "just one more level" feel. Definitely a very underrated classic.


PicoShot is potentially the world's smallest shooter ever made. At first, I hated this game. Really. I wondered what was the sense of making a game which takes a tiny, stamp-sized, 64x64 window, moving ... just don't expect it to replace Die Slave in your shooting heart. You can play with the mouse too, but moving the pointer out of the still too small window is really too easy... A bigger one, No?

Pinball 2000

Pinball 2000 is basically a budget version of Digital Illusions' Pinball Dreams game, offering two tables from that classic, multiplayer support up to 8 players (turn-based), and very little else. Touted ... table, and the animations and physics leave a lot to be desired. If you want to play a great pinball game, play the much better straight PC conversion of Pinball Dreams than this inferior version.

Pinball 3D-VCR (a.k.a. Total Pinball 3D)

Pinball 3D-VCR (released as Total Pinball 3D in the U.S.) is a decent pinball game from 21st Century. As one can expect from masters of the genre, the game looks good, plays well, and even boasts some ... other classics - since they are lifted from Pinball Mania which is not one of 21st Century's best titles, they suffer from the same problems of lackluster table design and awkward ball physics.

Pinball 4000 (a.k.a. Expert Pinball 4000)

Review 1: A banal pinball game developed as a "budget" pinball title by Spidersoft, 21st Century's partially owned developer. Pinball expert Martin Mathis says it all in his uncompromising ... another nice pinball game. Nice things about pinballgames is that it takes quite a time to know what you have to do on the machine. Just keep the ball in the playfield. Different fields to play on.

Pinball Dreams

Review 1: Well, this is just another pinball game. You can choose from four different tables to play on. The tables sport different themes - the wild west, nightmare, music and space. The four tables ... to the Amiga game. But still, it's a good pinball game for your PC, a decent conversion for its time. Also check out the excellent sequel, better converted to the PC, called Pinball Fantasies.

Pinball Dreams 2

A competent PC pinball game designed by Spidersoft. Contrary to what most people believe, Swedish developer Digital Illusions who designed the original pinball classic Pinball Dreams did not design this ... was released Europe only at first, and only much later in the US as part of Pinball Arcade collection. Not as good as Digital Illusions' later classics (e.g. Pinball Illusions), but quite decent.

Pinball Fantasies

Pinball Fantasies is an excellent sequel to Pinball Dreams, featuring yet again four brand-new multi-screen tables to play on. The tables are called Party Land, Speed Devils, Billion Dollar Game Show and ... there. Don't miss this one if you like pinball games, it's one of the best. In 1995, Digital Illusions released Pinball Illusions (again ported by Frontline Design), which topped the genre yet again.

Pinball Illusions

Sequel to Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Illusions is the last game in Digital Illusions' trilogy of pinball games and they finished it off with a bang! =) The conversion of the AGA-only Amiga game was done ... and the music by Olof Gustaffson. An excellent game and for sure the ultimate 2D pinball game on any system. This is the floppy version of the game. The CD version has four(?) tables and CD music.

Pinball Magic

Pinball Magic is an early pinball game by French company Loriciel. In a nice twist to regular pinball tables, here you have to clear tables by activating all letters, which opens the exit to the next table. ... to find its files in the root of A: - so you can either use SUBST or copy the files onto a floppy disk (read the FAQ for more detail on SUBST). Run CRACK in pure DOS mode before starting the game.

Pinball Mania

Pinball Mania was the fourth pinball sim published by 21st Century. In contrast to the superb Pinball Dreams/Fantasies/Illusions trilogy, Pinball Mania is a very disappointing game that does not bode well ... how you ever manage to get a high score, if at all. All in all, this is a thoroughly disappointing and unrewarding pinball game. Steer clear of this one - there are many better games to be had.

Pinball Prelude

In the crowded field of PC pinball games, there has been a number of "experimental" titles released by daring developers who used unique approaches that defy pinball conventions. Most of these ... pinball game: it scrolls horizontally as well as vertically. If you are a pinball fan and are looking for something different from the usual fare, Pinball Prelude is a must-play. Highly recommended!

Pinball World

Pinball World is one of the last releases from 21st Century Entertainment, arguably the best developer of PC pinball games alongside LittleWing. Since Pinball Dreams, the company had consistently delivered ... a lot of cool ideas, Pinball World is another excellent game from 21st Century that pinball fans should add to their collection, although the graphics are not as astounding as their previous games.

Pipiru the Archer Practice Special

Pipiru the Archer Practice Special Pipiru the Archer Practice Special is a fun freeware gem from Japan's NOAH, an independent game development group. Released for free to promote their shareware title ... three "lives" at the beginning: you lose one life if time runs out. If you like fun, coffee-break arcade games, this cute game will keep you occupied for long after your break runs out.


Piranha from now-defunct Finnish developer D-Designs is an excellent Asteroids clone. Tomer Gabel's review at MobyGames says it all about this very obscure game: "...[This] game really is great - ... go head-to-head with up to 2 other players, or play with them in co-operative play. Whether or not you have played Asteroids, Piranha is hard to beat for sheer arcade-style, no-frills shooter fun.


Cheap ascii fall-down-the-pit game.


Well, to make it short: Pit-Fighter is a horrible conversion of Atari's arcade beat'em up. The arcade game was actually very good with nice digitized sprites and some cool effects, but the animations and ... it up very high on the list of worst arcade conversions. Not much else to say-- stay WAY clear of this one if you can help it. Better yet, play Mortal Kombat instead if you like this type of game.


PixelShips is a fun little side-scrolling shooter from Kris Asick. The objective of the game is simple: collect all 160 small spaceships dubbed "PixelShips" as you go through the levels. The ... in complexity the more you play it. The game plays way too fast on new computers, so run it with a slowdown program (see our FAQ for detail) to make the game more manageable. Highly recommended.


Review 1: A small fun freeware game this one. More or less a Nibbles-clone, but you got to eat Pizza - well done and enjoyable. Concept is simple, you move your ever growing worm around avoiding the ... the game better is different levels or background graphics, but that is a very minor complaint. Without a doubt, Pizza Worm is the best Snakes clone ever made until Digital Eel's Plasmaworm in 2001.

Plastic Kitten

Plastic Kitten is a great freeware Q*Bert clone for the PC designed as a promotional game for Muschihaus, a German music label. You play Plastic Kitten, an anime-inspired voluptuous cat-woman who must ... background music as befit a music label, Plastic Kitten is a very polished modern version of Atari's classic that fans of the original will likely enjoy - sexy protagonist notwithstanding ;)


Another faithful coin-op conversion by Quicksilver that was published by Data East, Platoon is a side-scrolling action game based on the hit movie of the same name. Nothing fancy here: shoot everything in sight, and find power-ups and ammos along the way. A fun game that's starting to show its age, especially when compared with newer releases such as Guerilla War. Good for nostalgia only.


Review 1: Pocahontas is a well looking arcade game where you play as the popular cartoon character Pocahontas (of course also well known from the books). You start the game by that you have to collect ... overall suffers from awkward character movements and the too difficult gameplay that is best left to expert gamers only. Worth a look, but action game beginners should look elsewhere for their fix.


Nice Arkanoid clone, builder included.

Popeye 2

Popeye 2 is a fairly poor jump'n run featuring the popular comic hero with an affection for smoking green grass, for a thin woman and as an abnormal feature in this game - jumping - although this was role ... Ok, Popeye 2 is the standard jump'n run... mediocre graphics, PC speaker sound and boring gameplay. Let the hero himself have the last word: "I'm strong to the finish cos I eat me spinach."

Popful Mail

Somewhere, long ago, in one of those many alternate realities popular in RPGs and fantasy adventures, a war was fought amongst three dark warlords and the three races of the planet, the Elves, the Humans, ... rather silly platformers (this game does not remotely take itself seriously), and I'm sure you'll find yourself at least entertained by Mail trying to get a little respect from the world around her.

Postman Pat 3

Postman Pat 3 is a lackluster conversion of a lackluster Amstrad CPC/Atari ST game of the same name, which concludes the Postman Pat series that started out quite promisingly in 1988. The series is based ... then for a few minutes before its slow pace and lack of gameplay variety reduces the fun to zero. If you are interested in driving/delivery action, play Paperboy instead of this average old game.


Powball is one of the best Breakout clones I have ever seen, freeware or otherwise. The game introduces a lot of fun elements to the paddle-and-ball formula, including a simultaneous 2 player mode, silky-smooth ... mayhem ;) Originally released as a shareware game published by WebFoot Technologies, Powball was made freeware in 2000, so there is really no excuse not to try this hugely underrated gem.

Power Drive

Review 1: An arcade racing game, with mediocre graphics and okay sounds, the Power Drive is playable after first few hours of trying it. Those of you who will go through novice ordeal and make it, might ... hard time getting back on track once you slip into sandy areas. Overall, Power Drive is not a classic by any means, but well worth a look by fans of arcade racers and rally sports alike. Recommended!

Powerslave (a.k.a. Exhumed)

Powerslave is a fun and innovative first-person shooter whose excellent graphics and level design are unfortunately overshadowed by serious interface problems and bugs (which are probably related to the ... from numerous Quake clones. If you hate first-person shooters in general, there's nothing here that will make you change your mind. For fans of the genre, though, Powerslave is highly recommended.

Pray for Death

Pray for Death is a little-known one-on-one fighting game that is quite decent, despite the fact that it is not much more than a ripoff of Killer Instinct: "realistic" moves, lots of gore, and ... it is a fairly decent game that falls well short of the quality seen in other 2D fighters released at the time, let alone arcade and console fare. It's not bad, but it is nothing exceptional either.

Preben pa Eventyr 2000

Preben pa Eventyr 2000 is one of the most addictive 3-minute games I've ever come across. You play Preben, a wannabe shooter at the bottom of the screen. Your goal: score as many points as possible in ... enter the high score table this way. All in all, Preben is simple to learn, yet maddeningly addictive. There are few better ways to spend a 3-minute coffee break than this one. Highly recommended!


Review 1: "Eat and beat your way through 150 screens of awesome, nourishing fun and relive the Prehistorik epic in this incredible platform game. Armed with your Diner Club Anticus, proven to be ... he sets off on his food-spotting expedition. Follow Prehistorik from the unexplored ice-field of Antartica, the darkend mysterious caverns of the shady continent to the lush jungles of the Tropics.

Prehistorik 2

"Eat and beat your way through 150 screens of awesome, nourishing fun and relive the Prehistorik epic in this incredible platform game. Armed with your Diner Club Anticus, proven to be the ancestor ... that provide just the right level of challenge for the dexterity challenged (like me), with fun levels that are difficult, but not too difficult to frustrate you. Both are highly recommended!

Primal Rage

Chris McMullen of the Games Domain says it all about this excellent conversion of a hit coin-op fighting game: "Primal Rage has the standard plot.. you know the stuff.. 'wizard' etc.. blah blah 'parallel ... and most of the PC Beat-em up market. " If you like beat 'em ups, particularly Mortal Kombat games and their fatalities, you will probably like this arcade-perfect conversion as well.

Prince of Evil

Prince of Evil is an excellent VGA beat 'em up from prolific Taiwanese developer Softstar based on Chinese myths. You control a legendary hero as he battles countless Chinese ghosts, monsters, and other ... are colorful, the animations fluid, and the gameplay fun. Seeing creatures in Chinese myths come to life is one of the best things about this little-known old game from Taiwan. Highly recommended!

Prince of Persia

Review 1: In Prince of Persia Jaffar wants to marry the beautiful Princess, but the Sultan stands in the way of that happening. Jaffar tells the princess to marry him, and she refuses so he tells her ... finally complete your adventure, it will have seemed easy. The puzzles are of course logical (except for one that is totally out of this world), but their solutions are masterfully hidden sometimes.

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame

Review 1: Your identity has been taken by the evil Grand Vizie Jaffar whome you defeated in the original Prince of Persia. Banished from your palace, you must fight to reclaim what is yours and save ... of Persia. You can enjoy in this game the same platform puzzles and swordfighting as in one. The graphics are stunning as usual. And the storyline beautifuly told, with nice speech and graphics.

Privateer 2: The Darkening

Review 1: Privateer 2: The Darkening is an excellent sequel to Origin's classic Wing Commander: Privateer, although Origin made the unfortunate decision to sacrifice gameplay depth in favor of slick ... mutants, rescue damsels in distress, meet weird characters, and visit unusual planets. You can hire wingmen and cargo ships, upgrade your ship or buy new ones, and watch lots of live-action movies.

Privateer: Righteous Fire

So you think you're a hotshot pilot. A clever entrepreneur. A notorious pirate, you've destroyed the Steltek Drone, secured the alien artifact, and outfought ond outsmarted everyone in your way. Now, you're ... to ram - a not ineffective tactic, and how I finished the final mission. However, the image of oars and a brass prow is not what I expected to be using my totally kitted-out Centurion for."

Project Firestart

Project: Firestart is one of the earliest "cinematic action/adventure" games that successfully bring the thrill of an action movie to the computer screen. Designed by Damon Slye of Dynamix and ... games. I am sure that many gamers will play this title and say, as I often do, "Man, why don't they make games this cool anymore?" A must-play for fans of action/adventure games everywhere.

Project Paradise

Project Paradise is a fun cyberpunk/fantasy action/adventure game that unfortunately was never released outside Europe. The setting is similar to Bullfrog's more famous Syndicate: in a dark future, only ... original game even shipped with a well-written novella that sets the stage. If you enjoy action games that require as much brainwork as reflexes to succeed, Project Paradise is well worth your time.

Prophecy 1 - The Viking Child

Welcome to Odin's world. A land full of good and evil, within which you must become Brian, The Viking Child, whose heroics have been foretold by the prophets and recorded in the oracle of the gods. But ... Brothers' classic Gods. Overall, a great platform/puzzle hybrid that should please all fans of the genre, not least because of the long levels you'll have to make your way through. Recommended!


Prototype is a great-looking but little-known horizontal shooter from NEO Software. The game boasts excellent multi-parallax scrolling graphics with amazing illusion of depth. There are 8 levels and hundreds ... outstanding soundtrack (over 30 minutes of original music) makes this old game far above your average shooter. Recommended for action fans, especially those who like graphical details in the scenery.


Prowler is a colorful futuristic 3D flight-sim that is fun for a short while, but gets insanely difficult so fast you'd need a lot of Tylenol to finish it. Nothing in the game distinguishes it from hundreds of other shoot-em-ups, although the low price back then probably helped (it was part of Mastertronic's budget games line). Play it only if you have already played every other shooter.

Psycho Pinball

Review 1: Psycho Pinball is a very good pinball game indeed. Probably the best one i ever played. It features 4 great tables to play on : Psycho, Trick or Treat, Wild West or The Abyss. Each table can ... Good graphics, clearly stated goals, and plenty of on-line help will introduce newbies to the genre, while veterans will have fun with all-around solid gameplay and bonus games. Recommended!

Puchiwara No Bouken

Puchiwara No Bouken ("The Adventures of Puchiwara" in English) is a fun action/puzzle hybrid from Japan that features crisp graphics, clever level designs, and the same addictive blend of action ... superb background graphics await. If you enjoy Lode Runner, Dizzy series, or just "smart" platformers in general, Puchiwara No Bouken will delight, surprise, and challenge you for hours.

Punisher, The

Review 1: An original blend of action, adventure and strategy and my most favorite of all Paragon's comics games, The Punisher casts you as the title superhero who must amass $500,000 through successful ... of action. You are an actionhero and has to gather $500,000 by completing different mission. With the obtained money you pay en informant who gives away the hidingpiace of Kingpin, the crimelord.

Pure Fighter Erika

Pure Fighter Erika is a great anime shooter that features a first-person perspective a la Space Harrier --quite unusual for the genre. You play a round cat who shoots wrenches (monkey wrenches, to be exact) ... running into logs that roll toward you from the top of the screen. Overall, Pure Fighter is fun for a few minutes or so, but doesn't really much long-term play value beyond the first few levels.

Pushe Pushe

Pushe Pushe is a decent one-screen platform game that plays like a cross between Super Mario and Bubble Bobble, although not nearly as fun as either. You basically control a boy hero as he jumps around ... and there are dozens of enemy types and terrain. It's just too bad most people won't be motivated enough to see all of them. All in all, a thoroughly average game that you could do without.


Pyjamarama is a superb fanmade remake of a classic Spectrum action/adventure game of the same name, released way back in 1984 by Mikro-Gen. The original game is the continuation of Wally's adventure in ... faithful gameplay, while action/adventure fan - basically anyone who likes Dizzy series - will have a lot of fun with this quirky, highly polished remake that does the game proud. Highly recommended!

Pyramids of Egypt, The

Review 1: The Pyramids of Egypt is an exciting computer game that lets you guide Mike the Explorer through the treacherous confines of an Egyptian pyramid. You must avoid the cobras at all costs; try ... for the "Big Blue Disk" publisher Softdisk. This game, where you collect diamonds and power-ups while avoiding snakes, showcases Romero's knack for creating incredibly addictive games.

Pyro 2

Without a doubt one of the most (if not THE most) entertaining ASCII games ever designed, Pyro 2 is novel in both gameplay and concept: you play a pyromaniac with fulfills his cruel streak by tying a long ... PC speaker sound effects, this game will keep you coming back for more as the pools of gas spread faster, and the explosions get bigger. Master pyromaniacs get to play the secret missions. Great fun!

Pyros' Mobile Miners

Pyros' Mobile Miners is a decent attempt at revamping the classic 2-player tank combat game Tunneler for the modern day. It doesn't quite succeed in retaining the addictive gameplay, but it's still worthy ... element to the basic seek-and-destroy gameplay of Tunneler. Worth a try for Tunneler fans, although I feel that the game just doesn't have that "addictive" atmosphere for some reason.


Pyrotechnicais a fun 3D action game that is a precursor to Interplay's blockbuster Descent in many ways (albeit not in popularity), not the least of which in smooth rotational graphics and similar goal: ... The controls are a bit non-intuitive and the graphics confusing, but after you get the hang of it you'll find it a fun and addictive game, with ruthless computer AI and some very nice weapon effects.

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