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PicoShot is potentially the world's smallest shooter ever made. At first, I hated this game. Really. I wondered what was the sense of making a game which takes a tiny, stamp-sized, 64x64 window, moving a ship three pixels wide and two high! My eyes hurt. Luckily, I found the option to double the size of the window at last, and the music changed. The graphics are, purposefully, reduced to the essential: you could think it comes from the age of the dawn of home computers. But it isn't important. After a while, I found myself restarting after the last death, wanting to see just another level. Every enemy wave is different from the other, in size, number, patterns of movement, aspect of the ships... Destroy the last damn member of the bunch, and another challenge awaits you soon. And the control system: left, right, shoot, nothing more, just play and have fun. So, what I thought it was a bad Space Invaders clone at first turned out to be a nice one, just don't expect it to replace Die Slave in your shooting heart. You can play with the mouse too, but moving the pointer out of the still too small window is really too easy... A bigger one, No?

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PicoShot screenshot
PicoShot screenshot

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