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Plastic Kitten

Plastic Kitten is a great freeware Q*Bert clone for the PC designed as a promotional game for Muschihaus, a German music label. You play Plastic Kitten, an anime-inspired voluptuous cat-woman who must save the world from the evil powers of Volksmusic™.

The game is set inside Dr. Hi-No's brain, and the objective is identical to Q*Bert: change all the cubes to the same color to clear the level by moving Plastic Kitten around the pyramid of cubes. You must be careful not to fall off the pyramids, while avoiding objects that will knock you off the pyramid. There are 5 levels in total, with 4 rounds each.

With pleasing, colorful graphics, enjoyable gameplay, and excellent background music as befit a music label, Plastic Kitten is a very polished modern version of Atari's classic that fans of the original will likely enjoy - sexy protagonist notwithstanding ;)

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Plastic Kitten screenshot
Plastic Kitten screenshot

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