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L.A. Crackdown

LA Crackdown is an excellent police/detective game that will really benefit from a facelift for the 90's, because the gameplay is already excellent. You're an undercover FBI agent-in-command who must expose ... deep, and *timing* (i.e. deciding when to bug the room, listen to tapes, search the place) becomes critical to success. Overall, a good adventure with a healthy dose of tactical elements.


Lacewing is a great arcade-style shooter that plays like a cross between Spacewar and Centipede. A "retro-style" game, the game's premise is your average "blast all aliens" plot, but ... (splitscreen) in both co-operative and duel modes. With a ton of power-ups, multiple upgrades, and fluid gameplay, Lacewing is another fun retro shooter that will delight every fan of the genre.


GW-Basic game. Put the lander on the ground.

Lander (from Psygnosis)

Much in the style of Activision's Battlezone, Lander is effectively a 3d remake and 'expansion' of ancient vector-based arcade game of the same name (familiar, no?). You take the role of a daredevil pilot ... with some degree of persistence, and a lot of piloting skill. In summary, this game is beautiful, highly playable, rewarding, challenging, not for the faint of heart, and almost totally unheard of.

Lars: The Wanderer

Lars: The Wanderer is an excellent fantasy ?action RPG? from Gravity, a Korean developer. The game is similar to Sierra/Game Arts? Zeliard in gameplay and style, except there is more emphasis on the use ... graphics are attractive, and the anime style should interest fans of console RPGs and platformers. Overall, definitely a charming and entertaining old game that is well worth a look. Recommended!

Laser Age

Laser Age is a decent coffee-break sized vertical shooter from Freeform Interactive/Ingava -- one of the best freeware developers that folded sometime in 2000. Good SVGA graphics, detailed ships, and many ... that it will last, since the game is rather short. Fast, fun, and pretty to look at -- all the qualities that bode well for Freeform/Ingava's future releases that would include G-Sector and Outbound.

Laser Surgeon

The microscopic mission.

Last Action Hero

A fun but easy action game based on the Disney movie of the same name, Last Action Hero follows the movie's plot closely-- as an all-brawns-but-no-brains hero you must rescue the kids from the clutches ... car chasing sequence, and a disappointingly bad side-scrolling arcade portion when you barge into the warehouse to find the kids. It's an okay game that should be played only for the first part.

Last Defender

Last Defender is a great horizontal shooter from Miguel "MIG2" Perez, amateur designer who is best known for Lost Valley RPG game. The game features outstanding graphics, addictive and frantic ... Defender is already a fun and very challenging shooter. More than most freeware releases, it truly makes you feel like playing fun 8-bit shooters on the Nintendo system again. Highly recommended!

Last Dimension

Last Dimension is a 3D shooter in the same style of Taito's Zeitgeist, but with even better graphics. If it wasn't that you can move your ship around the screen while shooting at the hordes of enemies ... visual adopted - sometimes, you could not see the shots coming from directly in front of you. Worth more than a look and a play, undoubtedly; but it won't certainly hold your interest for long.

Last Eichhof, The

One of the most entertaining and original shooters ever made, The Last Eichhof is the great freeware game developed by Alpha Helix, small Swiss outfit and guzzlers extraordinaire. Derrick Steel sums up ... is the rare freeware gem that does get the humor across -- with all the fun intact. Highly recommended, especially to anyone who can identify with the all-important journey from party to hangovers ;)

Last Rites

Last Rites is one of the most obscure first-person shooters ever made. But unlike underrated classics such as Wrath of Earth, the game is obscure for a good reason: it is horrible. The Games Domain's uncompromising ... been a good game which started off with a decent concept is ruined by poor gameplay and unforgivable faults and flaws. Put this back in the ground, Ocean it stinks to high heaven. One to avoid."

Lawnmower Man

Mower the lawn. Funny ansi game.


Review 1: LBreakout2 is another great Breakout clone. At least for me it is a quite good copy of the Arkanoid as the general interface and way the game is played reminds me a lot of Arkanoid and is still ... even play against other human players via TCP/IP. Best of all, this is an open source game, so it has been ported to numerous other operating systems and actively improved by eager fans. A must-have.

Le Fetiche Maya

Silmarils' first action / adventure game is a great game of exploration and survival that sets the stage for many more survival games to come. As intrepid explorer, buy equipments and tools and head into ... changes to a cool 3D view when you drive the jeep, adding variety to the fun-but-frustratingly-difficult gameplay that combines arcade action with traditional puzzle-solving in the Mayan temples.

Legend Cave

Legend Cave by Japanese freeware designer Deep Blue is a fun RPG/action hybrid similar to Game Arts' Sorcerian. You control an anime hero has he or she (you can choose character at the beginning) numerous ... from each other. The levels are well-designed, and there are many kinds of enemies and traps that get in your way. Recommended for anyone who likes Sorcerian, Solomon's Key, or similar games.

Legend of Billy The Kid, The

The Legend of Billy The Kid is a great action/adventure hybrid in the style of Cinemaware's It Came From The Desert game, except this time you can play as either the legendary outlaw, or Sheriff Pat Garrett, ... and dispense clues. With vibrant graphics, two interesting plotlines to follow, and solid gameplay, The Legend of Billy The Kid is definitely one of the best games from OCEAN you have never played.

Legend of Shadow (a.k.a. Legend of Kage)

Legend of Shadow is a fun freeware remake of Legend of Kage, Taito's underrated ninja platformer for the NES. In the crowded field of remakes, LOS still manages to stand out from most of the rest because ... Lupinek certainly outdid himself with this wonderful gem. From the lazily fluttering leaves in the opening scene to the ending climax, you will thoroughly have a great time. Highly recommended.

Legend of the Mystical Ninja (a.k.a. Ganbare Goemon: Yukihim

Ahh... the memories. This was one of the few SNES games I played and really liked while growing up. As a "die-hard" PC gamer, I tended to scoff at what I call "nauseatingly cute" console ... Super Nintendo system, but if you own newer consoles like the Nintendo 64, check out new Goemon sequels in this charming series that is very popular in Japan, but quite underrated elsewhere.

Legend of the Seven Paladins (a.k.a. Rock 'n Shaolin)

One of the most elusive FPS games ever, Legend of the Seven Paladins (a.k.a. Rock 'n Shaolin) is a decent Taiwanese FPS coded with Ken Silverman's Build Engine. The game's developer Accend apparently used ... as FPS goes, it is not bad at all. It is a better-than-average shooter with unfortunately bland enemies and level designs. Somewhere between the horrible Tekwar and the classic Blood, in other words.


Probably the most obscure game from now-defunct developer Krisalis, Legends is an average Zelda-style overhead action/RPG hybrid that has none of the charms of Nintendo's classic. The game's best feature ... overturning obstacles to find hidden treasures. It is therefore not surprising that this game, as well as its Amiga version, is very little known even among admirers of Krisalis games. One to avoid.

Lemming Ball Z

Lemming Ball Z is one of the best and most imaginative blends of two blockbuster games. Who would imagine that pitting the cuddly lemmings from Psygnosis' classic puzzle series against each other and arm ... definitely entertain you for hours on end if you like fighting games. There is a strange sense of satisfaction in seeing cuddly lemmings blast each other away - and level mountains in the process.

Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion is a below average platformer from Poland starring - well, Leo the lion. Think of the game as Disney's Lion King, minus good cartoons and interesting gameplay. So what is left? A hodgepodge ... There are simply far too many better games around, including Disney's long line of platformers and Monolith's highly underrated Claw. One to avoid, unless you want to collect every game ever made.

Lethal Tender

Lethal Tender is a fun, albeit amateurish, first-person shooter from Pie in the Sky, maker of shareware classic Corncob 3D. In this campy Rambo-inspired game, you play beefy hero Nick Hunter, who, in MobyGames's ... commercial games. If you are a diehard FPS fan who can stand below-average graphics and banal enemies, give this one a try. For a much better effort, play the semi-sequel Terminal Terror instead.

Lethal Weapon

Lackluster platform game based on the movie of the same name. Technically it is very good, with smooth scrolling and nice sprites, both of which are rarely seen on PC games back then. But other than that, it's just another standard jump'n run without anything special.

License to Kill

Review 1: 007: License to Kill is a great top-down shoot-em-up based on movie of the same name that stars Timothy Dalton as James Bond, the world's most famous secret agent. The plot is identical to ... some stuff, then you land, and walk a stage with your gun. After that stage you have to put a magnet on a flying plane. In another stage your swimming in the water, etc. Lot's of gameplay and fun!


Review 1: Liero is an excellent two player Worms style game. It is different to worms in that it is in real time. Don't mistake this for crappy imitators like NiM. This is not actually original. It is ... add-ons that I guarantee will tremendously increase your enjoyment (and gore ;)) of the already awesome game. If you're an action fan, and especially multiplayer action fan, Liero is a must-have.

Lifeforce Tenka (a.k.a. Codename Tenka)

A decent FPS game from Psygnosis that was more successful on the Playstation than PC. The mundane storyline is as follows: the year is 2096 and Earth is polluted and war torn. The remaining colonists have ... Lifeforce Tenka is an enjoyable and atmospheric shooter that starts out like a DOOM clone, but makes you feel like an episode from Aliens. Worth a look if you are an action fan, but not a Top Dog.

Line Continues, The

The Line Continues is a great sequel to The Line, a very original freeware platformer from Bepposoft. The plot, in the designer's own words, is almost as wacky as the game itself: "It seems The Line ... than the original, especially to those who find The Line too frustrating. Highly recommended to platformer fans everywhere - and look forward to the third and final game in the promised trilogy :)

Line Wars

Patrick Aalto's first game before he co-founded Safari Software, this is basically a 286 version of the "Galileo Project." It has the flight engine of the original Elite, and you fly a Cobra Mv III (although it is called a Cobra Mk IV) The sound effects are crappy. But the best part is the two-player mode. In all, a neat little 3D spacesim that is a fun diversion from epic Elite games.

Line Wars II

Line Wars II is a great update to the original Line Wars. The company line: "Play alone or battle your friends in modem and network play! Cruise through a true 3D environment in the Deneb star system, toasting pirate ships as you progress through 3 killer missions." The game boasts good graphics, excellent flight dynamics, and fun multiplayer modes.

Line, The

The Line from Bepposoft is a fun platformer with a very unique and fascinating premise which translates into a unique gameplay as well. Imagine a one-dimensional world comprising of just one line, as depicted ... If you enjoy platformers or just unique action games in general, The Line is a definite must-play, even if the action gets a little repetitive after the novelty wears off. Highly recommended!

Lion King

Review 1: Disney's third platform game continues its predecessor's excellence in fluid animations and addictive gameplay. As in the movie, follow Simba's journey from a clueless cub to a graceful King ... to a half 3d type chase scene and when you are an adult lion you get to fight other animals (such as hyena's)..The lion king is very true to the movie and any fans of the game will enjoy it at lot.


Liquisity is a fun Game Maker game from Mr. Chubigans, creator of other GM classics like Ore No Ryori and The Sandbox of God. The game is a fun puzzle/platformer hybrid that boasts 50 levels, fun gameplay, ... and everything would be set. No doubt that with such positive highlights, Liquisity is soon to become another renowned work of art from one of the best striving freeware artists of today."

Little Fighter

Review 1: Well, what can I say? One of the worst games both from the mid 90's as well as in general. First it looks like a cheap copy of Mortal Kombat but once the fight actually begins it looks like ... and cool weapons. Animations are superb, as is the control scheme. The game is most fun with friends huddled around the computer :) Be sure to check out the even better sequel Little Fighter 2!

Little Fighter 2

Review 1: Quite an improvement from the first game in the series. Of course nearly 7 years have passed so that has a lot to say as well since PC game programming has been developed as well. As in the ... more fun than the original. The game isn't 100% completed in a sense that not all characters and stages have been coded, but even in its current form, the excellence is more than enough to be tried!

Little Monk

Little Monk is a fun top-down action game from Jack Bean, a curiously-named, short-lived Taiwan developer who released only several games in their native country before going out of business. Which is ... have limited use. If you like Prince of Evil or great VGA action games in general, Little Monk won't disappoint. It's a shame so few quality Taiwan/Chinese games ever made it outside the continent.

Little Samson

One of the most underrated platformers on the NES, Little Samson is an excellent platformer with top-notch gameplay and a lot of replay value. The plot: Emperor Hans has summoned the four owners of Majestic ... best platformers on the NES that is sadly ignored by many gamers. If you like platformers, especially starring anime characters, Little Samson is one game you shouldn't pass on. Highly recommended.

Living Ball

Living Ball is an interesting and innovative pinball game that unfortunately is long on concept, but short on gameplay. Billed as "world's largest pinball game," the game definitely matches that ... go down in history as one of the more unique pinball games ever made - but gameplay wise, there are simply far better games out there. Too bad the innovative ideas are not matched by good execution.


Review 1: Livingstone Supongo (Livingstone I Presume in English) is arguably the best game released by prolific Spanish developer Opera Soft. The game is another release in the very popular "video ... to eat you, and you must find the good doctor. The graphics are great, and the sound is your typical PC speaker. Overall its got great gameplay, and isn't as predictable as you would want it to be.

Livingstone II

Livingstone II is an excellent sequel to Livingstone I Presume, Opera Soft's classic side-scrolling 2D platformer. Adventure game fans will be glad to know that Opera Soft drops the action focus of the ... intricate, full of hidden surprises and shortcuts. Overall, Livingstone II is a fun action/adventure platformer that action fans will enjoy -- and adventure game fans may be interested in as well.

Llamatron: 2112

Review 1: Back in the heyday of Commodore 64, Jeff Minter (of Ozark Software) was a household name for fun and addictive action games. As in most other games he designed, Llamatron puts you in control ... and is still such poor quality. Give the game a shot, as it's still a barrel of laughs. Even if the graphics do try to ruin it, and the gameplay is kind of lacking, you'll still find it a real hoot.

Lock On

Lock On is one of the few Quicksilver arcade conversions that were not released on the console systems, making it one of the least known Data East games in existence. That is perhaps for the best, though, ... gauges and radar, flight sim fans will frown on the game's total disregard of aerodynamics principles. Overall, a mindless first-person shooter that might be fun for a while... a very short while.


LockOn is a fun arcade-style "retro" shoot 'em up that is remiscent of Asteroids, Robotron 2084, and Tempest in equal measure. The idea is simple: survive long enough to get the high score by ... shooters" such as rRootage or Noiz2sa, you will definitely find a lot to like in this fun game. A very impressive game from a lone author, lockOn will hook all action gamers for hours on end.

Lode Runner

Review 1: Mention this game to some old gamer (such as myself) and you'll notice a small, nostalgic smile on the face. Ah, the good old times... Lode Runner is...great! You control your tiny little character ... (or drive you spare). I totally recommend you have a go at this game. It's a classic, one of the best in its class. I have many fond memories associated with it, and it's just a brilliant game.


Lollypop is a good jump'n run game (there aren't that many good ones for the IBM-PC) by Brain Bug. One of the later games Rainbow Arts released. Very cute! The in-game graphics are excellent and the various ... typical of the genre though. If you like platform games, especially ones with cute background and characters, Lollypop is certainly worth the download. The nice adlib music was done by Vibrants.

Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death (a.k.a. Tower of Fear)

Based on the hit series of roleplaying gamebooks, Lone Wolf is an excellent side-scrolling beat 'em up rom Audiogenic that puts you in the shoes of Lone Wolf - last of the Kai Masters, a fantasy hero who ... He will even backstab you or turn invisible if you are getting the upper hand. Overall, if you enjoy fantasy action games, Lone Wolf is a great, highly underrated game that is well worth your time.

Lost Patrol, The

Review 1: The year is 1965. An American patrol got lost in Vietnam and You have to save them.To escape the bloodthirsty Vietcong soldiers You'll have to reach the base on the far east, but that sure ... as it only uses 16 colors instead of the 32 found in the original. Other than that, it's a somewhat acceptable conversion of a still interesting and unique game - but with the best things missing.

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke and Spirou are two relatively obscure 2D side-scrolling platformers designed by Infogrames based on popular Belgian comics. Lucky Luke is a Western cowboy, while Spirou is a bumbling bellboy ... gameplay is not as good as Tintin games. Recommended. If you like these games and own the PlayStation or GameBoy consoles, check out more recent releases from Infogrames based on the same licenses.

Luigi & Spaghetti

One of the least-known platformers of all time is this excellent cartoonish game from Spanish developer Topo Soft, starring the long overlooked Mario brother from Nintendo's best-known series. Luigi & ... you are fan of Luigi's exploits on the console, Luigi & Spaghetti is a charming and interesting platformer that's well worth your time. Too bad its sequel Luigi en Circusland is not as much fun.

Luigi en Circusland

Sequel to Topo Soft's excellent by underrated Luigi & Spaghetti, this second unofficial outing of Mario's underrated brother is unfortunately not as fun as the first. In Luigi en Circusland, you will ... many. Fans of the first game will probably want to finish this one, but they probably won't find it as enjoyable or charming as the first game (although it does have a fair amount of funny enemies).

Lunar Jetman

Lunar Jetman is a superb Windows conversion of the 1983 Spectrum classic of the same name, released by Ultimate Play the Game as sequel to their earlier hit Jetpac. Freestyle Freeware says it all about ... depend upon the player's chosen strategy. An essential download for anyone who has fond memories of the game, but newcomers should be made aware that Lunar Jetman is very difficult to master."

Lunar Lander

Lunar Lander is an amazingly faithful remake of Atari's classic game of the same name, which was in turn based on Lander, an oldie freeware BASIC game designed by Leo Michels and popularized by David Ahl's ... mode that strings scenarios together and keeps track of your progress. Overall, this is a wonderful remake of Atari's timeless classic that remains as much fun today as it was over 2 decades ago.

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