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Lunar Lander

Lunar Lander is an amazingly faithful remake of Atari's classic game of the same name, which was in turn based on Lander, an oldie freeware BASIC game designed by Leo Michels and popularized by David Ahl's BASIC programming book. As pilot of a lunar lander, your goal is to land on the target spot. Since the lunar lander cannot fly freely, all you can do is rotate it and apply different levels of thrust at a controlled speed. Like Atari's original, the game simulates gravity and inertia quite realistically, so you need a combination of reflexes, calculation, and good timing to succeed. The game even replicates the cool vector graphics of the original... nostalgia doesn't get much better than this :) The latest version of the game for download here (v1.4) includes 15 scenarios, 3 different difficulty levels, and even a campaign mode that strings scenarios together and keeps track of your progress. Overall, this is a wonderful remake of Atari's timeless classic that remains as much fun today as it was over 2 decades ago.

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Lunar Lander screenshot
Lunar Lander screenshot

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