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Scavengers of The Mutant World

Interstel's first and --thankfully-- last RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world that predates Interplay's classic Wasteland by a few years, Scavengers of the Mutant World unfortunately doesn't play as good ... very frustrating most of the time. Good for some nostalgic and curiosity-quenching moments, and at least it's highly replayable because the map is randomly generated every time you start a new game.

SD Snatcher

Snatcher is an excellent anime/cyberpunk adventure game for SEGA CD. If you haven't played it, go check it out from the nice shiny links at the bottom there. Admire its immersive qualities and strong storyline. ... is there to keep going just to find out what happens next in the story. I recommend you do check out the original Snatcher before playing this, however. Things will make a lot more sense if you do.

Secret of the Silver Blades

Review 1: In the annals of RPG gaming, few series can boast of being "pioneers" of the genre more than SSI with its "Gold Box" series, all based on AD&D mechanics and worlds licensed ... mines, the crevasses, and eventually to the Dreadlord's castle. The party will face off against an evil group of humans called the Black Circle, many kinds of monsters in the mines and crevasses...

Sentinel Worlds

Review 1: Sentinel Worlds is one of the few roleplay games taking place in a sci-fi world. Let me start by telling that Sentinel Worlds is not just an easy and simple game - you will both meet many hard ... will find much to like about its skill-based character development and a myriad of high-tech items to use. Don't miss this one folks, and be sure to try the sequel Hard Nova which is even better :)

Seven Spirits of Ra

Review 1: A rather unusual game from Sirtech. I can start by saying that this game does not contain good graphics or sound. But the story is rather interesting and the overall atmosphere almost bring ... look no further than these two forgotten old games. Designers Neal White III and Rand Bohrer have also made ICON freeware following the MobyGames interview—a generous act for fans of old-skool RPGs.

Shadow of Power

Shadow of power is a fun, big freeware RPG game in the style of Zelda, combining action elements with standard console-style RPG gaming. The plot is simple, but adequate: you are Holger, a young lad who ... to beginners, and shows the care that went into creating the game. If you like Zelda, you will find Shadow of Power a wonderful console-style RPG that is well worth your time. Highly recommended!

Shadow Sorcerer

Review 1: Shadow Sorcerer is the last game from Strategic Simulations Inc. where you can actually control any of the original characters from the Dragonlance books. You start the game with the famous ... the lack of time, I like this game. Anyone who likes Dragonlance adventures (and the Chronicles series of books) will enjoy this and its predecessors greatly. Just don't expect anything spectacular.


Shadowcaster is one of the most unique and addictive action/RPGs ever made, although it sadly never got the attention it deserves from the gaming public who were too focused on id's blockbuster Doom to ... increases the game's replayability, even though most puzzles have only one solution and the game is quite linear. A must play for all action fans, and RPGers who aren't afraid of real-time combat.


Review 1: After your unsuccessful flight from the Shadowlands you find yourself as a ghost in this world. Fortunately you are able to control 4 brave characters on their search for your dead body to ... also makes the game very frustrating to play, as items and levers are often obscured by shadows to make out. Cumbersome interface and arcade-ish combats do little to rescue the game from oblivion.


Shadoworlds is the less-known sequel to Domark's underrated RPG Shadowlands, this time with a fantasy plot replaced by sci-fi setting. Similar to Shadowlands, you control a party of four characters, sent ... your gunfire or light source), making gameplay much more frustrating than it should be. Recommended only if you really like Shadowlands, otherwise there is plenty of better RPGs to keep you occupied.

Shadowrun (Genesis)

Undoubtedly the closest a console game ever gets to capturing the feel of traditional PC RPGs, Shadowrun for the SEGA Genesis is an excellent and faithful adaptation of FASA's famous Shadowrun cyberpunk ... major. Whether or not you are a fan of old-skool RPGs or cyberpunk computer games, you will love Shadowrun. If you think console RPGs are all simple or easy, Shadowrun will be a pleasant surprise.

Shard of Spring, The

Quietly released by SSI in 1986 and 1987 were 2 PC conversions of their classic Apple II RPGs: Demon's Winter and The Shard of Spring. Both games are solid "conventional" RPGs (i.e. top-down ... endgame. In Demon's Winter, you must search the lands and seas for spells to trap the demon-god Malifon and undo his mystical curse. Entertaining and very well-written, if not revolutionary.

Shin Megami Tensei (a.k.a. Digital Devil Story)

Shin Megami Tensei (Digital Devil Story in English) is an excellent entry in Atlus' Megami Tensei, a hugely popular RPG series that was rarely translated or released outside Japan. Originally debuted on ... value (over 50 hours here) have more in common with Dungeon Master than a typical console RPG. Be warned, though: some scenes depict gruesome murders and other elements that you may find offensive.

Shin Megami Tensei II

Shin Megami Tensei (commonly called Digital Devil Story in English) is an excellent entry in Atlus' Megami Tensei, a hugely popular RPG series that was rarely translated or released outside Japan. Originally ... value (over 50 hours here) have more in common with Dungeon Master than a typical console RPG. Be warned, though: some scenes depict gruesome murders and other elements that you may find offensive.

Shining in the Darkness

Shining in the Darkness is a fun dungeon hack RPG for the SEGA Genesis that is relatively obscure, probably because very few Genesis gamers are fans of this RPG style, and fans of hack & slash RPGs ... on the PC (say, the Eye of the Beholder series). If you're looking for a fun, challenging, but not very difficult dungeon crawl, check out this forgotten classic on the console. Highly recommended!

Sleeping Gods Lie

Sleeping Gods Lie is, similar to Drakkhen, one of the first truly 3D RPGs but goes a step further with mouse-based movement mode. Unfortunately, the gameplay and plot can't match the game's innovative technology, resulting in an average RPG at best and a frustrating one at worst (e.g. when you can't pick tiny things up). Good for nostalgic and historical value only ;)

Sorcerer's Bane

Another obscure Roguelike RPG, Sorcerer's Bane was released as shareware in 1991, although registering the game only gets you a set of programs to add items and monsters, edit character stats, and resurrect ... this is cool" kind of feeling that Roguelike classics often inspire. So, overall, this has nothing you haven't seen before if you already play (and love) the likes of NetHack. Not recommended.


Review 1: Amidst the flurry of imported games that resulted from Sierra's deal with Japanese publisher Gamearts are Sorcerian and Zeliard, two quirky action/RPG titles with strong "console" ... platform action. Review 2: Imported console game. The graphics are not quite good. But the action gameplay and plots and adventures and character development and more and more are pretty good.

Space 1889

Space 1889 is the second game based on Game Workshop's p&p RPG. In an alternate history (similar to Origin's Martian Dreams) where Thomas Edison invented time travel, you set out in an alternate 19-century ... and emphasis on exploration and puzzles over combat make this a great game for both RPG and adventure gamers. The well-written dialogues (especially with Rasputin and Jules Verne) are a plus.

Space Wrecked

Space Wrecked, as the name suggests, is a sci-fi RPG in which you must investigate an abandoned spaceship and escape unscathed. It has an interesting plot that builds through the various books and monitors ... elements (find the keycards, etc.) The cumbersome interface (which forces you to access a separate "objects" screen to pick up anything) and average graphics are the game's weak points.

Spellcraft: Aspects of Valour

The first and only product from Asciiware, a small company formed by the formidable team of ex-EA veterans Joe Ybarra (Starflight) and Karl Buiter (Sentinel Worlds), Spellcraft is, like these designers' ... and a heavy dose of action in your quest to thwart the evil wizards. Good game, although some clues are obscure and the awkward action interface will make your fingers tired from repeated clicking.


Review 1: Looking for a different kind of roleplay Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace is certainly a good suggestion. The game is a mix of the usual AD&D world and a new Sci-Fi world with weird spaceships ... With their expansion into space, this game falls flat." Bland, banal, and boring -- avoid this Real Dog if you can help it, unless you are curious about how bad a game from SSI can really get.

Spirit Engine, The

The Spirit Engine is a superb freeware RPG/strategy game from Mark Pay of Natomic Studios. The game not only raises the bar for freeware games, but also introduces a unique (although not quite innovative) ... highest quality freeware games ever made, and as a bonus it will take you quite a while to finish. Two thumbs up for the team at Natomic for the amazing game that could easily be a commercial title.

Spirit of Adventure

Spirit of Adventure is a fun but little-known first-person RPG from Attic/Starbyte that was reasonably successful in Germany, but sold poorly in the USA when it was translated and published. As described ... Attic's successful conversion of the popular German pen & paper RPG. So if you like Arkania's gaming engine or interface but prefer less complex mechanics, Spirit of Adventure is a good choice.

Spirit of The Excalibur

Following on the heels of War in the Middle Earth come the second World Builder game from Synergistic Software, this time based on the intriguing legend of King Arthur. Set in the times immediately after ... "Excalibur" to vanquish evil lords and unify England. The game is fun to play, but puzzles (if any) are easy, combat is very simplistic, and the dialogues are a bit too wordy and tedious.

Star Command

Star Command is a highly underrated space RPG/ strategy game that's similar to Psi 5 Trading Company in exotic aliens and expansive universe, except it has a stronger focus on RPG aspects than commerce. ... and plot development and funds management rather than on throwing a lot of tough battles at you, you will enjoy Star Command -- one of SSI's most underrated games ever released. Highly recommended!


One of the best "cinematic" RPGs ever made, Stonekeep is an excellent introductory-level single-player first-person RPG that boasts very high production value, but unfortunately suffered in the ... to a great fantasy tale of deceit, power, and even a trickle of romance. After buying the game, be sure to download the latest patch to save yourself some grief along the way. Highly recommended!

Summoning, The

Review 1: The summoning is an older SSI offering. The most surprising thing about the Summoning is the really huge amount of game play. There is more play in one set summoning levels then in the entire ... This is *not* for hardcore RPGers, as it uses only the most basic statistics, and has a strong action-oriented combat. Still, it's one of the best RPGs that deserve to be on every RPGer's shelf.

Sundog: Frozen Legacy

Arguably the best Atari ST game ever made, Sundog: Frozen Legacy is also one of the best sci-fi RPGs ever, period. It isn't a strategy game, or a space combat game, or a role playing game, but a masterful ... every respect, and arguably a better game than FTL's better-known classic Dungeon Master that was made a few years later. If you are looking for a reason to install an Atari ST simulator, this is it.

Sword of Fargoal

One of the first Commodore 64 games, Sword of Fargoal is a classic Roguelike that was a considerable success for Epyx, although unfortunately the PC version was never made. The premise is quite straightforward: ... check out this true pioneer in the genre. Sword of Fargoal is a lot of fun, and provides a great adrenaline rush when that countdown starts after you get the sword and must get the hell out ;)

Sword of Fargoal Remake, The

The Sword of Fargoal Remake is a superb remake of Sword of Fargoal, a classic Commodore 64 RPG that was never released on PC. The game is a very faithful recreation of the original classic, except the ... Roguelike games in general, you will definitely love this remake that is evidently a labor of love. The timing and monster behavior is so remarkably similar to the original game that it is uncanny.

Swords of Glass

One of the few truly revolutionary RPGs, Swords of Glass is a wonderful first-person dungeon romp that was way ahead of its time (1986). The excellent review at a fan page says it all about what makes ... illegally, since Keypunch was notorious for selling games to which they didn't own copyright - hence no mention of designer/programmer anywhere in the game), and is easily the best game of the bunch.

System Shock

Looking Glass Technologies' magnum opus before 1998's acclaimed Thief was a vast improvement over the earlier classics Ultima Underworld series. One of the most sought-after games of all time, System Shock ... puzzles that integrate seamlessly with well-designed 3D levels. The only downsides are the less-than-intuitive controls and uninspiring cyberspace design. Otherwise, a true classic in every respect.

System Shock 2

Review 1: Doubtless among the best games ever made, System Shock 2 is a superior RPG/FPS sequel to the 1993 classic System Shock. Anyone who has played and liked the original game needs to try this game. ... and forces the player to think strategically. Much as the original System Shock's commercial defeat was at the hands of the mainstream Doom, System Shock 2 was essentially eclipsed by Half-Life.

Tangled Tales

One of Origin's sub-par RPGs, Tangled Tales is a small, "light" RPG that tries too hard to introduce the genre to new gamers through dumbed-down combat, simplified statistics, and mundane plot. However, it's still a good introductory-level game that's charming in its own way. Just don't expect it to be another Ultima, and you'll be enjoying this one :)


Review 1: As one of the earliest role playing games, Telengard features only a few, prmitive features. Still, the game is quite fun to play... and hard! You can play as only one character, a warrior/wizard ... teleporters you can use to warp around the dungeon. All in all, a respectable dungeon hack that didn't set any standards, but probably inspired a lot of authors to program Roguelikes of their own.

Temple of Apshai Trilogy

Review 1: Temple of Apshai Trilogy is very similar to the classic dungeon crawler Rogue. This game does offer additional features and improved graphics but still very similar things like seen in Rogue. ... very much the same after a while. Recommended only for anyone who's interested in the history of RPGs, although the (older, and more primitive-looking) Rogue is ten times more fun and replayable.


Theldrow is yet another excellent amateur RPG that has remained largely unknown to PC gamers because it was released only as a Mac shareware game. A first-person perspective game similar to Bard's Tale ... and Theldrow is a game well worth your time and effort. If you like the game, also check out the spiritual sequel called Cythera which is being published by Ambrosia Software. Highly recommended!


A solid dungeon romp from SSI that's sadly forgotten, Thunderscape focuses more on puzzles and exploration than on detailed statistics-- making it appealing to newbie RPGers and casual gamers than to die-hard ... many good riddles and vast areas to explore. Another notable fact is that the game is set in the all-new world of Aden, which is brought to life more fully in later Entomorph: Plague of The Darkfall.

Time Bandit

Review 1: A very interesting Gauntlet clone, Time Bandit offers fun arcade action but also has some puzzle, action adventure, and even some simple text-adventure elements scattered over the 16 lands ... visit around 16 worlds in which you have to run through picking up stuff. Strange part of the game is that once in a while it becomes textadventurish. Overall, the gameplay is quite good and fast.

Times of Lore

Review 1: The same kind of roleplay game as the famous Ultima series. The graphics are very good and reminds a lot of especially Ultima 5 and 6. The game offers a great story and you play it through ... and is a fun diversion from "heavy" RPGs, and does a much better job at introducing RPG newbies to the genre than the overly simplified Tangled Tales which was based on the same engine.

Tomb of Drewan, The

The Valley and The Tomb of Drewan are two excellent remakes of classic Vic-20 games that were first released over 20 years ago. Similar to early Roguelikes, the gameplay in both games are fairly simple, ... by Paul Robson, are very faithful to the original games. The author has also generously put up source codes, so if you know how to program and want to improve them in some way, you definitely can.

Tower of Darkness

Tower of Darkness is the latest and unfortunately last in Tom Proudfoot's excellent series of Roguelike RPGs that began with 1994's Nahlakh. ToD takes place in the same world as Proudfoot's upcoming game ... Die-hard Roguelike fans will likely have a lot of fun with this excellent title which benefits from the author's extensive D&D experience and a well-crafted combat system. Highly recommended.

Tower of Souls

Tower of Souls is an uninspired Diablo-style isometric RPG, released as shareware years before Westwood released that blockbuster action/RPG that popularized the genre. The Amiga version of Tower of Souls ... of spells, herbs, and weapons. If you like Diablo, you will likely find Tower of Souls to be a better-than-average action-style hack 'n slash that will keep you interested for at least a few hours.

Treasure Hunter G

Treasure Hunter G is another excellent console RPG that was never released outside Japan. It was also the last RPG Squaresoft released for the Super Nintendo system, and shows Squaresoft to be at the height ... and challenging monsters to keep you occupied. Thanks to the translating efforts of Metalhawk and his team of fans, the game can now be enjoyed by English-speaking audience. Highly recommended.

Treasures of the Savage Frontier

Gateway to the Savage Frontier and Treasures of the Savage Frontier are the last two releases in SSI's famous but by-now-overused "Gold Box" engine. Both games take place in the world of "Savage ... All in all, two worthy additions to every RPG's library, although the engine is clearly "long in the tooth," showing its age, and you still have to slog through far too many battles.

Trial by Magic

Trial by Magic is an above-average isometric dungeon RPG that is strongly reminiscent of Event Horizon's classic The Summoning, except with much more emphasis on difficult combat. Your objective is simply ... Dungeon Master or Eye of Beholder games. Still, considering that this was Silver Lightning's first RPG release, it was a commendable effort that paved the way to superior Ancient Evil and its sequel.

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