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Star Castle

Star Castle is an excellent freeware remake of the arcade hit of the same name back in the early 1980s. The plot, from the official Vectrex manual, goes as follows: "You and other experienced intergalactic ... plays smoothly, and is challenging enough to keep arcade experts hooked. In short, Star Castle is an almost flawless remake of the addictive blockbuster that is a must-play for all arcade fans.

Star Crusader

A solid 3D space combat underdog, Star Crusader has it all except the hype: great graphics (if not as sharp as Wing Commander), lots of cool and colorful ships, over 100 missions, and a great "space ... Best of all is the surprising strategic element late in the game that allows you to plan missions and allocate strike forces. Great fun despite awkward controls and questionable AI of enemy ships.

Star Fighter 3000

One of the most obscure 3D shoot 'em ups ever made for the PC, Star Fighter 3000 is a solid PC port of a hit RISC OS game of the same name originally designed by FedNet and ported by Krisalis. This PC ... OS version and the animations not as smooth. Overall, an above-average shooter that may be one of the best games on the RISC OS, but has been superseded by many better games on the PC since 1995.

Star Fox 2

A cool 3D space combat game featuring polygonal graphics, Star Fox 2 is one of the most sought-after unreleased games in existence. Years after the final beta was uncovered and released as ROM on the Internet, ... a certain point) make Star Fox 2 one of the most entertaining space combat games you'll ever play. Whether or not you like the original, you'll love this unreleased sequel if you like action games.

Star Glider

Review 1: Such a nice little game - you wouldn't expect a smooth 3D-Sim from a game made back in 1986, would you? Well - surprise surprise! They really created a masterpiece here - the game itself is ... of all time. Too bad we can't offer the wonderful novella for download here because its author, James Follett, is planning to re-publish it as a commercial novel (yes, the novella is that good :))

Star Goose

Review 1: Star Goose is yet another (yes there are many of these games around) arcade space shooter game with simple gameplay and features. You don't have any options in the game so it's just to get ... fun that should keep newbies happy, although veterans will find it too easy, too short, and a bit repetitive. The game is also notable for being one of the first 256-color VGA games ever made.

Star Quest I in the 27th Century

Star Quest 1 is a fun shareware space flight simulator that is much better than your average shareware game, although it's still nothing compared to Nomad or Elite, two heavyweights in the genre. In addition ... ship design, or maybe it was the lack of innovation. Whatever it was, it's an average game that you will have fun with for a few hours, before going back to your favorite space combat game.

Star Rangers

The first game developed in-house by ill-fated Interactive Magic is an outstanding space combat / strategy game that truly recaptures the intensity and excitement of the classic Atari 2600 game Star Raiders. ... to engage enemies in other locations or return to base. You will constantly need to check the strategic map to plan attack strategy. Graphics and animations are also excellent. Highly recommended!

Star Trek TNG: Klingon Honor Guard

Klingon Honor Guard is a superb first-person shooter set in the Star Trek universe. Designed by MicroProse and released in 1998, KHG was definitely the first Star Trek computer game in a long while that ... license the justice it deserves. It is very faithful to the spirit of the TV show, and will hook even non-TNG fan for hours on end. Highly recommended for both TNG fans and FPS gamers in general.

Star Wars

Review 1: This is the earliest Star Wars-game I know of, maybe I'm wrong, but regarding the fact that this is designed for XT-Computers and only uses 4-color-EGA-graphic (maybe CGA, but I'm not sure) ... todays standards (did you expect anything else?) consisting of 16 colour vector graphics. The game is fun to play for a while but gets boring quite fast. Fun as hell the first few times you play it.

Star Wars II

Star Wars II is a decent fanmade vertical shooter set in the Star Wars universe, made by a fan in Korea. The premise is definitely not the focus here, as you will fly rebel fighters such as the X-Wing ... for including as many ships from the Star Wars universe as the designer could manage, although it's not enjoyable enough to last more than a few minutes of nonstop fingers-on-the-fire-button action.


Starball is an interesting and unique pinball game from GameTek that unfortunately doesn't play as well as it sounds. Based on Starball Special Edition game on Atari ST, the premise is unique to say the ... accomplishing minor goals on the table are fun, but once you have seen them once, there is little reason to see them again. Overall, a unique pinball game that isn't as good the second time around.


Stardust is an excellent arcade shoot 'em up that is the clone of classic Asteroids game, and the precursor of Housemarque's superior Super Stardust released years later. The premise is simple: shoot all ... the gameplay is frantic enough to keep arcade fans happy for a while. Mindless, yes, but a lot of fun and pretty explosions besides ;) If you like this game, you will definitely love Super Stardust.


Stargate, later marketed as Defender II, is a little-known sequel to Defender. The game added a few elements to the Defender gameplay including the inviso, some new enemies, and the stargate. The stargate ... to fly out of the playing field entirely to activate secondary weapons. If you enjoy the original, you will probably like this sequel too. It just doesn't grab me the way Defender does. Recommended.


One of the most underrated shooters ever made, Stargunner is a great sci-fi side-scrolling shooter that features excellent gameplay and outstanding graphics and sounds. The story, if you need to know for ... and more addictive gameplay. Overall, Stargunner is definitely a must-have for fans of shoot em-ups - it rivals Tyrian in smooth animations and graphics, although the gameplay is not as varied.


One of the most innovative side-scrolling shooters ever made, Starquake was a big hit on the Commodore 64 and Atari ST but sadly not on the PC system. The plot is very cliché, but it's the cool action/adventure ... identities and locations of pieces you need to rebuild the planet's core are randomized, so the game never gets monotonous. If you enjoy shooters with a difference, Starquake more than fits the bill.


Starshift is a fun freeware Crazy Taxi-style game from Jetro Lauha, the author of excellent caveflyer KOPS. Your goal in this fun space arcade game is to visit all the platforms on each level to pick up ... If you enjoy Crazy Taxi or just flying/caveflying games in general, check out this fun old game that was unfortunately dropped after v1.01 (freeware arcade preview), but is still immensely playable.

Starship Fight

The objective in Starship Fight is simple: in every zone, destroy all the ground structures (represented by blue squares) to advance to the next; fail by missing too many targets, and you will repeat the ... like an old game from some 8-bit console - I wouldn't be surprised if the music was ripped from some NES game. Overall, a little shooting gem, if you don't mind the (purposely) outdated graphics.

Starship Invasion

Starship combat.

Statoil Ice Hockey

The first of two promotional titles sponsored by Norwegian oil giant Statoil, Statoil Ice Hockey is a fun, mindless Qix clone. In the game's language: "The objective of the game is to limit the space ... quite repetitive after 5-10 minutes. Bodes well for E-Game's future titles, though... they have quickly grown into making truly great freeware games that offer twists to the original arcade concepts.

Statoil Service Station

Another solid entry in E-Game's line of free promotional games. Statoil Service Station, as its name implies, is sponsored by Statoil, Norway's biggest oil company. You are a male or female attendant (your ... higher levels. The 50's feel of the game also helps set it apart from other mini-games from E-Game. Overall, another small but amazingly addictive freeware gem from the promotional gaming community.

Steel Thunder

Steel Thunder is a fun tank simulation from Accolade that emphasizes arcade-style action over realism. Take control of one of four WW2 American tanks ranging from the M1 to Abrams, and engage in shootouts ... game does feature semi-authentic control panels and tank animations. Simulation purists won't find much to like here, but it's a great game for action-oriented gamers and fans of Accolade's Gunboat.

Steg The Slug

Review 1: A funny and simple arcade puzzle game. The game is very similar to Lemmings as you have you to make sure that at least a specified amount of some kind of worms reach the safety. You do this ... bobble). But before they go up you must be certain that thay will be saved on top of the level. Of course you can pick up tools, energy and other stuff. The graphics a pretty happy as is the music.

Stellar 7

Review 1: Stellar 7 and its better sequel Nova 9 are two fun 3D action old games that combine furious action with resource management similar to the classic Spectre. Drive futuristic hovercrafts in missions ... Dynamix. You drive some big tank, called Raven, on several planets on which you have to destroy the evil forces of Gir Draxon. In the end of course you are head to head against the bad guy himself.

Stick Soldiers

"Stick Figures Wield Guns In Bizarre School Sketch-Book Shoot Out." Ultimately not as satisfying as Liero, this game is still recommendable. Although only one-player, you can play in teams or ... in search of it for a few seconds) where else can you go? And with a fanbase exchanging levels and mods, it's a nicely customisable game. A diversion for those who really, really hate doodles.

Stick Soldiers 2

Stick Soldiers 2 is the sequel to Stick Soldiers, a fun multiplayer shooter reviewed elsewhere on this site. This time, the 2D graphics has been enhanced with more animations, and you have even more weapons ... hard to get used to. With plenty of fanmade levels and mods, charming stickman graphics, and addictive gameplay, this game deserves to stay on your hard drive for years to come. Highly recommended!

Stir Crazy Featuring Bobo

Probably the rarest Infogrames game for PC ever made (alongside Sidewalk anyway), Stir Crazy is a nice collection of mini action games based on Bobo, a charming comic created by Belgian artist Paul Deliege. ... to the comic's sense of humor, and all the arcade games are quite fun to play - although they are much harder than they look. Well worth a look whether or not you are fan of the equally rare comic.


Stock-Blaster is a fun coffee break game created by Phenomedia for DAB, a Germany bank, as a promotional game that also teaches the basics of the stock market. The *very* basic concepts, in other words: ... is to gameplay. With attractive SVGA graphics and stampedes of both bears and bulls at the same time, Stock-Blaster is a cute little diversion ideal for the few minutes you can spare away from work.


A good top-down action / RPG that recalls classic Gauntlet, Storm lets one or two players explore the dungeons in search of treasures and exotic weapons. It offers straight-forward dungeon hack-and-slash without bothering with detailed statistics, and everything here has really been done better by other companies. Good for nostalgia once in a while.

Storm Caliber

Storm Caliber and Messier are two excellent freeware shooters from Japan. Both games feature fun gameplay, imaginative enemy ship designs, and plenty of cool power-ups to use. The graphics are excellent, ... games are more difficult and longer than an average freeware shooter, too, which should make them appeal to joystick experts everywhere. If you prefer vertical shooters, play Storm Caliber first.

Storm Master

After breaking into the puzzle genre with Boston Bomb Club, Silmarils continued to diversify into unfamiliar territories with Storm Master, a game that combines action/adventure mix with strategic elements. ... and flying machines, and trade with others in your quest to become the Storm Master. The notorious difficulty level is manageable this time, making this more playable than most Silmarils games.


Stormlord is an excellent tongue-in-cheek arcade/adventure casting you in the role of Stormlord the hard man, in his quest to rescue fairydom and the rest of the inhabitants of his land from the evil witch. ... thing in common: Amazing music by Johannes Bjerregaard, Jeroen Tel and Charles Deenen! As expected, the PC version falls short in that department. Requires a slow-down util on modern computers."


An interesting action game, Strain is an artificial-life inspired game developed by Eric Zimmerman with Peter Berry, John Sharp, and Patrick Heilman. The official blurb: "[using] the keyboard as a ... of those deceptively simple game that will subconsciously keep you coming back for more. If you enjoy weird action games or something unique to while away the coffee break, this game will do nicely.


Streambolt is another excellent freeware release from Fallen Angel Industries, a group who develops all their games with Clickteam's excellent game-creating applications. A cross between Mega Man games ... is a very well polished, superb freeware action game that no fan of the genre should miss. I find the game too difficult and frenzied for my (almost nonexistent) skills, so beginners be warned.

Street Fighter

Review 1: Street Fighter games were highly successful on C64 and Amiga (not to mention arcade machines) so Capcom decided to port the game to PC as well. Was it a mistake? Well, the game is alright, ... It cant compete with the graphics of Teken Tag, but for enjoyment its defiantly in he same league, and as the saying goes, "you have to appreciate the past, to appreciate the present"...

Street Fighting Man

One of the rarest games from IBM, Street Fighting Man is also one of the company's best releases. The game casts you as Nick, a brawny dude who must journey to the rough areas in 5 U.S. cities, ranging ... they are not very imaginative, and are hard to come by. If you enjoy beat 'em ups, Street Fighting Man remains one of the best late '80s entries that should keep you entertained. Recommended!


This last licensee of id's popular DOOM engine is one of the best first-person action games ever made and among the early successful action / RPG hybrids. Strife takes DOOM into a dynamic world inhabited ... a post-apocalyptic future, every conversation choice you select has an impact in the game. With interesting subplot, seamless city, and great action / RPG gameplay, Strife is a neglected masterpiece.

Strike Base

Strike Base is a decent 3D space shooter that features good graphics for its time, created from an unusual mix of Voxel, 3D vector, and bitmap technologies. The typical save-the-world plot: you are pilot ... his game. The novel combination of various 3D graphics technologies also lends the game a different look than other space combat titles. Worth a look, but not really attractive for long-term play.

Strike II

Strike II is a fun 3D action shooter by Millennium, sequel to Thunder Strike. The thing I love most about this game is the presentation surrounding the actual action. Mixing absurd classical music with ... mission-based gameplay and graphics, Strike II will appeal to all fans of futuristic action games. If you like Konami's Killing Cloud but find it too easy, Strike II is the logical next step.

Strike Point: The Hex Missions

Strike Point: The Hex Missions is a decent 3D action game that is better known on the PlayStation. The banal plot: Hex, an evil corporation, plans to destroy the planet's ecosphere with strategically placed ... all is said and done, this is definitely a fun arcade-ish shooter every arcade fan should take a look. It may not be as atmospheric as Strike Commander, but it is far above the norm. Recommended!

Strike Zone

Yet another compilation by Keypunch in which the company essentially stole freelance designers' works (most released as freeware or shareware on various BBS's), took out all credits, and sold them as the ... Baron is simply a name change for Sopwith which I also reviewed. Worth a look if you have never played any of these games before, and it's nice to see three similar games compiled into one package.

Strong Lines

Strong Lines is a decent Qix clone - basically the same game as Silk and Gal Pani X. Presented with an empty picture window, your objective is to draw lines to uncover the picture while avoiding collision ... I'm sure some would say they are not as - cough - exciting as the ones in the aforementioned two games ;) Strong Lines is worth a look if you like this kind of game, but really is nothing special.


Stryx is an ambitious multi-type action game with some puzzle elements (similar to Epyx' classic Impossible Mission 2) that unfortunately is bogged down by poor platform action levels. The plot, which ... end are what save the game from Real Dog, but not enough that I could unconditionally recommend the game. If you are a Psygnosis fan, there are simply far better games they made than this old game.


Another excellent classic from Windmill Software, Styx is an enhanced clone of Taito's Qix that allows diagonal drawing. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Taito classic, here's the basic scoop: you ... makes the gameplay more interesting—although not necessarily easier since the Sparx are also more numerous and move much faster. Overall, a great classic that is highly recommended for Qix fans.

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