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Steg The Slug

Review 1:

A funny and simple arcade puzzle game. The game is very similar to Lemmings as you have you to make sure that at least a specified amount of some kind of worms reach the safety. You do this by blowing bubbles which the worms will then use to reach safety. On your way you can collect extra points, more energy and other things that will help you succeed on each level. There are also different things on each level that you will have to use in order to complete the level just like seen in the Lemmings series.

The graphics are good and you can see that the developers haven't used unnessary work on them and instead worked on the game play. The game has only little sound and more isn't needed either. Overall a funny game to waste some time on but don't expect too much as these kind of games only offer very little.

Review 2:

A cute little platform game starring you as Steg, the slug (yes, slug) whose objective is to rescue little larvae (slud kiddies) from imprisonment. Similar to Lemmings, you are given the specific number of slugs you must rescue on each level. You rescue the baby slugs by blowing bubbles to encase them and lift them off the ground, but you must be careful of blowing the bubble too early-- the bubbles could get stuck at the ceiling if your timing is off. As you progress, you'll face dangers and obstacles in addition to an increasing number of baby slugs that swarm all over the screen. Overall, a nice little platformer with a dash of puzzle-- worth a look more for its original premise than actual gameplay, though.

Review 3:

This game is a little beauty! Totally cute, addictive and the gameplay is amazing. Its like Lemmings meets Bubble Bobble meets slug-climbs-around-everywhere. People may say that I am easily amused, but this game is a gem :) You are Steg the Slug. Yeah, you heard me right, a slug. Your task is to capture your kiddie slugs in bubbles and then they float up to the top of the screen. This may sound easy but there are many things to take into consideration. For starters Steg is merely a slug, and he has to climb over to the baby slug, then blow a bubble, make sure its in the right place, then release the bubble on the baby and have the baby float up. Sounds easy? Well, what if the bubble got caught under something? Then Steg has to go and nudge it out from underneath.

There are other factors to keep you on your toes as well. Steg has to capture so many of the baby slugs per leel, and he also has to capture them before they turn into tombstones.

Review 4:

Very original platform game. You play Steg a green slug. And you have to save your babies. You do this by blowing bubbles around them, which will make them automatically move them up in the bubble (just as in bubble bobble).

But before they go up you must be certain that thay will be saved on top of the level. Of course you can pick up tools, energy and other stuff. The graphics a pretty happy as is the music.

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