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Review 1:

An extremely nice Jump 'n Run this one - some of you may know that this is not quite my genre, but anyway - I really enjoyed Trolls. Playing one of those - um... - Trolls (you might recognize them - those little dolls have been quite popular for a while and you really saw them everywhere) you set out to rescue baby-trolls - 19 per level. The controls are good (although my analog joystick didn't work well - but keyboard was perfect) - graphics are superb and the soundtrack is excellent. Technically everything is set up for maximum fun. The baddies are cute as well and the whole game is 100% recommended for children. Well... but also you seniors out there might have some fun with it. Implementation of the universal "weapon" (a jojo you can use to eliminate enemies as well as a rope for climbing) is a nice thing - very useful and needed.

Review 2:

A fun platform game from Flair Software, Trolls features great graphics, smooth-as-silk animations, and very good level design that characterizes all Flair releases. You control a Troll of the title, who's not the ugly lumber monster from AD&D realm, but a cute gnome-like mischievous creature. Your mission is to collect baby Trolls from the levels, which can be completed in any order.

You dispose of the enemies in true Super Mario style: by jumping on them, although some are so tough that the only way to remain alive is to avoid them. One of the game's attractions is the wide variety of power-ups and points, the most common being balloons, which burst upon impact to reveal useful items. Although you don't need to collect every baby Troll to continue to the next land, you will need some to progress.

Trolls deserves mention as one of the few Amiga classics that were converted almost flawlessly to the PC. The vibrant graphics are excellent, with so much detail and colorful backdrops that replaying the same level is a pleasure rather than a nuisance. Each level is huge, with many hidden platforms and bonuses to discover. Reflexes, as well as a keen eye (to watch out for those dangerous cliff drops) are needed to keep up with the action. With spotless animations, varied levels, and solid play controls, Trolls is a must have for fans of platform games. Highly recommended, and be sure to check out Flair's Oscar, another great platform release based on the improved engine.

Review 3:

This game is amazing to look at. The colours are stunning, and the graphics are awesome. Some may consider it too bright, but I think it looks way cool.

Ok, so you're wondering what trolls are. You ever see them little plastic dolls, with the colourful hair and no clothes (yes, this is not a n3kkid troll game). I had a collection with different costumes on and stuff. I still have the doctor one and one in pyjama's on top of my dresser! :O I'm a big baby ;)

This side-scrolling platform game is like most others. You jump on your enemies to kill them, and some of them you better avoid or they will kill you first. Your task is to run around the levels collecting the baby trolls, stomping on enemies and getting through the levels. There are these cool balloons, and when you run into them they pop and you get cool items.

There are many levels, and there are also secret places that you can find. You can play the game again and again just because it's so darn cute looking. You're bound to never find all the secrets, but you can try and not get bored :). A totally excellent game!

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