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A unique action/strategy game that is hard to categorize, Tracker is a fun futuristic gameshow that pits man against machine in a maze-like arenas. You control a fleet of starships that fly through hallways ... our own game OS which enabled us to write one source code and compile it on PC's using cross compilers to target each machine. We were the first company I know of that did this with 3D games."

Traffic Department 2192

Traffic Department offers fast arcade action with a story that unfolds as you play. The setting is in a dark city of the future remniscent of Mad Max. As Lieutenant Velasquez, you must defend a city from ... of TD features many missions, with the plot continues to evolve until you reach the conclusion. It's a great game like its spiritual prequel Highway Hunter, with an even better plot and graphics.

Train, The: Escape to Normandy

Review 1: Basically this game consists of some action-sequences placed after each other with the goal to (you will have guessed it) make your escape to Normandy. The action-sequences themselves are fun ... World War 2, is absorbing, and the action is gripping throughout. The 3D railroad-level view is very effective, and there are numerous targets for the trigger-happy. A truly underrated classic.


One of Origin's best-kept secrets, Transland is a fun and wacky 3D action / RPG designed by several Origin programmers in their spare time. The plot is made out of humorous stuff hardly seen in Origin's ... get back. Smooth graphics, sense of humor, and lots of neat gadgets to find and use makes this is a fun "light" action / RPG game. Now you can see the lighter side of Origin's programmers G

Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper

One of Probe Entertainment's earliest games is a good effort at creating an original science fiction platform game that didn't come out quite right. Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper is still notable for ... Boring, uninspired, and definitely not worth anyone's time. Fortunately, Probe's subsequent Savage and later platform games are much better than this ancestor.

Trap Pinball

Another excellent game from freeware developer Yamada No Ana Project, who is dedicated to producing games based around the same cast of characters, led by a stubby construction worker and his friends. ... bonuses (hitting the right parts in the right order, etc.) If you're a pinball fan, Trap Pinball is a fun diversion that's good to while away those always-too-short coffee breaks :) Recommended!


Trauma is an above-average and rare shareware shooter from Spain. The reason it is obscure to most gamers is that it was released only in Spain and Britain. The plot is simple, as with most shooters: destroy ... - so the reflex-impaired gamers (like yours truly) may be better off elsewhere. A greater array of weapons, power-ups, and better-tuned difficulty level may elevate this to the status of Tyrian 2000.

Treasure Hunt

The Queen of Hearts Maze Game and Treasure Hunt are two of the earliest commercial maze games, both released in 1982. There is nothing much to say, except that the first game is a top-down ASCII maze game ... similar: collect as many treasures/point items as you can, while avoiding the nasties. They don't stand the test of time very well, but they are nice examples of what early maze games look like :)

Treasure Trap

A fun wreck-diving action game played from an attractive isometric view, Treasure Trap is short on innovation but long on imaginative gameplay. The goal is simple: find and collect gold in every room, ... (fans of Zelda will feel right at home here) help elevate the game above typical arcade fare. Overall, a fun game, and a good prelude to the superior Sink or Swim game by Zeppelin, also on this site.

Tristan Pinball

Review 1: Tristan Pinball is an average pinball game with poorly done graphics, annoying sound and too little options compared to the better Pinball games. The regular different parts from Pinball games ... the table. Review 3: Tristan is a nice pinball game, but has too little features/options compared to most other pinball games. It has only one board to choose and no special effects are anything.

Triumph! War 2099

One of the best freeware games ever made with Klik & Play game creating program, Triumph! War 2099 is a cute, innovative, and fun mix of no-holds-barred action and real-time strategy genres. At first ... to the sheer difficulty of the easy setting alone." If you enjoy Destruction Carnival and other K&P games but wish for more sophisticated gameplay, this freeware gem more than fits the bill.


Review 1: Trog is a cute little Pac-Man-style game with a difference. Despite the strong déjà vu effect when you first start the game, it won't take long for Trog's charming claymation and surprises ... you become twice your size; an angry T-Rex which eats everything in the level including the other dino's. The graphics are stunning. And the gameplay is just fabulous. You can play it with 2 players.


Review 1: An extremely nice Jump 'n Run this one - some of you may know that this is not quite my genre, but anyway - I really enjoyed Trolls. Playing one of those - um... - Trolls (you might recognize ... you can find. You can play the game again and again just because it's so darn cute looking. You're bound to never find all the secrets, but you can try and not get bored :). A totally excellent game!


Tronic is a fun, traditional breakout game in the best tradition of Taito's popular Arkanoid. In this reincarnation of Pong, you use the racket, controlled by the arrow keys or mouse, to hit the balls, ... game also has plenty of nice surprises hidden throughout the levels, such as the aliens that appear to shoot you. Nothing fancy or original, but if you're a fan of Pong-style games, give it a shot.


Trucks is an interesting driving game that plays like a cross between Interstate '76, Quarantine, and Terminal Velocity, except not nearly as innovative or fun as any of these games. This futuristic game ... either option. All in all, Trucks is a slightly-better-than-mediocre driving game that boasts neither ingenuity nor addictiveness, but will not seriously disappoint or bore you to tears, either.


A fun Frogger clone, sponsored by Trygg-Hansa, Sweden's second-largest insurer. Developer E-Game really has a knack for creating game concepts that match the sponsor's business, and Trygg-Hansa is no exception. ... you safely cross the road and the river, the game goes to the next level, where you must deal with more (and faster) cars and shorter time limit. Overall, another nice little time waster from E-Game.


Review 1: Tube is a mix between a racing game and a race shooter game. You race against another human player or race against the time. Once you have figured out the controls in this game you can start ... Bullfrog games, the animations are very smooth and soundtrack is excellent ... The game was a "test" for a prospective employee, and too bad it was never developed into a commercial game :)

Tubular Worlds

Review 1: Definitely one of the most underrated action games of all times. It was made by Dongleware, a pretty much unknown German software company and maybe that's why it never had some success. It ... a bit repetitive in mid-game, though, and your ship can die from a single shot (from a powerful enemy). Still, there's enough to please shooter fans here that makes Tubular Worlds well worth a look.


Tumblebugs is a fun head-to-head action game similar to Atari's classic Combat. The premise is simple: your goal is to chase and attack the other spaceship around the map until one of you is destroyed. ... is well worth your time. The game does not boast complexity or cutting edge graphics - but classics like Atari's Combat did not need either of them to glue players to the screen. Recommended!

TUMIKI Fighter

In the crowded field of freeware shoot 'em ups, Kenta Cho's games stand a league of their own. Innovations abound, from the abstract wireframe graphics, to randomly generated enemy gunfire, to fluid controls. ... yet another solid entry in Kenta Cho's growing repertoire of superb freeware gems. Watch out for more innovations from this author in the future - his reputation as master of SHMUP is well-deserved.

Tunnel B1

Review 1: Tunnel B1 was originally made for the Playstation and while it's mostly PC games that are turned into Playstation games Tunnel B1 is different as this game first got its popularity from the ... Sadly, the best part of the game, the background music by Chris Huelsbeck, is missing in this CD-rip. Still, great graphics, varied types of enemies, and challenging levels make for a fun game.


One of the first truly good two-player games, Tunneler is best described as the multiplayer version of Digger: two players (using the same keyboard, i.e. hotseat mode) each control a tank that starts out ... primitive EGA graphics, it's the gameplay that counts, and Tunneler has that in spades. It stands even today as one of the best split-screen games ever designed for two players. Highly recommended!

Tunnels of Armageddon

Tunnels of Armageddon is a fun futuristic racing game with a twist: instead of racing headlone on predetermined tracks, your goal is to collect various objects inside the tunnel by knocking them off the ... hampers the game's replayability, but the availability of long, varied tracks should keep you busy for a while. Recommended as a fun diversion, not something you will labor months to finish :)

Turbo OutRun

Turbo Outrun is a solid PC conversion of SEGA's arcade game of the same name, follow-up to OutRun. A much better conversion this time than its lackluster predecessor, Turbo Outrun very faithfully recreates ... PC conversion of one of SEGA's best known arcade games. The graphics are good, and the car handles well. Although it lacks the variety of Street Rod 2, Turbo Outrun is a lot of fun while it lasts.

Turn 'n Burn

Turn 'n Burn is a lackluster 2D top-down shoot 'em up from Flair. The gameplay is nothing you haven't seen before: blast all the baddies on each level, then move on to the next. It's a bit reminiscent ... game to be funny, serious, or just plain confusing. Boring, boring, boring. Take my word for it: just forget about this lifeless, very marginal game, and go play Atari's classic Asteroids instead.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

One of the first action games that look better on PC than the console, Turok Dinosaur Hunter is an excellent and innovative first-person shooter that is much more of an action-oriented exploration title ... that is a great change of pace from the other 3D shooters out there. If you are looking for a change, and can be patient with the controls and console-like puzzles, then you will love Turok."

Turrican 2

Review 1: Turrican - the legend continues. The game is still pretty much the same. You control the wellknown one man tank who shoots his way through aliens, robots and alien robots. The great gameplay ... Sun-Project used a TFMX playing routine to reproduce the original Amiga music on the IBM-PC port and that, of course, would be great as the music was one of the best ever heard in a computer game.

Twilight's Treasures (a.k.a. Treasure Dive)

One of the rarest early games by John Romero of id Software fame, Twilight's Treasures is a decent little action game included in Softdisk's Big Blue Disk Sampler disk, made to promote the company's "Big ... that showcases Romero's flair for fluid controls and smooth animation years before Wolfenstein 3D. It reminds me a bit of Octopus game on Game & Watch too - anyone old enough to remember that?


Twinblok is a good twist of classic Arkanoid game that combines bounce-ball-off-the-paddle gameplay with creative addition of "special blocks" that, for example, change direction of the ball or clear many blocks at once. Levels get trickier as you progress and become much more puzzle-oriented, i.e. there is often one specific path to clearing the level. Great fun!

Tyrian 2000

Tyrian is one of the best top-down shooters ever made for the PC, period. With excellent graphics, smooth animations, and many inventive enemies and levels, it remains one of the best-loved shooters that ... one of the best shooter sequels ever made. Billed as an affordable alternative arcade game, Tyrian 2000 serves to remind everyone that it doesn't always take a high budget gaming machine to satisfy.


UFP and SLD are two fun little arcade games from Japan from the same author. UFP is a cool shooter that lets you fly a paper airplane and shoots at balloons and other paper airplanes for points. The game ... ideal time wasters during coffee breaks. As a shooter UFP is more repetitive than SLD, but it is a good kind of repetitive - the kind that makes simple games like Robotron so addictive. Recommended!


Review 1: In Ugh! you are a stone age taxi driver. You have to take people from platform to another. There are dinosaurs and other creatures on your way so the task is not so simple. Your man-powered ... you feel you don't have anything better to do at all, try it! Review 5: Pilot your home-made airborne caveman aircraft to pick others up and drop them to their desired destinations. Very fun game!

Ultimate Body Blows

The sequel to Body Blows, this game is centered around the revenge of Max (otherwise known as the cyborg T17) and his gangland cronies. Each character from Body Blows is included, and an incredible amount ... points are the fact that the characters are stiff, have limited attacks, and are difficult to control. A great game overall, but it can easily get boring if you don't figure out the controls quickly.

Umihara Kawase

Umihara Kawase and its sequel Umihara Kawase Shun are two very innovative platformers that were sadly never released outside Japan. Which is a shame, because they are both unique and highly innovative ... a bit tired of the formulae and are looking for a change, you may enjoy Umihara Kawase Shun." If you enjoy platformers, especially innovative ones, these games are must-haves without a doubt.

Umihara Kawase Shun

Umihara Kawase and its sequel Umihara Kawase Shun are two very innovative platformers that were sadly never released outside Japan. Which is a shame, because they are both unique and highly innovative ... a bit tired of the formulae and are looking for a change, you may enjoy Umihara Kawase Shun." If you enjoy platformers, especially innovative ones, these games are must-haves without a doubt.

Untouchables, The

The Untouchables is a horrible platform action in six different episodes, based on Brian DePalma's movie of the same name. You are cast as one of The Untoucables, Elliot Ness, who is going after the ruthless ... or tommy gun to use against Capone's henchmen. The game somehow reminds me of Ocean's Batman: The Movie, just that it's worse. A poor use of blockbuster license, and a lackluster game at best.


Review 1: OK, no way to seriously play this. Go berserk and fly against the enemies in high-speed. It somehow doesn't seem to be possible to slow the game down, but it is REALLY hard to play it like ... self-destruct sequence and can move onto the next target. A very difficult but enjoyable challenge which runs beautifully with good sound and music, it's largely let down by the monochrome graphics.


UrthWurm is an excellent PC version of SFCave, the (in)famous PalmOS worm game coded by SunFlat, a Japanese programmer. This PC version coded by BdR in Turbo Pascal 7.0 is very faithful to the original, ... but will glue you to the screen for hours on end. As a bonus, the special bonus you get at the end of each level is different for each difficulty setting (easy, normal, or hard). Highly recommended.

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