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Trap Pinball

Another excellent game from freeware developer Yamada No Ana Project, who is dedicated to producing games based around the same cast of characters, led by a stubby construction worker and his friends. Like all other games from this group, the game is 100% English, boasts excellent music, offers 2-player hotseat mode, and allows you to change control keys from the Options screen.

Trap Pinball is a nice pinball game with a unique twists: there's a slot machine (fruit machine to you UKers ;)) in the middle of the playing field that will give different results depending on where the ball hits. You can make many different kinds of combos by getting the right combinations in the slot machine window, in addition to traditional pinball bonuses (hitting the right parts in the right order, etc.) If you're a pinball fan, Trap Pinball is a fun diversion that's good to while away those always-too-short coffee breaks :) Recommended!

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Trap Pinball screenshot
Trap Pinball screenshot

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