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Stock-Blaster is a fun coffee break game created by Phenomedia for DAB, a Germany bank, as a promotional game that also teaches the basics of the stock market. The *very* basic concepts, in other words: bull markets are good, and bear markets are bad. So in this game, you must shoot the cannonballs at cartoon bears who will run away with your money if they get too close. Leave the bulls alone, though, because they will bring you more money. If you shoot the bulls, your money will go down (killing the harbinger of good fortunes is never a good idea, apparently). You aim the cannonball's trajectory by choosing the right power -- that's all there is to gameplay. With attractive SVGA graphics and stampedes of both bears and bulls at the same time, Stock-Blaster is a cute little diversion ideal for the few minutes you can spare away from work.

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Stock-Blaster screenshot
Stock-Blaster screenshot

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