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Factor X

Factor X is a fun free-for-all top-down fragfest that is inspired by Virtually Real's cult classic Destruction Carnival. As the official site proclaims, the game is "...a massive compilation of a ... animated cartoon characters. It is by no means an original title that Destruction Carnival is, but Factor X packs enough punch on its own with solid gameplay and excellent play value. Recommended!

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel is a decent beat-em up game from Emerald Software. As a beefy ex-commando, you will fight thugs and other lowlifes of London. The graphics, although 4-color CGA only, are sharp and detailed, ... although not by much. If you enjoy beat 'em up genre, Fallen Angel is worth a try, although the lack of variety compared to games like Double Dragon makes it only a marginally above-average old game.

Fast Food

Fans of Spectrum computers would recall that Codemasters' Dizzy series were some of the best games ever made for that computer. Created by a quirky pair of designers who call themselves The Oliver Twins, ... above-average Pac-Man clone that may disappoint die-hard Dizzy fans who prefer the Dizzy arcade adventures over this arcade clone. If you like this one, also check out Kwik Snax, a sequel of sorts.

Fatal Fury 3

There aren't many good fighting games for PC, in fact, I could count them with my fingers! there are only four of them (no, not Mortal Kombat). SSF2T, OMF, SS2, and finally, Fatal Fury 3. Fatal Fury offers ... trap tactic, and offensive play... but with these features you can define your own offensive or defensive tactics. If you're a big fan of fighting games, I highly recommend this rare polished game!

Fate Axis

Powered by MatrixEngine, Fate Axis is an excellent - and free- 3D fighting game from Japan. The game sports excellent animations, 6 choosable characters, and plenty of attack moves. The graphics are excellent, ... number of fighters you can play. If you like Virtua Fighter, Tekken, or similar games and have a reasonably fast 3D card, check out this extremely well designed freeware old game. Highly recommnded!


Feud is a very rare PC version of a fun and highly underrated action/adventure game from Binary Design, published by Mastertronic. As the name suggests, the game is about a feud ? in this case, between ... and other obstacles right in front of you, for example. Still, the game is quite fun to play, especially if you like games like Spellcraft but prefer simpler gameplay and interface. Worth a look.


Some platform game.

Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun

A fun collection of circus games by Chris Gray (of Infiltrator fame), Fiendish Freddy includes many subgames, based on familiar circus highlights including high diving, juggling, trapeze, tightrope walking, ... example, he will throw smoke bombs during the knife throwing event to throw you off your aim. You must collect money by performing successfully to keep the circus afloat. A fun and addictive game.

Fifth Element, The

The Fifth Element is a decent first-person shooter from Kalisto, published by UBI Soft in 1998. Games Domain's review says it all about this marginally above-average game: "I'm happy to say that ... your interest waning pretty quickly. I hope this game doesn't signal a return to the bad old days of sub-standard movie licenses, because it's certainly not something you should bother with."

Fight Man (a.k.a. Xiao Xiao 9)

Fight Man is the ninth entry in Zhu Zhi's popular Xiao Xiao series of Flash animation featuring kung fu-fighting stickmen that is fast becoming a modern cult classic. Zhu Zhi makes a game starring his ... It is fun while it lasts, though, and for those of us who really enjoy watching kung fu moves of Xiao Xiao movies, playing Fight Man is the next best thing. Recommended as a fun little time waster.

Final Impact

Final Impact is a fun and highly underrated parallax-scrolling vertical shooter in the same style as Raptor and Tyrian. Although it is not a "classic" like those two games, Final Impact deserves ... in the genre, but it is still a more than competent shooter that will keep you entertained to the end - even if the enemy ships could be more varied and the levels more interesting. Recommended.

Final Orbit

Final Orbit is a mundane top-down giant robot action game that plays like the arena portion of BattleTech 1, except a lot more boring and repetitive. Essentially you pilot an egg-shaped robot from top-down, ... Nothing really makes the game stand out from hundreds other similar games, so you are well advised to stay away unless you simply must own every robot game ever made. Disappointing, and not even fun.

Fire & Forget

Review 1: A very simply action racing game where you have to shoot as many enemy vehicles as possible and of course avoid getting killed yourself. Sounds simply and it also is very simply since this ... with you car down the road encountering lots of enemies. You can shoot them down. Along the road you can choose different ways to get to your destination. Music is fun and gameplay is very cool.

Fire & Forget 2

Review 1: Fire & Forget 2 is the sequel to Fire & Forget 1 and while a sequel normally offers new things compared to the first game it is actually the opposite with this series. I don't think ... just drive along the road and shoot at every that's moving (or not). You can also fly around when you pick up 'red' kerosene cans. Music is excellent as are the big end bosses with those big trucks.

Fire & Ice

Review 1: A nice little Jump 'n Run by Andrew Braybrook - those who know that name also know that it means high quality. And this game IS a high-quality game! You take over the role of Cool Coyote and ... elements make it impossible to "learn" and beat it twice easily. Definitely a must have for all platformer fans, especially anyone who wants something that is refreshingly replayable.

Fire Fight

One of the most underrated shareware releases from Epic Megagames, Fire Fight is an excellent, very addictive isometric shoot em-up from Polish developer Chaos Works. Although the game did well enough ... The single-player missions may not last that long, but with the replayability of the multi-player mode, Fire Fight is undoubtedly one of the best 2D shoot em-ups you will ever play, bar none.

Fire King

Fire King is a clone of the arcade classic Gauntlet. The game can best be described as an action/rpg hybrid, one of the first arcade games offering cooperative play and up to 4 players it was a sure hit ... with a friend. But be prepared the ememies are coming in drowes and you will have learn this lesson very quickly & you can't kill them all - trying to do this will result in a premature death :)


FireFighter is a fun and unique action/strategy game s a fire commander to coordinate the activities of firefighters in controlling outbreaks of fires, extinguishing the flames as quickly as possible to ... your time, even if some maps are almost impossible to finish and it feels more like click-fests most of the time than a thoughtful strategic game (slowdown programs help, though). Highly recommended!

Firehouse Rescue

Review 1: A cute little action game starring little people, Fisher-Price's popular toys for toddlers. The idea: as a fireman in training, you must rescue little people and their pets from burning houses ... save cats, or people from their houses who are apparantly on fire (but you don't see them burn). There are 4 levels to play the game; level 3 and 4 are with a time challenge so lets play those ones.

First Person Pinball

First Person Pinball is a solid but little-known early pinball game from Tynesoft. Although there is only one table, the game's highlight lies in the ability for up to four players to compete for the high ... of table design: the First Person Pinball table is quite generic. Great for the sake of completing pinball fans' collection, but doesn't really offer a lot of play value compared to other games.

First Samurai

Review 1: Excellent action/adventure hybrid from Vivid that was much more popular on the Amiga than PC, First Samurai has a thin background story of a young apprentice warrior who follows the Demon King, ... platform game are the weapons you come across during the game. You start with no weapons, but your hands and feet. A long the way you pick up a nice sword and you can throw with axes and stuff.

Fist Fight

Fist Fight is a fun side-scrolling arcade game that features some cool martial arts moves despite bland graphics and dumb enemies. One or two players (male and female) can join forces to fight the evil Chinese warlords in locales ranging from Chinatown to deserted stations. Overall, a fun game.


In the increasingly crowded freeware arena, "abstract shooters" are a relatively new type of game that is quickly becoming many people's favorites. These games typically take a minimalist approach ... from Lackey, and a welcome addition to our rapidly growing repertoire of abstract shooters. If you enjoy Kenta Cho's games, N, or a good freeform shooter in general, check out this superb game.

Fleet Sweep

Review 1: Fleet Sweep is one of the early classics offering the well known arcade shooter gameplay. The game is simple and unless you are a fan of these kind of old games I can't recommend that you spend ... from quick repetitiveness, but they'll hold your interest for a few minutes at least. If you just want to pick the best game of the lot, try Spyder, peek at Freddy Fish and leave Fleet Sweep alone.

Flesh Feast

Flesh Feast is basically an inferior clone of Raven's Take No Prisoners, despite having better graphics. In this 3D action game, you play up to three different groups of people who are trapped on an island ... fun as that classic nor as captivating as Take No Prisoners. On the upside, if your friends are bored of playing TNP over and over again, Flesh Feast might be a welcome diversion - for a short while.

Flintstones, The: Dino Lost in Bedrock

Review 1: Hi Tec software did not make too many games for PC as their main focus was on C64 and Amiga. This is one of those few that they did and it doesn't look good... Ok, so what is this one about? ... in the game is that there are some amusing antics and monsters that Flintstones fans will recognize, but the fun only lasts so long before the tedium kicks in. Steer clear of this one, folks.

Flipper the Zipper
Floppy Frenzy

Review 1: An early arcade classic from Windmill Software, famous for unleashing Digger to the unsuspecting public and converted many skeptics to PC gamers for life ;) Like all other Windmill games, Floppy ... do I feel old). At 50kb, you can give it a shot. Review 3: Run as a floppydisk through different levels, it's one of the good oldies on the site. Beware of magnets which will empty your storage.

Flying Tigers

A typical overhead shooter in the spirit of Raiden or 1942, Flying Tigers is quite a terribly piece of a game. With amateur graphics, bad programming technique and aweful level design coupled with amazingly bad controls and ridiculously oldskool gameplay, Flying Tigers is truly a sight to be seen - then deleted. I reckon the only truly good thing about this game is its music, which is actually surprisingly good.

Flying Tigers 2

Flying Tigers 2 is a decent top-down shooter that is identical to its predecessor in every respect, except for new levels and enemies. If you have played the first game, you know what to expect: a vertical ... a relatively easy shooter that you can while a few minutes with, then try Flying Tigers 2. Otherwise, it simply can't compete with other games in the genre, even fellow shareware games like Zone 66.

Fong Wan Tien Ha (a.k.a. Feng Yun Tian Xia)

Like Panda Entertainment's Sango Fighter and Sango Fighter 2, Fong Wan Tien Ha is centered around China's Han Dynasty during the times of famous "three kingdoms" period popularized in KOEI's ... of these foregrounds obscure the action. As for the characters, they are drawn poorly and look too cartoonish. They handle terribly in battle, and their special moves are very difficult to execute.

Forbes Corporate Warrior

Forbes Corporate Warrior is a thoroughly average and repetitive FPS that is noteworthy only for a curious attempt to set the kill-everything-in-sight gameplay in the business world. Official blurbs already ... on paper, but when the novelty wears off, you will discover just another typical - and actually below-average - DOOM clone. Not recommended, unless you simply must play every bad FPS in existence.

Forgotten Worlds

Forgotten Worlds, released by Capcom in arcades across the globe in 1988, was the first of SEGA's reprogrammed versions of Capcom's late 1980's coin-op bombshells, around the time when the Genesis first ... another outstanding, almost addictive shooter that shouldn't be overlooked. It is highly recommended that you find a friend to play with, though, as the game is insanely one-player mode.

Fourth Generation, The

The Fourth Generation is a decent side-scrolling shooter from Webfoot that looks good, plays good, but unfortunately is too repetitive to go up against the likes of Gradius. The game can be played in either ... new to the shooter genre and want to try a decent shareware game, The Fourth Generation fits the bill-- for a little while until you find out how repetitive it is. A lackluster old game, this one.

Fox Ranger

Fox Ranger is a fun side-scrolling shooter from Soft Action, later to become SKC Soft, one of the leading game developing houses in Korea. While the objective ("blast everything in sight") is ... ship designs in particular should appeal to fans of Japanese/Oriental shooters in general. A competent game that bodes well for SKC Soft's later releases including Dragon Force and Assault Dragon.


Fracas is a solid clone of Bomberman from Geckosoft, a short-lived shareware developer. As a wizard, your job is to lay magical bombs around the screen to defeat various enemies. The game supports 4-player ... by its authors in 2005. The game is worth a look, although unfortunately the levels and enemy types are not as varied as the ones in Dynablaster and Atomic Bomberman to deserve our top game tag.


Frantis and Frantis: Mission II are two decent freeware action games with banal save-the-world-from-alien plots, but passable gameplay and graphics. Nothing much to say here, except that the games are ... is platform action set in the enemy's base. Both are marginally above-average games that should keep action fans happy for a while. Not recommended if you want to play only great games, though.

Frantis: Mission II

Frantis and Frantis: Mission II are two decent freeware action games with banal save-the-world-from-alien plots, but passable gameplay and graphics. Nothing much to say here, except that the games are ... is platform action set in the enemy's base. Both are marginally above-average games that should keep action fans happy for a while. Not recommended if you want to play only great games, though.

Freddy Fish

Freddy Fish, Fleet Sweep, and Spyder are three arcade oldies by Mirror Images Software, no doubt one of the most obscure game developers ever. Similar to Windmill Software, Mirror Images produced games ... from quick repetitiveness, but they'll hold your interest for a few minutes at least. If you just want to pick the best game of the lot, try Spyder, peek at Freddy Fish and leave Fleet Sweep alone.

Freddy's Rescue Roundup

Review 1: Freddy's Rescue Roundup is a fun Lode Runner-style 2D platformer from IBM, developed in 1984 and released into the public domain in 1985. The game is reminiscent of the Spectrum computer's ... stands the test of time after all these years :) Recommended! Review 2: In this Lode Runner-ish game you have to get al the birdies in the field. This CGA-colored platform game keeps you playing.

Freespace 2

Review 1: Undoubtedly one of the best 3D space combat games ever made, Freespace 2 by Volition is a superb space opera of epic proportions. The strong emphasis on plot development combined with spectacular ... their decimated societies, a disturbance lurks in the not-so-far reaches of the Gamma Draconis system. Your nemesis has arrived... and they are wondering what happened to their scouting party...

Frenetic Plus

Frenetic Plus is a fun and addictive isometric shooter coded in Allegro. The official plot: "...Called upon to defend her nation in the midst of a civil war, [an android] Mercen 505 finds herself ... to make Frenetic Plus one of the best and longest freeware shooters in recent memory. Highly recommended, especially to veteran gamers who are dismayed by the short length of most freeware shooters.

Frequon Invaders

Frequon Invaders is no doubt the most unique Space Invaders clone I have ever seen. The gameplay is hard to describe, so here are the designer's own words: "...your mission is to destroy each invading ... It is fun, original, and strangely addictive once you get used to looking at colored waves, although the extremely high 'geekiness quotient' may intimidate some action gamers from trying it out.


Frightmare is an okay shooter first published by Cascade Games in 1987. This Accolade-published PC version dates from 1991, and ranks among one of the rarest PC games ever made. Unfortunately, rare doesn't ... Disembodied heads and zombies don't really look scary in choppy, way-too-red graphics, and there is little to keep you interested for long. All in all, another waste of a good movie license.


Review 1: What a weird but at the same time ingenious game! Just good old arcade-style. You play a frog (you wouldn't have guessed!) and your task is to cross the street and the river to reach that delicious ... or at least the ones I have played in are. You have five lives and there is a time limit. A bar near the bottom of the screen that gets smaller and smaller indicates how much time you have left.

Frogger II: Three Deep

Frogger II: Three Deep is a fun sequel to Atari's cross-the-road classic Frogger. Instead of the road, this time Mr. Frog must swim from the bottom of his pond past deadly foes to get to three moving home ... more surprises. Good graphics (as good as a 1984 game can get, anyway) and sound effects round off this excellent Frogger game that I would argue is more fun than Hasbro's recent cosmetic remakes.

Front Mission: Gun Hazard

Front Mission - Gun Hazard is a fun side-scrolling "mech" arcade/RPG platformer for the SNES console, set in Squaresoft's Front Mission universe. Although the game is not a turn-based tactical ... game, especially in the second half of the game when you have to deal with dozens of enemies at once. Highly recommended to action fans who want a bit more complexity than the usual sidescroller.


FrontLine is a fun platformer that plays like Abuse with stickmen. The basic premise is simple: shoot all the enemy stickmen who appear on the screen. You start the game with a gun and a few grenades at ... gun properly - much like the 'tactical' element of Abuse. All in all, a neat little Japanese freeware gem that should appeal to anyone who likes Xiao Xiao movies, Abuse, or platformers in general.

Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket is a decent giant robot action game from Korean developer Mirinae. Viewed from a top-down perspective, the game plays like a cross between Zone 66 and Chaos Engine - although it is not ... mission objectives, robot types - to keep you glued to the screen. If you like straight military shooters, play Jungle Strike or similar games instead and pass up on this deservedly obscure game.

Full Tilt! Pinball

Full Tilt! Pinball is an excellent pinball game from Maxis, a company best known for Sim games. The game will be familiar to anyone who has the Microsoft's Plus! Windows 95 companion pack, since one of ... no means a classic pinball game, it is fun enough to warrant a revisit once in a while. Compared with other one-screen games, it's not as good as Crystal Caliburn, but much better than average fare.

Fury of the Furries

Review 1: An amazing game, a very smart platform game with a combination of four characters (little hairy creatures), with a special ability to each, that makes thier actions very cool and fun. the game ... but want more action, or if you enjoy Sonic the Hedgehog but want more depth, Fury of the Furries fits the bill as one of the most innovative action/puzzle hybrids ever made. Highly recommended!

FX Fighter

Review 1: Beat 'em up! Not much to say about this game. You travel to different planets, battling many different opponents in 1 on 1 combat. Each character has some unique special tricks, and there are ... care for was how dark the game environment is - and this cannot be altered. However, the graphics can be sharpened or dulled depending on what type of computer you have, which is a helpful option.

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