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Flesh Feast

Flesh Feast is basically an inferior clone of Raven's Take No Prisoners, despite having better graphics. In this 3D action game, you play up to three different groups of people who are trapped on an island and can't get out. Naturally, the island is not a Malibu beach: there are zombies everywhere looking for your blood. Starting from different parts of the island, the three groups of people must advance towards the middle where they will be able to find a way out of this hellhole.

If you have played Take No Prisoners, you will know exactly what Flesh Feast is like. Basically you control a character from the overhead perspective, picking up weapons and power-ups along the way to find the level exit. You can control up to three different people on each level, a fact that adds some strategic element to the game, although more annoying than fun because the zombies keep pestering all of them, and there is no way to issue orders in a "paused mode w/ time limit" like in Space Hulk games. Fortunately, you don't need all the characters to be alive to finish the game.

Overall, I would probably have a more positive impression about Flesh Feast had I not played Take No Prisoners before. It's the same Gauntlet-style gameplay revamped, but neither as fun as that classic nor as captivating as Take No Prisoners. On the upside, if your friends are bored of playing TNP over and over again, Flesh Feast might be a welcome diversion - for a short while.

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Flesh Feast screenshot
Flesh Feast screenshot

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