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Fatal Fury 3

There aren't many good fighting games for PC, in fact, I could count them with my fingers! there are only four of them (no, not Mortal Kombat). SSF2T, OMF, SS2, and finally, Fatal Fury 3. Fatal Fury offers crisp animations, great graphics, and easy-to-perform combos. The thing i really like about FF3 is the amount of combos you can use. Unlike SSF2T, this game features dashing (forward, forward), evading, (back, back) and sidewalk (A+C), but is that a good thing? oh yes, in SSF2T, your fighting tactics are limited to fireball trap tactic, and offensive play... but with these features you can define your own offensive or defensive tactics. If you're a big fan of fighting games, I highly recommend this rare polished game!

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Fatal Fury 3 screenshot
Fatal Fury 3 screenshot

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