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Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Review 1:

Street Fighter 2 Turbo is a classic arcade fighting game. I think some clever marketing person added Turbo to sell more games and it seemed to work. The plot of the game is that a group of fighters have been called together to beat each other senseless for the grand prize. I believe one of the reasons this game was so popular is that even though it's a fighting game, there isn't much violence. If you hit or kick someone you see a flash and when you do a special you see a big flash. I think it's to make it a bit more parent friendly compared to Mortal Kombat. SF2T is an pretty good game if you like a bit of button mashing, but I believe Mortal Kombat is the better game.

Review 2:

The World Warrior Tournament is where the best street fighters from all over the globe and stage a competition to crown a champion. While the last two years have seen the same 12 contestants, it's time for some new blood, as four fresh challengers are ready to step into the arena and prove that they're worthy of being in the World Warrior Tournament.

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