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Mortal Kombat 2

Review 1:

The next in highly successful MK series. Mortal Kombat 2 features improved graphics, more characters to choose, more attractive moves, fatalities, babalities, animalities and all those other -lities. Unlike first game, MK2 is real hard to complete. You will spend hours trying to kill Kintaro (the last monster) as well as Shang Tsung. Get this one as soon as possible.

Review 2:

The successor to the first Mortal Kombat game released a year earlier. The sequel, introduces us with a number of new fighters (12 total) great new manouvers, new harmfull and vicious fatalities, smoother graphics and great sounds. With no doubt, MK2 continues what MK1 started, and puts MK trilogy into alltime hall-of-fame of sidescrolling fighting games.

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