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MGT is an oldie isometric view action-adventure by Loriciel in which you control a hovercraft-style vehicle through various rooms filled with many dangers and little puzzles. The type of game that flooded ... music make it a worse game compared to the Schneider CPC game I remember. The PC version uses some samples played through the PC speaker. Must have been one of the first games to do that as of 1986.

Miami Vice

Yet another awful PC adaptation of a movie license by Capstone. In Miami Vice, you will take on the roles of Crockett and Tubbs from the movie (two players can play simultaneously in hotseat mode). Gameplay ... up for the tedium of previous levels. If you have played any other platform game by Capstone (e.g. Surf Ninjas), you will recognize this as another crappy release to avoid. Boring, to say the least.


Review 1: Midwinter 1 got really famous when it was published to the Amiga system. The conversion to the PC system has succeeded all though you will need to get hold on Moslo (which you can also find ... spy adventure that combines the adrenaline rush of James Bond movies with resource management and a richly detailed 3D gameworld. Definitely two of the more successful cross-genre games ever made.

Midwinter 2

Review 1: The Midwinter series got really famous when it was published to the Amiga system. The conversion to the PC system has succeeded all though you will need to get hold on Moslo (which you can ... spy adventure that combines the adrenaline rush of James Bond movies with resource management and a richly detailed 3D gameworld. Definitely two of the more successful cross-genre games ever made.

Miko-san's Miracle Board

Miko-san's Miracle Board is an excellent 3D platformer from Japan that is remarkably similar to Pandemonium!, except it is less complex. Similar to Super Mario, your goal as Miko, a cute anime girl, is ... like Croc or Pandemonium!. It doesn't have as many levels as commercial titles, but more than enough to keep you glued to the screen - and curse that wobbly bridge - for hours on end. Recommended!

Mimi & the Mites

Mimi & the Mites is a fun shareware puzzle/action hybrid from the Unobstructed Reason Corporation (probably the best game company name ever). While it looks like a standard side-scroller at first glance, ... and sound/music are below-average - they look downright amateurish in some places. But if it's the gameplay that counts, Mimi & the Mites will keep both puzzle and action fans entertained.

Mind Roll

Mind-Roll by Thalamus (published by Epyx in the US) is a fun Marble Madness-style game with a simple premise: guide the marble through a complex obstacle course to the exit, avoiding obstacles on the way. ... game, although replayability and long-term play value are both lacking. If you like relaxing top-down roll-the-ball game that won't tax your reflexes or brain cells, Mind-Roll is a good choice.


I know it must be a cliche for longtime visitors by now, but this game deserves this: MindArms is one of the best 2D freeware fighting games I have ever played. It is not often that you find a freeware ... (if you can read Japanese, of course). If you like fighting games, MindArms is well worth your time. It is a polished, good-looking, and fluid fighter that packs a lot of gameplay in 5MB of space.

Mine Bombers

Mine Bombers is a fun action game designed for two or more players, although a single player mode is included. Think of it as two-player version of Bomberman and you'll have a good idea of what it's about. ... levels to extend the playability. Two thumbs up, way up! Note: this download includes the official v3.11 freeware version, as well as 30 extra levels released separately on the official homepage.

Miner 2049er

Miner 2049er is one of the best "climbing games" ever made (the genre popular in early 1980s), and a much better game than the better-known Donkey Kong series. Original released on the Atari ... although it's very difficult to get it to run on modern computers. Highly recommended. If you like the game, check out the superior but lesser-known sequel Bounty Bob Strikes Back also on this site.

Miner VGA

"The object of the game is to "make a lady" out of Miss Mimi, the owner of the brothel. If this sounds too sexist for you, you might want to quit reading now and not play. In essence, she ... So says Harrell W. Stiles, the maker of this funny game. Miner is a simple-looking, time-consuming game featuring a little guy in search for gold, glory and a woman! A standard male, eh?

Missile Command

One of the first games produced in the Western hemisphere that are based on Oriental motif, Moebius is an ambitious design that didn't quite pull it off. Your job, as disciple of the Headmaster, is to ... Even the fun combat sequence will wear off after you have tried all the moves and weapons. The bottom line: play this for nostalgia, then go play its much-improved sequel Windwalker instead :)

Mogura Reverse

Mogura Reverse is another cute horizontal shooter from Japan, where more and more freeware games achieve - and in some cases surpass - the quality of commercial games. Gendo Ikari's review for ... lack. I think the player 2's keyboard controls are badly conceived, but still, this is a big bonus for the value of Mogura Reverse, definitely the best of its genre I played since a while."


A decent platform game that's identical to Titus' earlier The Fox: From Here for Marakech, except that you are now controlling Moktar, a plump Arabian adventurer similar to Nintendo's popular Mario. Nothing ... you like The Fox or any other Titus' action games, you'll probably like this one. If you're looking for a creative platform games wihout repetitive levels, play Disney's or Infogrames' games instead.

Molecule Man

Molecule Man is a nice Windows remake of a 1985 game of the same name that was published by Mastertronic for the Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Spectrum ZX, and most other 8-bit computers except the PC. As ... remains identical to the 8-bit classic, down to the easy-to-use maze generator you can use to create your own mazes. If you like maze games, Molecule Man is well worth your time. Recommended!


Review 1: MoleZ is extremely brutal and violent mole shoot'em up for two to four players. You are a mole armed with a wide range of different weapons; from shovel all the way to the rocket launcher and ... to learn, and it's a lot of fun. You just have to squint your eyes a little bit to see the moles ;) First released as shareware, developer FRACTiLE Games released it into the public domain in 1999.


Billed as a game that is "part Asteroids, part Robotron, and part PaintShop Pro," mono from freeware developer Binary Zoo amazingly fits the bill quite well. Although not a revolutionary game ... a while it does feel like you are creating some cool abstract art while blasting away. A nice soundtrack rounds off this cool game that proves there is always room for new ideas in the SHMUP world.


Monospace Shooter is one of the best freeware shoot 'em ups you'll ever come across. It features very smooth-scrolling action and an excellent graphical detail even in a limited white-on-black palette ... efforts in coding awesome games and helping other programmers. Highly recommended, and may you rest in peace, Milo. Note: this download version has been hacked by a fan to play in full-screen mode.

Montezuma's Return

Possible winner of the "longest time between a game and its sequel" award, Montezuma's Return is an action/puzzle sequel to Parker Brother's classic Montezuma's Revenge. It took almost 15 years ... all, he still packs enough punch fifteen years after his first outing to keep fans of action/puzzle hybrids happy for a while. Just don?t expect a Quake, and you?ll likely have fun with this game.

Montezuma's Revenge

PANAMA JOE. That's what they call him 'round these parts; though no one knows his real name or where he comes from. But one thing's for sure, PANAMA JOE's a daredevil from the word "go!" No risk's ... though Panama Joe (you) looks like a melon with legs. Suffice to say that if you like clever action games, and have never played Montezuma's Revenge, you're missing out on a great lineage of games.

Monty Python's Flying Circus

Review 1: What a weird game. Don't think I'd have the slightest idea what the goal of this one might be. But on the other hand I am a big fan of Monty Python and if you know that great series (the films ... to shoot at the bad guys, your score goes down the better you do (Yes, the less your score is the better you've played). This is packed with Monty Python humor and I had a jolly good time playing it.

Monument of Mars

Monument of Mars is a decent little CGA platformer by Apogee released at the same time as Arctic Adventures and Pharaoh's Tomb, all three of which are based on the same engine. The game is a typical side-scrolling ... long before he became the executive of Apogee. An interesting anecdote: all three CGA games was first released under the "Micro F/X" label before they became the property of Apogee.

Monuments of Mars, The

Ah, The Monuments of Mars (plural as this includes all four of the volumes!) : Monuments of Mars - Volume 1 - First Contact, Monuments of Mars - Volume 2 - The Pyramid, Monuments of Mars - Volume 3 - The ... times as much of it, because this is an Apogee game, and there are four volumes! See if you can find the missing astronauts, collect some points, shoot some aliens and find out the secrets of Mars.

Moon Blaster

A mindless but fun 3D shooter in the spirit of Spectre, Moon Blaster ups the ante with attractive graphics, good variety of enemy cars, interesting bonuses, and fun power-ups to collect. Choose to play ... very little plot, making this a quickie perfect for whiling away time during a break from more intense action games. It's not an easy game, though, and making new high scores is a challenging task.

Moon Child

Moon Child is a fun but little-known 2D platform game that was sold in limited distribution by Dutch multimedia giant Valkieser in 1997. Billed as "oldskool gaming as it's meant to be," this ... creatures in the last world. Those who enjoy platform games definitely should take a look at this very little known, vastly underrated game from the same team that brought you Hoi on the Amiga.

Moon Patrol

Moon Patrol is a great PC port of Atari's classic coin-op and Atari console game. In one of the earliest 2D platformers, your goal is to blast aliens flying overhead while jumping over rocks and chasms, ... course), and even memorable music. Fast, furious, and fun - the way games are meant to be. Another testament to Atari's undisputed knack for making addictive arcade games, Moon Patrol is a must-have.


Yet another game by Windmill Software "inspired" by arcade originals, Moon Bugs is a blatant clone of Galaxian that unfortunately adds little to the tried-and-true "shoot all aliens in sight" ... are much better at enhancing the original concepts. Even the 4-color CGA graphics of Cosmic Crusader is more detailed than EGA in this game. My advice: try it out, and go play Galaxian instead :)

Moonshine Racers

Moonshine Racers is a fun 3D bitmap racing game with nice graphics, converted from the original Amiga release. Probably the best thing about the game is the wacky plot, which is set in the wild, wild west ... unnamed software house, consisting mostly of a second-rate Chase H.Q. clone, and promptly pulled out of the deal. Malicious gossip has it that the game later re-appeared as Moonshine Racers. Ouch ;)


Moonwalker is a typical movie-licensed title with various different action levels, although it's quite unique in a sense that it's based on a musical movie-- starring Michael Jackson, no less. The game ... you can turn them off). Overall, this is a decent movie translation, although most people will likely get fed up with Levels 1 and 2 and give up trying to get to the (much better) second half.

Mortal Kombat

Review 1: This is the game that started the whole Mortal Kombat trilogy. This game is known world wide, and if you haven't played it before.. well, you should! You are entered in a tournament, and must ... are very realistic (for its time) - they were filmed with real actors and digitized for the game. Just a final warning - this game shows a high level of brutality, it is not suited for children.

Mortal Kombat 2

Review 1: The next in highly successful MK series. Mortal Kombat 2 features improved graphics, more characters to choose, more attractive moves, fatalities, babalities, animalities and all those other ... new harmfull and vicious fatalities, smoother graphics and great sounds. With no doubt, MK2 continues what MK1 started, and puts MK trilogy into alltime hall-of-fame of sidescrolling fighting games.

Mr. Stump's Dentures

Mr. Stump's Dentures is a fun, lengthy, but very difficult platformer from Circy, longtime participant of the "Klik" community. The wacky plot goes as follows according to the official blurb: ... is far too unforgiving to appeal to anyone but the most hardened joystick experts. Recommended, but be warned if you found Super Mario a hard game - this excellent tribute is far more challenging.

Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival

Muppet Adventure is a lackluster collection of five boring action games based on Jim Henson's beloved Muppets characters. The games are highly derivative of well-known arcade games, the animations are ... of repetitive mini-games that do the series no justice at all. The game even offers a two-player mode, although that's dragging someone else to suffer with you. Thumbs down for this Real Dog.

Mushroom Mania

Long time ago, Atari made a super-über-Arcade legend called Centipede that every gamer should have played at least once in a lifetime. For all of us who are too young to know the original game and for ... and stop autofire. The sound serves the purpose and is all you can expect from a 1987 game. The graphics are nice CGA blocks (you can't call 'em coloured pixels or even sprites). Try it! It's fun!

Mutant Penguins

Mutant Penguins is a fun, cute little action game that plays a bit like Lemmings crossed with real-time strategy games like Command & Conquer. The largely irrelevant plot begins with radio and television ... or original as Lemmings, but does evoke a fond memory or two about that classic puzzler. If you are looking for a similar game with more focus on action, Mutant Penguins more than fits the bill.

Mysterious Worlds

More of a historical curiosity than a classic game worth preserving, Mysterious Worlds is a rare DOS version of the Amiga game of the same name that was included on the coverdisk of an AmigaFun issue. ... that much patience to find out ;) Really should be considered as a game 'demo' than a real game. Yes, it's just a coverdisk game, but surely they could have thought of something better than this.

Mystic Midway: Rest in Pieces

Mystic Midway - Rest In Pieces is a so-so and little-known PC conversion of Philips' game of the same name released on their short-lived CD-i system. The game is basically a shooting gallery with a campy, ... Definitely far from the best CD-i game, but at least this PC version is a faithful conversion that retains the ease of use and somewhat-cool graphics. Fun, but only for the first 15 or so minutes.

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