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Mushroom Mania

Long time ago, Atari made a super-über-Arcade legend called Centipede that every gamer should have played at least once in a lifetime. For all of us who are too young to know the original game and for all those who want to relive the good old days, Arcadia was nice enough to make a clone with better graphics and improved gameplay.

In Mushroom Mania you play a (well what is it?) small triangle equipped with a bug blasting laser. With this deadly weapon you lurk in the woods and wait for the centipede to blast him away. Unfortunately the woods are populated by loads of cyan mushrooms that block your line of fire while the evil Pacperson and his friend the spider have nothing better to do than trying to kill you and save the centipede. After you killed him, his brother centipede comes out and tries again to eat you. If he fails, his father comes and then his grandfather and so on and so forth ... The higher your score the faster the game so beware ...

This little game is a classic timekiller and a must for highscore hunters. Play with the arrow keys and press the Space bar to start and stop autofire. The sound serves the purpose and is all you can expect from a 1987 game. The graphics are nice CGA blocks (you can't call 'em coloured pixels or even sprites). Try it! It's fun!

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