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Mr. Stump's Dentures

Mr. Stump's Dentures is a fun, lengthy, but very difficult platformer from Circy, longtime participant of the "Klik" community. The wacky plot goes as follows according to the official blurb: "...Dentures have been swallowed... a plot to awaken the Tooth God is underway... the results of which could be catastrophic. All the worlds toothpaste and dental hygeine products... destroyed! A nightmare world of bacteria and gum disease beckons... unless Mr Stump can get his dentures back!"

The gameplay will remind you of Super Mario games, and that would be a very good thing - if MSD would give you the mushrooms, the flowers, the question boxes, and other bonus items that made playing Mario more fun than frustrating. Enemies seem to appear out of nowhere, and there is no save feature to make the going less painful. This means everyone but the most expert action gamers will probably give up long before they reach the halfway point.

To its credit, MSD offers much more production value and gameplay than most of its contemporaries: 7 levels, with 2 "sub-chapters" and one boss each. The settings are very diverse: you will traverse an industrial city, a winter wonderland, a long catacombs, and even a wacky topsy-turvy universe. The parallax scrolling is very smooth, and there are many secrets to uncover as well as a split-screen two-player mode. But when all is said and done, MSD is far too unforgiving to appeal to anyone but the most hardened joystick experts. Recommended, but be warned if you found Super Mario a hard game - this excellent tribute is far more challenging.

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Mr. Stump's Dentures screenshot
Mr. Stump's Dentures screenshot

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