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Miner VGA

"The object of the game is to "make a lady" out of Miss Mimi, the owner of the brothel. If this sounds too sexist for you, you might want to quit reading now and not play.

In essence, she has agreed to marry you IF you present her with a diamond ring and $20,000 in cash (your mutual retirement fund.) "Anything less and I would be wasting my god given talents on just one man.", says she. Because of her history of unsanitary sexual practices you may also want to consider having a condom as well.

You win the game when you present yourself to Miss Mimi with $20,000 and a diamond ring. The toughest part, of course, is mining enough ore to come up with the $20,000."

So says Harrell W. Stiles, the maker of this funny game. Miner is a simple-looking, time-consuming game featuring a little guy in search for gold, glory and a woman! A standard male, eh?

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Miner VGA screenshot
Miner VGA screenshot

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