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SubHunt is a fun 3D submarine action game designed by professor Ian Parberry and a team of his students at the University of North Texas Recreational Computer Laboratory (which was one of the first labs ... If you enjoy FPS or military-themed action games, SubHunt may fit the bill for a little while. The missions are a bit too easy, however, so it shouldn't take action veterans too long to finish.

Subspace (a.k.a. Continuum)

One of the best - if not THE best - modern remake of Atari's classic Asteroids, Subspace takes the concept and makes it even more addictive by turning it into a multiplayer space combat game. How good ... people all over the world playing this addictive game. You will meet alot of friends on this game and maybe make a few enemies but overall a excellent game to play. Download this free game now."

Suburban Commando

Suburban Commando is a multi-style action game based on the movie of the same name. Features a fairly poor R-Type clone level, three standard jump'n run levels and three beat'em up levels. Well, quite a nice combination but not that entertaining as it sounds. At least technically it's ok - but lacking a lot in gameplay. Awful movie, awful game. Stay away from this one if you can help it.

Sumo Carrier

Sumo Carrier is a humorous delivery game designed by E-Game for Sumo, Sweden's premier electronic products retailer (similar to Best Buy in the US). From the in-game description: "Help Sumo deliver ... cars that you have to look out for." Sounds complicated? Not really. The game plays much easier than it sounds, although there isn't enough variety here to sustain anyone's interest for long.


Review 1: Remember Boulder Dash? Well, that formula has been recreated time after time, and most of the games (Heartlight) were pretty bad, and didn't come near to the original. Now, here's a game which ... games I played. It is a nice game with more than 100 levels. You have to get some items and get to the end. And make sure you do not die, because of the stones and the scissors and other enimies.

Super Bubsy for Windows

Super Bubsy is a little-known platformer gem from Accolade, optimized for Windows 95. As MobyGames describes, the game stars Bubsy the Bobcat, the cartoon hero "....[in] Claws Encounters of the Furred ... from the inventive level designs, to neat bonus items to collect. Too bad it's just been done better elsewhere, and so you can't help but feel a sense of deja vu when playing this game. Recommended.

Super C

The second and unfortunately last in Konami's widely acclaimed Contra series that were translated to the PC, Super C retains the addictive gameplay of the original while introducing more challenges and ... the changes seem subtle, Super C is a better game than the already solid original. A must-have for all Contra fans, especially those who felt that the final boss in Contra was too easy to beat.

Super Cauldron

Super Cauldron is yet another platform game by Titus, well fitting to their long list of games in this genre such as Prehistorik, Blues Brothers and Titus the Fox. However, Super Cauldron is far more imaginative ... bleeps from PC speaker. Controls are user-friendly, and animations are very smooth. Overall, a fun platformer that IMHO deserves a lot more notice than Titus' better-known Titus The Fox. Recommended!

Super Cosplay War Ultra

Super Cosplay War Ultra is a superb one-on-one fighting game in the same vein as Fighters Kyodotai, previous fighter from the same design team: Alicuu from Taiwan. Similar to Kyodotai, SCWU sets itself ... in this game is even more detailed than Fighters Kyodotai, and the characters' attacks are more varied and better-looking. All in all, another superb freeware from a very talented amateur group.

Super Ken Senshi

Super Ken Senshi is yet another superb freeware release from Fallen Angel Industries, one of the best "Klik" designer groups. Aside from excellent anime graphics and animations that FAIND usually ... fought all the enemy ships, there is little reason for a rematch. This relatively low play value is a pity, since SKS offers such a fun multiplayer mode and fluid gameplay before it gets repetitive.

Super Mario Pac

Super Mario Pac is one of the best Super Mario clones for PC you will likely find. This is not only because it remains faithful to the simple-yet-addictive gameplay of Nintendo's blockbuster, but also ... of Jetpac that it's a small wonder nobody has thought to combine them until now. Whether you like Super Mario or Jetpac or - more likely - both classics, you will enjoy this excellent fanmade remake.

Super Mario vs. NWO World Tour

Super Mario vs. NWO World Tour is a competent fan-made spoof of WCW vs. NWO Nintendo 64 game. SMNWO attempts to bring some of the fun of the original side-scrollers back, and it largely succeeds, while ... find the game only a bit more fun than your average platformer. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I'm not a die-hard Mario fan by any means. Mario fans will definitely find much to like in this old game.

Super Mario XP

Super Mario XP is a great Super Mario clone from japan. While the graphics is not as good as Nintendo's original - Mario looks like he has lost a few pounds, and the color palette is far too drab for the ... mushrooms, pipes, question mark boxes, and other bonus items that Super Mario fans will be familiar with, but the levels are different enough and no less fun to play through than Nintendo's classic.

Super Monster Painter Extreme

Super Monster Painter Extreme is yet another addictive cartoony arcade game from Johan Peitz of Free Lunch Design, maker of a great freeware classic called Icy Tower. In the author's words, this is "...[the] ... if you have a friend to join in the two-player co-operative mode - the game gets really tough in later levels, and trying to co-ordinate the right mix of colors at the right time is very fun.

Super Nibbly

Super Nibbly is a decent and very little known PC conversion of the Commodore 64 and Amiga game of the same name, which were only slightly better known than this PC port. The game is basically the same ... appeal to fans of the classic who want something more challenging. The game gets frustratingly difficult after a few levels, though, and there is not enough variety to keep it interesting for long.

Super Sales Acer

Some little platform game.

Super Sango Fighter

As the title suggests, this game is an ingenious home-brew game that pits fighters from Sango Fighter against those from Super Fighter in the ultimate fighting match. Death Adder did a great job ripping all graphics, sounds, and animations from the two games and combine them into an enjoyable gaming experience.

Super Secret Ninja

Super Secret Ninja is one of the smallest and most entertaining 'coffee break' games I've ever come across - not to mention unique. In a game that seems to have been inspired in equal parts by Thief and ... fun it is... I always have trouble explaining the appeal of 'simple, but not simplistic' games :) The author deserves extra points for designing a non-violent game that is perfect for kids as well.

Super Space Invaders

PC conversion of Taito's 1990 arcade game Super Space Invaders '91. As you would expect, it's the classic shoot'em up you all know, updated with lots of different extra weapons, various background graphics, ... factor. Fans of original Space Invaders will have a lot of fun, though, although it gets repetitive quite quickly with mundane enemy ships and level backgrounds that aren't up to par with Silpheed.

Super Star Wars

This is the never-released PC version of a console side-scrolling platform game from LucasArts. The game follows the plot of the first Star Wars very closely-- as Luke Skywalker, you must fight your way ... LucasArts to release it. LucasArts declined, sensing (quite correctly) that the game would not do well on a PC. A good game, but pales in comparison to Rebel Assault, its de facto replacement.

Super Stardust

Super Stardust 96 is an excellent arcade shoot em-up that combines addictive gameplay with breath-taking ray-traced and fully animated 3D graphics, digital music and sound effects, to give you the blast ... a much poorer job than European publisher Team 17, resulting in the game being literally unknown in the US. Still, here's your chance to finally try one of the BEST shoot-em-ups ever made for the PC.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Review 1: Street Fighter 2 Turbo is a classic arcade fighting game. I think some clever marketing person added Turbo to sell more games and it seemed to work. The plot of the game is that a group of ... have seen the same 12 contestants, it's time for some new blood, as four fresh challengers are ready to step into the arena and prove that they're worthy of being in the World Warrior Tournament.

Surf Ninjas

Review 1: Another Real Dog from Capstone, who tirelessly acquired lucrative movie licenses and churned out horrible games based on them -- and they never seem to learn, either. Surf Ninjas is no exception. ... side-scrolling beat-em-up game, where you are transformed into a ninja where you got to beat-up other ninjas over and over until you get bored. Later on you'll get some weapons too, but that's it.


SWIV 3D is a fun follow-up to SWIV, classic Amiga overhead shoot-em up which was in turn the sequel to Silkworm. Games Domain said it all about the appeal of this vastly underrated gem in their review: ... say 'Die, invader scum! Die! Die! Die!'. Sorry, what I meant to say was that SWIV 3D is an excellent game, easily one of the best if not the best shoot-em-ups available. Get it, or regret it."

Sword of Honour

This is a fun side-scrolling action game that did quite well on the Amiga but went unnoticed on the PC. Easy enemies and somewhat repetitive levels are made up for by excellent graphics and a lot of exotic ... part of the game. In a strange departure from most side-scrolling games, Sword of Honour also lets you control the action via a mouse-driven panel at the bottom, although it's by no means responsive.

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