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A lackluster side-scrolling shooter from Webfoot -- one of the worst from this prolific shareware publisher. Not much good to speak of for this clunky shooter designed by Pseudos: boring ship designs, ... mention, but unfortunately that's not enough to make a good game. If you want a good shareware shooter, try something else and leave this average old game alone. Don't say I didn't warn you ;)


A decent conversion of a little-known Commodore 64 game, Baal is a fun side-scrolling shooter with a banal plot: you are member of the Time Warriors, an elite commando unit sent into the alien lairs to ... components. Overall, Baal as an old game is barely above average, and there is little surprise or challenge to keep anyone playing to the end. Definitely one of Psygnosis' more lackluster shooters.

Baby Jo in Going Home

Review 1: Baby Jo is a quite fun jump'n run game by Loriciel - a bit similar to SEGA's classic Wonderboy. You are baby Jo, a baby (in diapers, no less) who has to struggle through many levels to find ... the whole appeal of the game. If you've played about a billion other side-scrolling games such as this, you might not find anything new or exiting here. But the theme behind it is totally original.

Back to The Future II

Review 1: A fun game based on the hit Michael J. Fox movie of the same name, Back to The Future II closely follows the movie's plot and is high on the fun factor. The plot picks up where the first Back ... newcomers to the action genre. Recommended, especially to fans of the movie. Review 2: Weird game based on the second movie of Back to the Future. You are starting on your skateboard in the future.

Back to The Future III

Back to The Future III is a fun variety action game based on the hit movie of the same name. What makes the game more than just another shoot-em-up is twofold: the way it presents each chapter in the story ... than Back to The Future II Overall, Back to The Future III is a great action game that all fans of the movie will enjoy. It offers many twists and unique gameplay that are highly entertaining.

Backlash: A Turret Gunner Simulation

Backlash: A Turret Gunner Simulation is a straightforward clone of Wing Commander without the intriguing plot dynamics and personalities that made it a classic space combat game. Your job: climb into the ... can't rise from the repetitive gameplay to be something special. Not recommended, although Wing Commander may get a kick or two out of seeing familiar concepts and gameplay in this lackluster clone.

Bad Dudes

Review 1: Another excellent conversion of a coin-op classic by Quicksilver, Bad Dudes is a Double Dragon style platform classic which more than makes up for its lack of variety with a lot of enemies, ... the one who's going to rescue him in the final. Move across some nice platform screen fighting lots of bad dudes. The game is playable with a joystick but a keyboard works just fine. EGA graphics.

Bad Street

Beat 'm up game.

Bad Street Brawler

From Seanbaby review of the game: "Bad Street Brawler is a fun "East Meets West" side-scroller that was much better known on the Nintendo. You play Duke Davis, self-proclaimed "former ... games, Bad Street Brawler is well worth a look for a chuckle or two. Gameplay-wise, it pales beneath classics like Double Dragon or Renegade, but it arguably has more character than both."

Baku Funshigi

Baku Funshigi is an interesting and quite unique 3D action game from Japan. The game plays like those cavefliers from Finland (or UrthWurm for that matter) - your only goal is to maneuver a tank to the ... that are simple to learn, but challenging, Baku Funshigi is worth a look. Recommended, but more for the innovative game idea and level design than on longevity - of which there is very little here.

Ball Blazing Fantasy

Ball Blazing Fantasy is a fun arcade-ish game that plays like a cross between Marble Madness and Dizzy series of games. The game contains two different ball-rolling games: "Ball Blaze" and "The ... more than make up for this. All in all, if you enjoy games like Marble Madness, you should enjoy this spiritual descendant that has plenty of gameplay to offer action experts. Highly recommended!

Ball Race

Ball Race is a unique racing game from Carl McLawhorn, most famous for his multiplayer Trek game in the early 1980s. The game basically lets you race a ball (which looks like a billiard ball) against the ... left-right motion will be). With a unique premise and solid execution, including reasonably realistic ball physics, Ball Race is one of the best early freeware games that were popular among BBS'ers.

Ballermann - Hey Baby

Ballerman - Hey Baby is a fun freeware clone of Frogger created to promote SWING! Entertainment's Ballerman commercial game, which is in turn based on Germany's popular comics. The game also features Sound ... a line). With a rocking soundtrack, sharp graphics, and a tried-and-true gameplay, this incarnation of Frogger is a great way to waste a few minutes at work, or relax after a complicated game.


Review 1: Bananarama is a tile based platform puzzle game with influences from the likes of Lode Runner, Bomberman, and even Indiana Jones. It features 16 levels of play, one bonus game, and 3 skill ... very clear, although trial and error is enough to learn the basics. Still, Bananarama is a good example of what a creative mind with a game creation app Macromedia Fusion can achieve. Recommended.


Review 1: One of many Arkanoid clones and not quite good actually. All that brick breaking is still there, but there is no real challenge as you can skip levels any time you want! I've heard that this ... main reason to put a game up: it's just good! Unusual about THIS game of that style is the fact that it scrolls - so it's quite challenging. In MY opinion the best game of this kind! (the VERY best!)


Game like the old Novatron, for 2-3 players. Each player is represented by a dot and trail of a different color. The idea is to avoid crashing into anything.

Banzai Bug

Billed as a "flight sim," Banzai Bug is actually a 3D action game, although the premise is indeed unique: you fly a bug named Banzai on a quest to drive the bug-phobic humans out of the house. ... the colorful eyecandy. The repetitive gameplay will likely bore even the most tolerant kid in your house, though. Too bad the unique concept is not backed up with sufficient gameplay in this one.


Review 1: I can't remember how many times I have played this game on my Commodore 64 and Amiga but it has been more than 1000 times through the years. Barbarian isn't a very complicated game - all you ... to see who can decapitate first. A five minute amusement. Though if you're looking for a similar game with better AI and strategy (blood too) I'd recommend Moonstone for both single and multiplayer.

Barbarian (Mastertronic)

One of the worst platform games ever made and definitely a low point in Mastertronic's varied career. Barbarian (not to be confused with the excellent game of the same name from Palace Software) casts ... system I've ever seen for an action game." Enough said. Bad game, bad graphics, ridiculous controls. Avoid this Real Dog at all costs and go play the superior Palace Software game instead.

Barbarian 2

Review 1: One of the true classics when I had my Commodore 64 and Amiga. The game offers a bit than the first game in the series as you can run around inside and outside caves killing hoardes of different ... and observation. The devious maze, however, truly distracts from the game, and there's not enough fighting or variety to distinguish the game from zillions of other slug-fests that have come before.


Barbarians is a lackluster platformer developed by Teeny Weeny Games, who also developed Pocahontas, another lackluster platformer published by GT Interactive. Similar to Enix's excellent console game ... The pseudo-3D graphics looks nice for a while, until the novelty wears off after the first few minutes. Avoid this very marginal old game if you can - unless you simply must own every game ever made.

Baron Baldric: A Grave Overture

Baron Baldric: A Grave Overture is a fun - and very rare - shareware platformer ported to the PC from the Amiga in 1992. Although the game is by no means a classic, it is sought after by many Apogee fans ... eat food to survive. The game is by no means a classic, but it is a fun platformer that will keep you entertained for at least a few hours. Recommended, especially to Apogee fans of course ;)


Barrage is an excellent but little-known 3D shooter created by small developer Mango Grits, the same team behind two outstanding "rail shooters/adventure hybrids" Cyberia and Cyberia 2, and published ... to market the game as a regular-price commercial title a flawed one - and one that doubtless led to its commercial failure. Highly recommended, but don't expect a lot of play value out of this game.

Barrel Patrol 3D

Barrel Patrol 3D is a fun fanmade remake of Ripoff, a late 1970s Vectrex game in which you must defend your stash of fuel cells from invading pirates. In Barrel Patrol 3D, you must protect your barrels ... with some graphics cards. Still, with a great combination of gameplay and graphics, Barrel Patrol 3D is one of the best freeware action games that's great for a few minutes of coffee break fun.


One of the best top-down shooters ever made, but also one of the most unknown due to lack of distribution, Baryon takes you on a cruise through alien-infested territory as you collect power-ups and shoot ... bonuses makes it worthwhile and enjoyable. With great gameplay and solid graphics (and even a good soundtrack) that rival the best of commercial shooters, Baryon is a must have for all action fans.

Bastard Operator from Hell: Servers Under Siege

BOFH: SUS, tapping on the Bastard Operator from Hell legacy, is an overhead shooter game, very much like Tapan Kaikki, or older action "adventures" on 8- and 18-bit systems. To quote the story ... The game also plays quite good, although there are a few buttons to remember, and it's quite easy to die. If you're craving for some challenging, old-fashioned action, be sure to check out this game.

Bat 'n Ball

Very original arkanoid clone.

Batman Forever

This is a platform game based on the hit movie of the same name. Batman Forever uses Acclaim's Mortal Kombat engine, which started to show its age in 1996 but is still capable of delivering fluid, nonstop ... The ability to change your weapons in mid-game is a nice touch, as well as fun appearances of Robin and Catwoman. Play this only if you're a Batman fan, or really like the Mortal Kombat engine.

Batman Forever: The Arcade Game

Among game developers, Acclaim has one of the most mixed records of all, curiously displaying a very large gap in quality between their classics such as Mortal Kombat games and the better-forgotten games ... and over again at a lightning pace until you are the last person standing. In fact, I strongly suspect that it is possible to score highly on some levels without ever looking at the screen."

Batman: The Caped Crusader

Review 1: Batman: The Caped Crusader is the second of 3 games from OCEAN featuring the hooded hero (after 3D and before The Movie), with 2 separate scenarios and the action laid out in comic-strip panels. ... adventure you can play is against The Penguin. His eager is to take over the world. In this game you walk around several screens (like a comic-book) and you can pick up tools and stuff along the way.

Batman: The Movie

Review 1: Everyone's favorite hooded vigilante is back, but he's not better than everů. Or, more precisely, his previous outing with OCEAN. You're out on a five-level mission to --what else-- rid Gotham ... it playable for CGA, EGA as well as VGA. The graphics are ok. During the game you can climb ladders or swing your batrope to get on another platform. duck and space will get you on platform lower.

Battle Arena Toshinden

Review 1: Battle Arena Toshinden is a game similar to games like Virtua Fighter and Mortal Kombat. You start the game by selecting between 8 different fighters where you choose one and the computer will ... force you to figure out and learn special and combination attacks - simple keypresses activate them. Despite its polished graphics and smooth gameplay, Battle Arena: Toshinden is missing quite a bit.

Battle Arena Toshinden 2

Review 1: Battle Arena Toshinden 2 is a game similar to games like Virtua Fighter and Mortal Kombat. You start the game by selecting between 8 different fighters where you choose one and the computer ... boss from the previous game, is now selectable. The camera angles in this game give a realistic feel to the gameplay. The only drawback is that the controls are terrible and unable to be configured.

Battle Boys

Battle Boys is a fun freeware vertical shooter that sports a novel idea: two players must collaborate in order to survive. Although you can play solo, it is much more fun to play with a friend in co-op ... there is still no end in sight. If you are looking for something different from the norm or a fun shooter that harks back to the fun co-op mode of Twinbee, take a look at this fun and polished game.

Battle Europe

Battle Europe is a fun isometric shooting game set in World War II. Your objective: as either Allies or Axis, destroy all tanks of the opposing side on each level to advance to the next. In each level, ... gamers, most of whom probably have never heard of this obscure old game. Using World War II as setting for arcade-style action also makes the game quite unique in its genre. Highly recommended!

Battle Hamster

Not much can be said about this game, really. It is a two-player battle to the finish with hamsters. There are no endings, no other backgrounds besides the one pictured, and only one character (the other ... down key and pressing an attack button. The only thing this game is really good for is its cuteness. If you like 'cutesy' fighting games, this one's for you. Otherwise, I recommend you keep looking.

Battle Nation

Battle Nation is a great fanmade game based on an arcade classic by Namco called Battle City, which is in turn based on Atari's Combat. The basic idea: control a tank to destroy all enemy tanks on each ... to. The game looks nice, plays great, and is an all-around solid remake. It's not as addictive as some PC remakes of Atari's Combat (Tankkk and Tankgame come to mind), but it is still a lot of fun.

Battle Wrath

Battle Wrath is a lackluster one-on-one SVGA fighting game sold as shareware briefly in 1995 - the first fighting game to use SVGA. The thoroughly average plot goes as follows: after death, great warriors ... The lack of features such as combo hits that have become standards in the genre is also disappointing, as it makes the game much more simplistic. Worth a look only if you collect this kind of games.


Battledrome is the first release in Dynamix' MetalTech giant-robots universe that bears more than a passing resemblance to FASA's BattleTech. Fortunately, the game is strong enough to be able to stand ... in most areas, but still passable. Overall, a solid first start for Dynamix, although the game could have been much better (and a Top Dog) with a more integrated storyline and single-player campaign.

Battletech 1: The Crescent Hawks' Inception

Review 1: You are Jason Youngblood - a cadet of the Lyran Commonwealth on the world of Pacifica. Jason is a budding Mechwarrior, who wants to be like his father Jeremia Youngblood who is seen as a legendary ... that follows the adventure of Mech pilot Jason Youngblood from his apprentice days and beyond. Truly a game that sets new standards for the genre, and foreshadows many successors to the FASA license.

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