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Review 1:

One of many Arkanoid clones and not quite good actually. All that brick breaking is still there, but there is no real challenge as you can skip levels any time you want! I've heard that this game was actually made just to show the power of VGA colors back in 1991, so it's no wonder it's nothing special.

Review 2:

This is an Arkanoid-clone. You don't know Arkanoid? Oh well - simple idea: bounce the ball against the bricks. Maybe the name Breakout sounds more familiar to you - another game of that style. So what's so special about Bananoid? First I have strong personal feelings to this game, second is the main reason to put a game up: it's just good! Unusual about THIS game of that style is the fact that it scrolls - so it's quite challenging. In MY opinion the best game of this kind! (the VERY best!)

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Bananoid screenshot
Bananoid screenshot

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