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Arkanoid 2

Review 1:

One of my favorite arcade games when I had my Amiga 500. The game is pretty much the same as Arkanoid but with much better graphics and interface. The game is very simple as you just have to shoot a ball up on different blocks. Every time you hit one it dissapears and once you have removed all blocks you have completed the level.

You can get extra things such as 3 balls, laser, glue and much more from he letters that sometimes appear when you hit one of the blocks.

The more levels you complete the more complex and faster levels you get to. There are also some robots flying arround which you have to kill or at least avoid as they are trying to stop you from completing the level. All though they can be a bit annoying they do have a somewhat random movement area and are rarely getting all the way down to you before you have hit them. Overall a funny game which you can use mana hours on.

Review 2:

Arkanoid is back! The concept is the same as in the first Arkanoid, bounce the ball against the bricks and make them disappear. You get some nice goodies falling down, that make your vehicle bigger, give it the ability to shoot and some other features. The levels are more interesting than in the first part, the graphics improved a little. Overall this is the better one, a classic.

Review 3:

The sequel has better graphics and sound while everything else is the same. Destroy blocks and complete levels. Some more falling letters were added which means more options for you and the paddle.

Review 4:

A well-known game with lots of levels and much fun. You must hit the bricks with the ball, so that they disappear, but you must reflect the ball using the pad, wich you control. When all bricks are gone, you'll move on to the next level, wich is ussually harder and they may look a bit different. Also the speed can be turned up. It's worth playing!

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Arkanoid 2 screenshot
Arkanoid 2 screenshot

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