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Amanagi is an excellent horizontal shooter from Japan that boasts excellent 3D graphics and gameplay. Formerly shareware, the game has been released into the public domain by the author. The animations ... designs than many commercial shooters I have come across, even. If you enjoy shooters, Amanagi is one quality freeware that will not disappoint, even if it starts out a bit easier than average.

Amazing Spider-Man, The

Review 1: Spider-Man's identity has been revealed as being Peter Parker and his arch nemesis Mysterio decides to take advantage of it. The evil Mysterio has kidnapped Mary Jane and taken her back to ... and some rather small characters. Spiderman, of course, can climb walls and walk on ceilings which makes his movement much easier than in any other game. What is the goal? I admit I do not know...

Ambush in Sector 9

Ambush in Sector 9 is a great "retro" style shooter from Pug Fugly Games, programmed in Game Maker. Although the game is rather short, you will be having a lot of fun with blasting various spaceships ... action is so fast paced that it'll leave your palms sweating for one more go. The presentation is perfect to me. If this was more than a quick arcade romp I would give a full ten! Too much fun."


Amok is a solid conversion of an underrated FPS on the SEGA Saturn console that offers several interesting gameplay innovations that were sadly overlooked, the best of which is the blend of strategy elements ... to survive long enough for those elusive save passwords. Overall, it's a nice little shooter that doesn't hold up to the best of breed, but it an all-around solid game that is well worth a look.

Anchor: The Last Hope of the Brilliant Ocean

Yet another weirdly-named but addictive freeware gem from Japan, Anchor is a great coffee-break game that plays like a cross between my favorite underwater anime game Oden Todo Fish and SubHunt. In the ... the torpedos." A fun game that takes a while to get the hang of, but after that you'll be hooked. It plays perfectly in a Window, which makes it ideal for ALT+TABbing back and forth from work ;)

Another Zero

One of the most impressive freeware shooters I played, Another Zero is also one of the most difficult games in the genre, freeware or not. Three ships are selectable, each with different characteristics, ... more levels after a boss will savagely take all your lives in a minute :b Overall, this is the perfect game for the long-time SHMUPS player. Casual players, stay away if you care for your patience!

Ant Attack PC

Ant Attack PC is a faithful recreation of Sandy White's excellent Ant Attack, the world's first isometric 3D game published by Quicksilva in 1983 for the Spectrum computer. The idea of the game is to enter ... a milestone in computer graphics, and is a fun arcade game to boot. This PC version does it justice, but keep an eye on the author's website for the upcoming graphically enhanced version for Windows.

Ant Man

Ant Man is a fun futuristic platformer from Namil Soft, a Korean games developer that was later acquired by fellow Koreans Wizard Soft in 1999. The game is similar to Thexder and Mega Man series: you control ... Definitely well worth a look if you enjoy anime action games. Note: the game is in Korean, but there is very little text in the game, so nobody should have a hard time figuring out what to do ;)


Antagony is a decent fighting game in the same style as Mortal Kombat, only not as varied. The game is a better than average effort, though, especially judging from the fact that it was developed and published ... Antagony may be more to your liking. The lack of differentiation between fighters is what keeps the game from our Top Dog tag and into the same league as Mortal Kombat series. Worth a look, though.

Antartic Adventure

Review 1: Antarctic Adventure is a very cute and funny game from Konami starring Pentarou the Penguin (who later appears in Konami's Parodius) who must journey across the Antarctic to deliver his fiancé. ... On the journey you can collect things, you might find shops. The payment is fish, so you must collect fish. And by every stage higher you have less time to reach the finish, so you must hurry.


APB is a decent conversion of Atari's 1987 arcade classic. A fun cartoon-style action game where you slip into the role of Bob, a police officer. Officer Bob patrols the big city in his squad car. Every ... scroll across the screen, giving warnings, game advice, or what mistake you just performed. In all, there is a total of about 30+ levels to play, which keeps this game fresh for a long time.

Apple Panic

Apple Panic is a very early Lode Runner-style platformer that is not as good as that classic, but merits mention as one of the first platformers made for PC. It is also the first PC game designed by Olaf ... constraints and precise-to-the-pixel digging requirement. The game doesn't break any new ground, but it is still a fun little game that will keep you occupied if you think Lode Runner is too easy.


Another Arkanoid clone. Shoot down bricks with a ball and a bar on the bottom of the screen.

Arcade #1

Review 1: Arcade #1 is one of Keypunch's many game packages in which the company essentially stole freelance designers' works (most released as freeware or shareware on various BBS's), took out all credits, ... including: Pitfall, Artillery, Goob and X-Wing. Rumours go round these games were ripped from Bulletin Boards Systems (BBS) and all credits were removed from the games from the original designer.

Arcade Mania

Arcade Mania is a collection of 3 lackluster arcade games from Corel, a company most famous for its Corel Draw series that dabbled in gaming industry with a few titles in the mid-1990s. The game has nothing ... of Corel's Wild Board Games and Wild Cards, Arcade Mania is a disappointment even as a budget title. Steer clear of this thoroughly average game unless you can't think of anything better to do.

Arctic Adventure

Review 1: Arctic Adventure is an early Apogee game designed by George Broussard. The game is similar to Monument of Mars and Pharaoh's Tomb: an exploratory game that combines elements from different ... for this game in my own humble opinion. Go and find those maps. Show them snotty professionals just what you're made of! This is a great game you'll love it. It's fun whilst still being a challenge.

Arctic Fox

One of the true pioneers of real-time, first-person shooter (FPS) genre, Arctic Fox is a fun game that is also notable for being one of Damon Slye (Aces of Pacific)'s first designs at Dynamix. There's ... such as fuel and missiles. Overall, Arctic Fox is a fun and addictive shooter that paves the way to many games in the same vein, especially Dynamix' own Stellar 7 and Nova 9, and Spectre VR.

Arena Runner

Arena Runner is another quality freeware action game from the talented Apocalyptic Coders group. Circy's review for says it all: " I guess, in a couple of ways, Arena Runner perhaps resembles ... is a very solid game. The engine is smooth, fast and responsive and the game looks quite nice. If you like the challenge, then Arena Runner is worth downloading - but it won't be for everyone."


Review 1: It's the most professional looking homegrown game I've seen in a while. The idea is a classic - everyone knows Arkanoid I guess. However... I failed to see REAL innovations in this version. ... 10 will feel himself really challenged. All by all, I'm not really impressed. I like the idea, but playing the game just doesn't give me a kick or anything and I think I need that when I play a game.


Review 1: One of my favorite arcade games when I had my Amiga 500. The game is very simple as you just have to shoot a ball up on different blocks. Every time you hit one it dissapears and once you have ... when you hit certain bricks. The *S* power up slows down the speed of the ball (sorry, energy bolt =P) so that you can take things a little easier, while the *L* powerup gives you a laser gun (COOL!)

Arkanoid 2

Review 1: One of my favorite arcade games when I had my Amiga 500. The game is pretty much the same as Arkanoid but with much better graphics and interface. The game is very simple as you just have to ... the pad, wich you control. When all bricks are gone, you'll move on to the next level, wich is ussually harder and they may look a bit different. Also the speed can be turned up. It's worth playing!

Arla Milkout

Another arcade game clone by E-Game, this time the victi-- err-- inspiration is Taito's Arkanoid. Instead of just ripping of gameplay directly from the arcade game as they have done in the past, E-Game ... milk. The game ends once your milk tank is filled up or you run out of balls, whichever comes first. Overall, a fun coffee-break promotional gem from E-Game that bodes well for their future releases.


ArmJoe is a great 2D one-on-one fighting game coded with ASCII's Fighter Maker program. The game is an unofficial tribute to the Les Miseables broadway musical, which is in turn based on Victor Hugo's ... in the book. This kind of detail is normally missing in a 2D fighting game, and makes ArmJoe much more fun. Highly recommended to fans of beat 'em ups, and fans of the musical in particular.

Armor Alley

Armor Alley is without a doubt one of the most fun and complex multiplayer action games ever made. The premise is simple: eliminate the opposing team from the playing field. The execution, however, requires ... you must stage combined arms assaults using helicopters (which requires refuel at landing pads), infantry, and tanks. Modem and serial play are supported, and computer AI is competent in solo mode.


Armour-Geddon is a unique 3D combat sim with a nice strategy twist. Your mission: destroy a heavily defended laser weapon by building a fight force and gathering new technologies until strong enough to ... complex enough to be worthwile. Reminiscent of Konami's Killing Cloud and even older Carrier Command in the good blend of action and strategy elements. Recommended for all fans of futuristic sims.

Arnie 2

Arnie is a basic action game. You make your way through a battlefield set in a factory, air base, naval base, or POW camp with little variation from a set path. Play revolves around dodging bullets, missiles, ... you're currently using. To quit it seems you have to wait until your mission is over (or you're dead) and you're at the mission selection screen then press Escape. The Pause key pauses the game.


The place is ancient Britain. You are Artura, son of the Pendragon. Your quest: To rescue Nimue, beautiful apprentice to Merdyn the Mage, and keeper of the secret of the ancient treasures lost long ago. ... to help you to free Nimue and complete your quest. A decent side-scrolling medieval platform game that is about as average as games of its type go, although graphics are quite good for its time.

Arya Vaiv

Arya Vaiv is a little-known and only slightly above average 2D vertical shooter from Dongleware. The all-too-familiar goal: shoot everything in sight and avoid enemy fire. Not much more to say than that ... get by shooting objects in the correct order: different order gives you different power-up. Unfortunately, boring level designs and lack of enemy variety make the overall game an average one at best.

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes is a very banal, sub-par first-person shooter released in 1996 amid other boring Quake clones. Although the game does try to offer something new (for instance, you can operate several types ... lacks that gamer's touch to give it an extra boost to help it stand out in a sea of mediocre 3D action games." My advice is to ignore this game and play CyberMage, Strife, or Marathon 2 instead.

Assassin 2015

Assassin 2015 is an entertaining 3D action/adventure hybrid that is unfortunately far too short and easy. The description from MobyGames follows: "You are Jack Butcher, a former soldier, and now an ... Cyberia games. Overall, if you enjoy eclectic FPS that isn't a straightforward action game, Assassin 2015 is worth a look. It could have been a Top Dog had it been more challenging and long - a pity.

Assault Dragon (a.k.a. Day 5, The)

Dragon Force, Icarus, and Assault Dragon are three competent 2D side-scrolling shooters from Korea, based on the same mundane sci-fi plot about defending the Earth from alien invaders. All three games ... game in the series, Assault Dragon, is especially worth a look because of excellent ship designs and innovative "scrolling" backgrounds that are very nice - although confusing to look at ;)

Assault Rigs

Assault Rigs is a fun 3D tank game that combines the best elements of Battlezone and - yes - Pac-Man. In this fun action game, futuristic tanks duke it out in a furious deathmatch, gathering up as many ... play where up to eight players can play simultaneously. If you like Atari's Combat or Battlezone, you will definitely enjoy this fun old game that was much better known on the Playstation console.

Assault Wing

Assault Wing is a fun shareware "caveflyer" from Finland that that has been released as freeware. If you have never played a caveflyer before, the idea is simple: two or more players fly their ... enough, you'd already have plenty of friends (or habitual enemies) to fight against ;) Excellent level and ship editors round off one of the best caveflyers you'll come across. Highly recommended!

Astro Dodge

I have had a hard time stating what kind of game Astrotit is. I can say one thing and that is that the game is not only bad - it's really BAD. The game doesn't make sense at all. The graphics and sound ... On a little note though - the developers does make it sound like they wanted to make a different game and make it bad on purpose so that might be the reason for this poor game. At least I hope so.

Atomic Bomberman

Atomic Bomberman is Interplay's valiant effort at bringing Hudson Soft's classic Bomberman to the 1990s. Richard Greenhill at The Games Domain has the lowdown on how this sequel stacked up against Hudson ... out... new maps, graphics and sounds created by its unrelenting admirers." Worth a look for Bomberman fans, although the freeware remake Mr. Boom is much more fun than this commercial title.

Atomic Butcher

Atomic Butcher is a fun 2D platformer in the same vein as Abuse, except much more violent, long, and potentially offensive (your main weapon is a stream of piss (!), for instance, giving new meaning to ... is not original - it's just a very well made action game that should please platformer fans, although it would be nice if the levels were more diverse and their layouts more interesting. Recommended.


One of the most interesting games ever made, IBM's archaic 1982 game Attack would go down in history as just another mundane, primitive Paratrooper clone, if not for the fact that it could very well be ... to play at all. Attack deserves a place here more as an interesting display of well-publicized friction between Apple and IBM, but that reason should be enough for historical buffs to try it out :)

Attack on Altair

Probably the rarest game from Windmill Software, maker of Digger, Attack on Altair is a shooter game that is entirely text-based -and not a very good one, at that. If you have played Space Invaders and ... without any real graphics it's just too difficult making out the targets ;) Worth a try just to see what Windmill's early days are like—before you put it down and play the timeless Digger instead.


AuroraDibularos is a cute little driving action game from Virtually Real, makers of Destruction Carnival and other fun freeware games. Simple concept: stay on course for as long as you can, collecting ... as a "quick fix." If you like anime games or driving games in general, AuroraDibularos will provide a few minutes of fun at a time during a break from work or more complicated games.

Auto Duel

Now this is what i call a mixtures of games. Buy a car, build it from scratch and go race some races. Get some cannons and stuff and you ready to go. This is an awesome game. A mixture betweend Streetrod and Death Track!

Avoid the Noid

Avoid the Noid is an advertisement ploy for Domino's Pizza that is a surprisingly playable game. In one of the earliest advertising tie-ins ever made for PC, you play a pizza delivery boy who must deliver ... for pizza, after all). The Noid and background graphics are surprisingly crisp for its time, and the animations are very smooth. Note: This is the very rare EGA (16 colors) version of the game.

AVS (a.k.a. Kakutuku)

Ojamajo and AVS (formerly called Kakutuku) are two excellent 2D fighting games coded by ASCII's Fighter Maker application. The games feature a good number of characters and moves, very fluid animations, ... computer opponents that can defend themselves as well as attack. If you enjoy one-on-one fighting games, both games rank as some of the best releases from the freeware community. Recommended!


Azutama is a fun anime-style snowball fighting game, similar to Black Eye Software's SnowBrawl. The game features characters from the manga (Japanese comic book) series of the same name. The gameplay is ... entertaining, and the music pleasant. Each new stage offers new enemies and power-ups to collect. If you're looking for a fun game to while away a few minutes at work, check out this fun old game.

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