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Batman: The Movie

Review 1:

Everyone's favorite hooded vigilante is back, but he's not better than everů. Or, more precisely, his previous outing with OCEAN. You're out on a five-level mission to --what else-- rid Gotham City of troublesome criminals. The gameplay is a nice combination of four-way scrolling platform and the horizontal-scrolling driving game. Fluid animation and gameplay variety, however, are bogged down beneath the annoying energy bar that can't be replenished-- you'll suddenly get sent back miles if you run out of energy. The driving section is fun, but there are no cool Batmobile weapons to distinguish the sleek car from crummy Beetles. Fun, but not for long.

Review 2:

After a big success of the movie, Ocean (who actually specialized in movie-to-game conversions at that time) decided to make a game. They did not have much success with some other games but this one was a direct hit, but only on minor machines such as Spectrum or Commodore 64. PC version is just an average game.

The complete game follows the movie story. You will start at the chemical plant and look for Jack Napier. Later you will race Batmobile and fly Batplane on the streets of Gotham and finally battle Joker in Gotham Cathedral.

Review 3:

Official Batman game from the movie. Walk around in this nice platform game. Nice of them to make it playable for CGA, EGA as well as VGA. The graphics are ok. During the game you can climb ladders or swing your batrope to get on another platform. duck and space will get you on platform lower.

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