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Taking of Beverly Hills, The

An utterly pointless formula action-adventure movie. The Capstone name (in case you didn't know, this is the company that is unmatched in its ability to ruin any popular license). Sounds like a recipe ... using any thought. The bottom line (if I didn't say it clearly enough): avoid this game at all costs. I wouldn't even see the movie, and this Real Dog isn't going to change anyone's mind, either.

Tass Times in Tone Town

One of the quirkiest and most underrated adventure games ever, Tass Times in Tonetown is a fun romp in an psychadelic / punkrock alternate reality that could have been conceived by Timothy Leary. You job: ... to means "cool" -- this stuck, and became the game's final name. Brian didn't like it much, but he thought it still sounds better than Enio The Wonder Dog, the game's original name.

Teen Agent

Review 1: Teen Agent is a funny and well done adventure game where you play as a teenager that have to solve a crime that the noone else have managed to solve. The crime was a robbery where gold was ... style and humor. Note: the game was released as a commercial game in Poland, with full Polish voice acting for the CD-ROM version. The English version was released as freeware shortly after.

Theme Park Mystery

Theme Park Mystery is a weird but curiously appealing adventure game set in the mysterious world of gypsies, magic and supernatural powers where nothing is quite what it seems. Your routine life is disrupted forever when you use a discarded token in the fortunetelling machine. Overall, an interesting game with good concept but somewhat poor execution due to simplistic puzzles and lack of character interaction.

Third Courier, The

Review 1: In one of the best "spy" games ever made (but then, there haven't been that many...), you are a NATO spy who is tasked with recovering stolen NATO defense plans, earning money and ... them. If anyone has a walkthrough of this, let me know! Review 2: This game is settled in Germany during the cold war. You play a spy which has to recover some stolen stuff from the NATO. Top game!

Time and Magik Trilogy, The (a.k.a. Lords of Time, Red Moon,

Level 9's answer to the Infocom's Zork, this trilogy includes Lords of Time, Red Moon, and The Price of Magik, all of which center around wizards and spells. Despite the name "trilogy" these ... you must journey through time to collect various objects to defeat the Lord of Time. Red Moon and Price of Magik have more mundane plots, but the spell-related puzzles keep things interesting.

Time Paradox

Time Paradox is an average adventure game from Flair, released only in Europe in 1996. When the FMV (full motion video) fad is in full swing with dozens of horrendous FMV-based adventure titles released ... Paradoxmay provide a few hours of mild entertainment (it took me less than 5-6 hours to solve). If you don't want to waste time with a below-average game, on the other hand, give this one a miss.

Time Quest

This masterpiece by Bob Bates is almost flawless, except for the fact that the plot is outlined almost entirely in the documentation, and there is little plot development as the game progresses. As futuristic ... one of the hardest. Be prepared for a lot of note-taking... which will pay off handsomely as you watch one of the best endings ever seen in a computer game. A true classic that noone should pass up.

Tombs and Treasure

The only game Infocom published on the console system, Tombs and Treasure is a lackluster adventure/RPG game set in the ancient ruins of Central America. Although the game looks like a typical console-style ... children as a way to introduce them to the genre. The rest of us should stay clear of this game, and feel thankful that Infocom's experimental foray into non-PC systems only lasted this one game.


Review 1: A good adventure game based mainly on different parts of Alexandre Dumas' classic novel, Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer. You play as Geoffroi le Brun trying to make a living ... throughout the France, meet interesting people, gather weird objects, fight king's enemies, get in and out of funny situations and such. Great game that deserved more attention when it was released.

Tracer Sanction, The

One of the rarest PC games in existence today, The Tracer Sanction is a fun sci-fi text adventure with graphics designed by Interplay and published by Activision. From a brief review first printed in ZZAP!64: ... good use of text and can handle some quite complex inputs." Overall, a competent adventure that will hold your interest to the end, although neither as well-written nor innovative as Mindshadow.

Transylvania 3: Vanquish The Night

The last game in the Transylvania series ends in a high note with improved graphics, much better plot and writing, and more difficult puzzles. This time you're not just up against an evil vampire but entire ... of the undead. The spooky atmosphere is carried well with the graphics and real-time threats you always have to deal with. Definitely the capstone of Polarware's career and one of its very best.

Treasure Island

Louis Stevenson's classic, Treasure Island, is probably the most famous pirate tale of all time. The protagonist, a boy named Jim Hawkins, acquires a map to an infamous pirate's hoarded treasure, and he ... are a lot of nice touches that help one get into the feel of the game, and the internal speaker music isn't half bad, either. I'd recommend this game to anyone who isn't a lousy landlubber. Arr!

Treasury of Zan

Treasury of Zan is a very obscure shareware graphical text adventure sold via mail order in 1989. The game looks and plays similar to contemporary games from Magnetic Scroll and Level 9: graphics take ... at once). So once you make it pass the frustrating first section of the game, you will find a competent and semi-interesting text adventure that is not that bad, although it could be much better.


In mid-1980s, a small company called Mark Data Products released 6 parser-based graphic adventure games similar to early Polarware and Scott Adams titles. While the games are reasonably successful on Tandy's ... experience a forgotten past of the early days of adventure gaming. All are recommended, but if you want the best of the bunch, I highly recommend my personal favorites: Trekboer and Calixto Island.

Trials of Odysseus Kent, The

The Trials of Odysseus Kent is a short but very entertaining adventure game reminiscent of Monkey Island 2. The plot: you are Odysseus Kent, who has recently arrived in a small village in search of the ... classic adventures, this is one fanmade game that you should play. In The Trials of Odysseus Kent, Ben Croshaw succeeded in capturing the sense of humor that made Monkey Island so memorable.

Trick or Treat

One of the most obscure adventure games ever made, Trick or Treat is a decent point-and-click adventure by Spanish developer ACA Soft. The plot is nothing special, but still a nice change from the typical ... if you like "independent" adventure games such as Teen Agent or LucasArts adventures, Trick or Treat is well worth a look. Well worth finishing, although by no means an exceptional game.


Review 1: My second most favorite Infocom game (after Steve Meretzsky's A Mind Forever Voyaging) and undoubtedly one of the best games ever made in any genre, Trinity is a forgotten classic that combines ... will be a very rewarding experience. An adult game in the sense that it has a more mature and complicated plot than most games, but one that is worth investing your time in if you are up to it.

Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone is a good game in the same vein as Mike Berlyn's Altered Destiny: a hapless hero gets sucked into an alien world where he must find a way back home and saves that world in the process. Good puzzles, reasonably intelligent parser, and engaging plot make this an underrated game. An all-text mode is also available for IF purists.

Twilight's Ransom

Paragon Software, maker of the Twilight series of strategy games, takes a diversion in this surprisingly well-written IF set in the Twilight universe. Suddenly discovering that your girlfriend has been ... also enough plot twists along the way to keep mystery fans happy. All in all, a commendable and refreshing effort at fleshing out the fictional guns-and-bullets-littered landscape of Twilight 2000.

Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind is a fun freeware point-and-click adventure game from Epileptic Fish, a team of talented designers lead by Dave Gilbert. Excerpts from the thorough review by Berian Williams explains why ... Fish spent polishing and finalising the game were used well, and the finished product is an excellent, well-rounded game, with an attention to detail that's rare to find in amateur games."

Udoiana Raunes

A great amateur game that is an obvious spoof of LucasArts' Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Udoiana Raunes stars the bumbling archeologist professor of the same name who must find a way to escape the ... competent effort that's well worth a look by Indiana Jones fans and fans of adventure games in general. Be prepared for some cliche humor and a very predictable (some would say innane) plot, though.

UFOs (a.k.a. Gnap)

UFOs (released as Gnap in Europe) is a fun point-and-click cartoon adventure in the same vein as Toonstruck, except a lot shorter and not as clever. Gordon Aplin's review at Quandary says it all: "Gnap ... reminded me most of Stupid Invaders, albeit much shorter (a couple of hours at the most). If you liked that game, and/or perhaps Duckman, you should get a chuckle (and a grimace) out of this."


Ultimerr is a small, but very enjoyable amateur adventure game. It is most of all a parody of the Ultima universe - but isn't restricted to just that. You will, for example, encounter quite a few familiar ... before, the very short length of the game. You'll left wanting a lot more. But other than this, this is a game worth playing by almost everybody with an interest in funny games and/or RPG games.

Uncertainty Machine, The

The Uncertainty Machine is a fun freeware sci-fi point-and-click adventure game. Here we have the same hackneyed "dangerous new invention threatens survival of the world" premise seen in countless ... pixel-hunting. But all in all, it was a fun experience while it lasted, and there are even multiple endings (the game generously autosaves for you right before you get to choose). Recommended.


This is a little better than Shadowgate but not by much-- you still die a lot, and most puzzles are illogical. It is essentially Shadowgate with a new setting and better plot: after regaining consciousness ... item management. What made this slightly-above-average game a lot worse is a big maze which is extremely confusing and just might make you realize that finishing the game may not be worth it.


Universe is a decent sci-fi adventure that features some interesting gadget-oriented puzzles, although the banal plot and bad writing sink the game to obscurity. Nevertheless, Core Design's second effort ... planets. It is no wonder why Core never tried their hands at writing another adventure game. Given how popular Tomb Raider has become, they have certainly found their true calling .

URI Quest

One of the best fanmade, and most obscure, AGI games ever made, URI Quest (short for University of Rhode Island Quest) is a fun game by Jeff Carroll that chronicles his life as an URI undergraduate. The ... will point you in the right direction. With good graphics (by AGI standards, of course) and solid gameplay, URI Quest may just make loyal Sierra fans all misty-eyed with the glory of AGI again.

Usurper: Mines of Qyntarr

The only IF from Wizardry maker is a decent dungeon romp in the spirit of Zork (only with a more serious undertone and better plot). While enjoying your holidays in the mountains, you encounter a strange ... and use it to vanquish the evil Usurper, hence freeing the imprisoned tribe from the mines of Qyntarr. Good puzzles, imaginative denizens of the mines, and a competent parser make this a solid IF.


The last Mastertronic adventure game disappointingly abandons the innovative icon-based interface used in Kobyashi Naruand Shard of Inovarin favor of words menu that you must scroll down relentlessly to ... need to construct the sentence. Other than this nuisance, it's a solid fantasy adventure that starts you out as a weary traveller stopping by an inn for rest, without knowing dangers that lie within.

Voodoo Island

Voodoo Island is a slight variation on the "Most Dangerous Game" story, set on a remote island. Your task is to destroy the evil Dr. Beauvias is brewing, while avoiding dangerous voodoo rituals ... doesn't introduce anything new, but is a well-written game that will give you a few relaxing hours. The game might also interest fans of Sierra's Gabriel Knight 1 due to a similar occult premise.

Vortex Factor, The

In mid-1980s, a small company called Mark Data Products released 6 parser-based graphic adventure games similar to early Polarware and Scott Adams titles. While the games are reasonably successful on Tandy's ... experience a forgotten past of the early days of adventure gaming. All are recommended, but if you want the best of the bunch, I highly recommend my personal favorites: Trekboer and Calixto Island.

Wayne's World

Review 1: Yes all yo Wayne's World-Fans listen up - this is the Game to the movie. This is weird, stupid, funny, illogical - this is 100% Wayne's World. If you don't know the film - get out of here, ... decent interface can't compensate for bad (i.e. illogical and just plain dumb) puzzles and bad writing. If you're not patient, or not a die-hard fan of the movie, steer clear of this one. Zchwing!

Ween: The Prophecy

The charming zaniness of Coktel's Goblinscontinues in Ween: The Prophecy, a game filled with wacky characters and sporting an improved interface. Unfortunately, the puzzles are often too obscure to all ... plot. Those who like solving puzzles for the sake of puzzles will likely enjoy it, but anyone who enjoys a great story and character interaction in adventure games will likely find it frustrating.

Where Time Stood Still

Developed by Denton Designs, the eccentric makers of Spectrum classic The Great Escape, Where Time Stood Still is a fun action adventure game that sports a much-improved engine used in the earlier game. ... old game that deftly combines action and adventure elements into a fun real-time adventure. The game is much better known on the Spectrum computer, but this PC version deserves as much attention.

Wild West World

Review 1: A different kind of game with a great idea sadly not used in many games. You have to buy land, tools etc. and start looking for gold and fame in the wild west. You start the game with a certain ... small to see, but that is a small nitpick. If you like The Lost Dutchman Mine but found it too simple, Wild West World is right up your alley. Highly recommended to all wannabe cowboys everywhere.

Wind in The Willows

Wind in The Willowsis the second game in Leisuresoft's "Leisureland" series of adventure games aimed at kids ages 5 to 8 who are learning to read. Unfortunately, it suffers from obscure puzzles ... value is limited only to perhaps increasing reading skills in young kids. It's not even well-written, however, which makes it more or less useless. Steer clear of this one, folks.

Winnie the Pooh: In the Hundred Acre Wood

Some kind of adventure game for the little kids among us. You can walkaround and explore stuff in Hundred Acre Wood. The gameplay is very easy, by pressing some keys. You won't have to type any long sentences as we were used to in the first 'quests' from sierra.

Wishbringer [Solid Gold]

Review 1: Wishbringer is probably the most underrated game to have sprung from the fertile imagination Brian "Professor" Moriarty, of Loom fame. In contrast with Moriarty's earlier philosophical ... you deliver post to some magic shop. Before you know it your town is full of ogres, trolls and stuff. You'll have to find the Wishbringer: a magic stone in order to restore the peace in your village.

Witness, The

The year, 1938. The place, Los Angeles. A wealthy but paranoid man has asked you, a police detective, for protection. But despite everything you do, the man is killed. Can you find who killed Freeman Linder? ... game somewhere between Moonmist and Deadline. It may not be Infocom's best work, but it is still better than most other mystery games in Infocom's canon, including Suspect and Moonmist. Recommended!

Wizard of Oz

Telarium's 1985 release, Wizard of Oz, seems to be entirely inspired by the famous Judy Garland movie and, as far as I can tell, has very little to do with the L. Frank Baum books (which I've never read). ... like in the Infocom text games, NAME, COMMAND is the proper way to talk to NPCs. Overall, I'd say this is a fun, easy game that will be especially enjoyable to young children and Wizard of Oz fans.


Magnetic Scroll's last adventure game (before they designed the inferior adventure/RPG hybrid The Legacy: Realm of Terror for Microprose) is in my opinion the best game they produced, filled with memorable ... sense of satisfaction when you figure them out. The shrinking/enlarging puzzle remains one of the most memorable puzzles of all time. Don't consider yourself an IF lover without playing this game!

Woodruff and The Schnibble of Azimuth

Coktel ended its line of puzzle games on a mildly disappointing note, with a game that is too confusing, too open-ended, with puzzles so wacky (i.e. illogical) that they would require an unusual brain ... so confusing and illogical that I doubt anyone could finish this game without any hints. Recommended, but only to puzzle experts. And even then, be prepared to take some Advil while you're at it ;)

Young Gabriel King Chronicles, The

The Young Gabriel King Chronicles and Saturday School are two excellent short (20-30 mins.) adventure games created for the "One Room, One Week" AGS competition in April 2005. Although both games ... and a lot of funny, well-written dialogues with fellow students. If you have about an hour to spare, both amateur adventure games will definitely give an enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

Review 1: Great humour adventure game. You play Zak a dull news reporter. You can complete the advetnure by using the words beneath the screen on stuff you see around you. Check this one out! Review ... mansion have also made the new adventures of Zak McKracken for those who want more. I suggest before playing the new adventures you play the original game first as the story is clearer if you do.

Zero Critical (a.k.a. Satin Rift)

The last game to date by Istvan Pely, Zero Critical is definitely the best game out of all three games he designed (the other two being Majestic and Syn-Factor). Which is to say: it has an excellent sci-fi ... have been much bigger in the game world than it probably will be now. If you want to pass the time with an enjoyable, albeit short, traditional adventure game, look no further than this one."

Zork 1

Review 1: This is one of the games which gave a start to te computer gaming industry ..... the first game ever sold in a shop. It went on the market in 1981, a time where computers were strange things ... spoiled things a little for me, the game also has a tendency to kill you almost randomly - another of my pet hates. Well what can I say: it's a classic, the first game of its type. Just download it.

Zork 2

Review 1: Back again, here's the second episode of a saga that lasted till 1997 with Zork: Grand Inquisitor. Our quest's the same as in the first game: We are a hero who must explore a dungeon meeting ... ones involving the red sphere, the "dehydration" cakes, the "shrinking" candy, and the matches, are such examples. Personaly I prefer the first game in the trilogy to this one.

Zork 3

Review 1: Third chapter..and we start seeing some changes in the structure.. The gameworld is more reality-like(the dungeon seems to have been made with a bit more logic), with NPCs which will "wander" ... once again it suffers from the same annoying flaws. A decent enough game, and a worthy addition to the series (if you've played the first two then you know you are going to get this - so go for it).

Zork Quest 1: Assault on Egreth Castle

Review 1: Infocom released Lane Mastodon, the world's first "interactive comic book" in 1988 with little fanfare and even lesser reaction from the gaming public. Apart from being the first ... sound and animation. The story itself is quite good, and it's probably best if you see this as an Infocom adventure lite. Play this, then go and play some of the other Infocom games on the site.

Zork Quest 2: The Crystal of Doom

Review 1: Infocom released Lane Mastodon, the world's first "interactive comic book" in 1988 with little fanfare and even lesser reaction from the gaming public. Apart from being the first ... (much more interesting and longer than Zork Quest 1), and it's probably best if you see this as an Infocom adventure lite. Play this, then go and play some of the other Infocom games on the site.

Zork Zero

Duncan Stevens posted an excellent review of this ultimately disappointing old game from Infocom in SPAG, so I'd like to quote it here in full: "The original Zork series was probably best described ... to whatever extent it succeeds, it does so in a very different way from any of the other Zork entries. Though it has its moments, I found Zork Zero the weakest of all Infocom's text Zork games."


Although subtitled "A Text Adventure Game," Zyll is actually a revolutionary text-only RPG that introduces many concepts that have not since been seen together in one game. The basic plot: you ... With three different types of characters to choose from (Warrior, Thief, and Wizard), high replayability, and some excellent fantasy writing, Zyll is a classic fantasy RPG that is well worth playing.


Probably the most famous ASCII-only game ever made and also the most ambitious, ZZT is the first release from Epic Megagames, a humble shareware developer that is now one of the best game developers in ... achieved even without graphics. It has recently been released as freeware, so there's no excuse not to try out this ASCII masterpiece and explore literally thousands of ZZT games around the Internet.

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