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Zork 3

Review 1:

Third chapter..and we start seeing some changes in the structure.. The gameworld is more reality-like(the dungeon seems to have been made with a bit more logic), with NPCs which will "wander" through locations..this time we have a "story" too and not only an excuse to wander collecting treasures...

The parser is more flexible than ever, commands will come to us almost naturally, to full advantage of the atmosphere..this means this game's a masterpiece? No..there ARE faults..particularly one which compromise the whole game: we could procede trough the 80% of the game, only to discover, one step from glory, that we can't go on because of something we did at the beginning of the, we don't have the slightest clues about what we may have done wrong..or what to do to can imagine the consequences of this...

Overall, this game is more than enjoyable, and represent a more difficult challenge than the first two..but keep in mind its faults.

Review 2:

Zork 3 continues on directly from where Zork 2 left off. You find yourself in a heap at the bottom of some stairs where you recieve a vision of an old man who tells you to seek him out. See it's back in to underground empire to find the man, and learn your fate.

Zork 3 differs from the first 2 games in that it has something of an underlining story, apart from that it is very familiar. Once again the game is parser driven/text only and once again it suffers from the same annoying flaws. A decent enough game, and a worthy addition to the series (if you've played the first two then you know you are going to get this - so go for it).

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Zork 3 screenshot
Zork 3 screenshot

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