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Wild West World

Review 1:

A different kind of game with a great idea sadly not used in many games. You have to buy land, tools etc. and start looking for gold and fame in the wild west. You start the game with a certain amount of money which you can use to buy land, tools and other needed things in order to have the most success. There are quite a few things to do before you can really get on with the game but of course all the things are needed.

The graphics are quite good and with the fitting western style music the game succeeds in providing the perfect "atmosphere" to the game which makes you feel that you are in the wild west as well. In a game like this it this is very important. The small German company, Software 2000, is responsible for this as they helped the two developers out with this (you can read their full store in the game).

If you are looking for a different kind of game where you don't have to shoot anyone, jump around or score goals this can be a good suggestion to spend some time on as there is a good chance that you will like Wild West World.

Review 2:

Wild West World is a fun, original, and detailed strategy game set in the USA's famed Gold Rush period. Designed by the same designers as The Manager, one of the most complex football simulations ever made, Wild West World tells the story of Jack Putter, a cowboy and wannabe farmer who just moved to a new town. As Jack, your goal is to become one of the town's most respected citizens - and finding gold nuggets in the process can't hurt.

The game gives you 20 years to accomplish your career goals, with each turn representing one day. Your first tasks are to hire a few farmhands, buy horses, seeds, and cattle, and perhaps borrow some start-up capital from a local bank. In addition to dealing with robbers and thieves, you have to deal with many other random events including Indian assaults, floods, locusts, and many more. At all times, you must take into account dozens of factors in making decisions, because the computer-controlled farmers are not stupid.

On top of the turn-based strategy gameplay, Wild West World includes a few action sequences such as the pistol duels to evoke the feel of the wild west and add variety to the game. If you find that the game is too difficult, you can reduce the difficulty level - there are five in all. As a "wild west business simulation," there is very little that is wrong with Wild West World. I found some pictures too grainy or too small to see, but that is a small nitpick. If you like The Lost Dutchman Mine but found it too simple, Wild West World is right up your alley. Highly recommended to all wannabe cowboys everywhere.

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Wild West World screenshot
Wild West World screenshot

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