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Madness of Roland

Billed as "the world's first interactive multimedia novel," Madness of Roland brilliantly fulfills the latter half of its claim (i.e. "multimedia novel") while dismally failing the ... multimedia story for adults. As Chris Crawford sums it up in the final words in his review, Roach should "...learn a thing or two about interactivity." This is wonderful electronic novel.

Magnetic Scrolls Collection 1

This is a great remake of Magnetic Scroll's celebrated games: Fish!, Corruption, The Guild of Thieves. All there games are updated to their late and lamented "Magnetic Windows" engine, which ... text parser is still essential to playing the games. As for the order, The Guild of Thieves should be played last because it is both the hardest and the best game of the lot (IMHO, of course).

Majestic Part 1: Alien Encounter

Majestic is another very short but entertaining sci-fi adventure from Istvan Pely, who also designed Zero Critical and Syn-Factor (the latter re-released as Symbiocom). Steve Ramsey of The Quandary says ... the maximum, but did complete the mission. There was a manual in several languages on the disc, and a solution in English. It was short and light, about 4-5 hours, and reasonably entertaining."

Manhunter 2: San Fransisco

The adventure/quest continues in the streets of San Fransisco. You're chasing the ruthless killer from New York and ends up in SF. With more things to find, and small puzzles to solve. Excellent game from the late 80s.

Maniac Mansion Deluxe

Review 1: Maniac Mansion Deluxe is a superb remake of one of the best adventure games of all time. Ron Gilbert's wacky and revolutionary masterpiece comes to life as never before in this Windows version ... think everyone should have a try at Maniac Mansion, I is definitely, totally worth playing. So to sum it up - play it. Love it, worship it, it is the B movie of games but with a huge cult following.

Martian Memorandum

Review 1: Ah, Tex Murphy. Clearly the greatest computer based PI ever. You just can't help but like this guy. And Martian Memorandum is actually one of the better ones in the series. This is the second ... The acting is as campy as ever, but if you like Mean Streets but abhor the flight simulator/action parts, then you'll definitely love Martian Memorandum despite all its pixel-hunting nuisance.

Maupiti Island

Review 1: Maupiti Island is detective kind of adventure game where different strange things are happening including a kidnapping and you have to make a break on your vacation to solve these things. Most ... of Maupiti while waiting for that time is calmed. And if things were not sufficiently bad already, a woman is kidnapped! We put a cap on the holiday to investigate, no doubt with plenty of surprises.

Mean Streets

The first game in the Tex Murphy series is a great sci-fi adventure with some (gasp) action elements. Technically, Mean Streets was very innovative game for its time, featuring 256 color VGA graphics, ... may wince at the inclusion of flight sim and arcade portions, but the pros more than outweigh the cons, as Tex beckons, and slowly draws, you into his hardboiled world. A must-have, without a doubt.


Review 1: An excellent and very innovative parser-based adventure game, Metropolis is probably the first PC game in history that offers digitized voices through PC speakers (predating Sierra's Silpheed ... less said about the PC speaker speech the better (damn that hurts my ears) but neither detracts from what is a highly original and charming game. I like it, if you have any taste then you will too.


One of the finest examples of an action-adventure hybrid, Mick is an ambitious and clever game from DOKA, a Russian developer. You play a young boy who has been transformed into a snail by an evil witch. ... fully and creatively than the other two games. The game is truly unique, challenging, and innovative - definitely deserving of a spot on the hard drive of everyone who is a fan of Out of This World.

Mind Forever Voyaging, A

Review 1: Often billed as Infocom's first serious science fiction (a fact that probably explains its poor sales record), A Mind Forever Voyaging ranks with Trinity as my most favorite Infocom games, ... the most amazing endings to a game that I have ever encountered and some truly astonishing writing, AMFV will captivate you in way that few computer games can. A fantastic game, heartily recommended.


Mindfighter is one of the best post-apocalyptic adventures ever made, although sadly not many people played it when the game was released in 1988 for the PC, Atari ST, and most other computer systems. ... Although the game sounds a bit dogmatic at times, it is never really overbearing, and the intriguing plot and well-written characters will keep you interested for hours on end. Highly recommended.


Review 1: Mindshadow was the first original game Interplay ever did, and remains today one of the most inventive interactive fiction titles. In the words of designer and Interplay's founder Brian Fargo: ... although it is a tad too short and solutions to some puzzles are obscure. Review 2: Very original adventure game. You've lost your mind and have to find it back. The interaction is very well made.


Synapse's last game and also its most ambitious, Mindwheel unfortunately ends up as an ideal example of a great concept that is horrendously botched by frustrating puzzles that are not illogical, but are ... proof of why Pinsky is regarded as one of the most talented poets of his generation. The bottom line: read the novella that comes with the game's manual, and play the game only as an afterthought.

Mission Critical

Mission Critical is an engrossing game that may be the best original hard sci-fi game ever created. As lone survivor of the ship's crew sent to find alien technology to avert the course of war, you must ... but the excellent and complex plot more than makes up for it. There is also a surprisingly well-designed strategy game-within-a-game and great performance by Michael Dorn (Worf in Star Trek: TNG).

Mission: Impossible

Not to be confused with similar-sounding Impossible Mission action game from Epyx, Mission: Impossible is the adventure game that puts you in command of a 4-man spy team. You can control separate members, ... infiltrate terrorist offices, and more. The game features a vast overhead map similar to Police Quest 1, real-time gameplay, and an involving plot that develops as you unearth more clues. Save often!

Mixed Up Fairy Tales

Review 1: Several years after the nice adventure Mix Up Mother Goose, Sierra continues their adventure with this nice one. You play yourself (you make up your own name before you start) and you'll magically ... thirty-nine-year-old user with advanced college degrees downloads this for a challenge, he is not going to be pleased. But it is perfect for kids, and many adults will enjoy it for its classic feel.

Mixed up Mother Goose

Mother Goose has mixed up her rhymes, and she calls upon you to help her fix it. It's time to explore the world of nursery rhymes. Armed with your pyjamas and tiny little hands, you set out on your mission. ... shooting at big, slimy aliens with huge, futuristic guns should probably stay away. But little kids and big kids will surely enjoy the sweet simplicity of a game as awesome as Mixed Up Mother Goose.

Monty on The Run

Monty on the Run is the excellent fanmade PC conversion of the third and arguably best in Gremlin's popular Monty Mole series of action/adventure hybrids that never made it to the PC. The review in Spectrum ... overtones." Overall, if you enjoy action/adventure hybrids, this excellent PC remake of Monty on the Run is well worth your time. Highly recommended, especially to fans of Dizzy series.


You are a famous young American detective who has been invited to Tresyllian Castle by your old friend Tamara Lynd. She is being haunted by the Tresyllian ghost, who seems intent on scaring her off. Can ... a game to introduce people to murder mystery text adventures. If you are new to this genre, Moonmist is a good starting point before you play the likes of Suspect, The Witness, and finally Deadline.

Mourir en Mer

A short but sweet freeware adventure game from a lone French developer who goes by the ?handle of Dorcan, Mourir en Mer (To Die at Sea in English) is a great amateur game that showcases the breadth of ... protagonist... and think about the story long after it ends. If you prefer story-based games over puzzle-fests, Mourir en Mer is a small but wonderful little gem that is well worth a look.

Murder by The Dozen

Two interesting murder mystery games that plays similar to the popular Host Your Own Murder board game, CBS' Felony and Mystery by the Dozen are each a collection of 12 murder cases for up to 8 players. ... then from minor clues to real evidence that will put the killer behind bars. Highly recommended, especially if you can find friends to play against and to keep your cheating tendencies in check :)

Murder Cruise

Murder Cruise is a fun little murder mystery game that plays more like a game of Clue Master Detective than an interactive fiction title. Your job as a detective is to arrest the killer on board the S. ... and makes the game a bit easier than it could be. Still, Murder Cruise is a fun time waster that should please anyone who enjoys solving riddles. Not a Top Dog, but well worth your sleuthing time.

Murder in Space

Review 1: This sequel to Murder in Venice takes you away from the picturesque city and into the cramped confines of a space station. The interface is simplified from the first game: left mouse button ... All those things contributed to make this game quite fun. Review 3: Play as a detective on a space station. Nice puzzles and good gameplay. Graphics are pretty ok, and you play with the mouse.

Murder in Venice

Review 1: In this little-known murder mystery game, you play a sleuth who must solve a high-profile murder in Venice. While the plot is nothing original, there are many revolutionary elements in gameplay. ... must be on alert all the time. Graphics are below average for a VGA game, while music can be quite irritating! Those two things bring down the final score a bit, but the game is still fun to play.

Murder on The Atlantic

Review 1: Murder on the Atlantic is a fun murder mystery with a cliche murder-on-the-ship plot that develops into a solid game of logical deduction and timing. Clues and evidence must be pieced together ... with your 'square' though the ship and discover things. Find out who is the murderer on the ship, before it sinks. The game is very focussed on time, so you have to be at places at the right time.

Murder on The Zinderneuf

Murder on The Zinderneuf is a fun murder mystery game that can be played in one sitting. In a setting that would be familiar to fans of crime novels, a victim has been found abroad the luxury dirigible ... and colorful characters make this a fun "quickie" adventure game for any sleuth who wants to sharpen his or her deductive skills before embarking on more difficult cases. Recommended!

Mystery of the Mummy!

In this solid PC version of an underrated Amiga adventure, you are a detective tasked with finding a missing mummy in Hamburg within 5 days. Hundreds of locations, characters, objects, and authentic 1912 ... use of lab equipment to obtain evidence is also a nice touch. Quirky interface and some annoying action sequences notwithstanding, this game is recommended for patient sleuths and mystery fans alike.


Magnetic Scrolls' last adventure before the introduction of their 'Magnetic Windows' format, Myth is a short but fun game that was distributed for free as a "welcome present" in the British adventure ... thumbs up, way up! Note: This version for download is not the original DOS version, but a re-compiled version using text and graphics from Atari ST format and a fanmade interpreter called Magnetic.

Myth Master
Myth Nighmare

NET:Zone is a below-average Myst-style adventure game that plays much worse than the cool premise would have you believe. Although I normally dislike their reviews, GameSpot is so spot-on (pardon the pun) ... Despite the cool setting and neat graphics, the banal plot, obscure puzzles, and repetitive gameplay sank the game below the surface. Play Beneath a Steel Sky instead and leave this game alone.


Review 1: Definitely the best cyberpunk game I've ever played, Neuromancer is an excellent adaptation of the classic book of the same name. You play a hacker who is struggling to make ends meet at the ... just phrased things differently. Apart from that small thing the game is excellent, thoroughly engrossing and very enjoyable (just make sure you have a notepad ready while playing - you'll need it.)

Neverhood, The

Review 1: You control the character Klayman and wake up in a room without any knowledge and on what has happened or what is going to happen soon. In each room you go to and of course the one you start ... you play adventure games for the interesting puzzles and situations, give The Neverhood a miss. If you prefer story-oriented games with a unique style, though, The Neverhood more than fits the bill.

New Adventures of Zak McKracken, The

Review 1: The New Adventures of Zak McKracken is an excellent fanmade game that stars one of LucasArts' most beloved characters: the hapless reporter Zak McKracken. The game started seamlessly where ... a great adventure game. You must also download the original Zac McKracken game to see where the humor and the great adventure began. This game and the original version are highly recommended!

Night of The Hermit

Night of the Hermit is a fan game based on Ron Gilbert's classic Monkey Island legacy. It is not the first game to attempt adding something to the Monkey Island universe, nor will it be the last one. There ... fun to play for those who haven't as well. Though in my opinion a very hard game, it provides lots of non-vital characters and objects for you to interact with, and as such won't disappoint anybody.


Not to be confused with an isometric game of the same name for the Spectrum ZX computer, Nightshade is a highly underrated NES game from Beam Software/Konami (published under its Ultra Games label). The ... good as the best adventure classics on the PC, but it's a lot of fun while it lasts - and the ability to save the game state on all NES emulators for PC makes for a much less frustrating experience.

Nine Lives of Secret Agent Kat, The

The Nine Lives of Secret Agent Kat is one of the most obscure and underrated shareware adventure games of all time. Designed by Bill Fisher, designer of The Last Half of Darkness, Nine Lives uses a tweaked ... unassuming spy adventure. It certainly does not live up to Last Half of Darkness in terms of atmosphere or plot, but it has plenty of charm all its own, especially considering the shareware status.

Nine Princes in Amber

One of the better Telarium games, Nine Princes in Amber is based Roger Zelazny's classic sci-fi novels "Nine Princes in Ambers" and "The Guns of Avalon" that are widely hailed as a ... a fun, well-written, and enjoyable game that will please fans of the novels, although the lack of a good background story and plot development will confuse those who are not familiar with the series.

Nippon Safes, Inc.

A short-lived European adventure game that was never released in the U.S. by one of Italy's best game developers, Nippon Safes, Inc. features a novel plot: three hapless criminals formed a team to undertake ... icons that change depending on items and situation. Overall, it's a fun above-average game with logical puzzles. Dynabyte would later release Big Red Adventure, a bigger and better adventure game.

No-Action Jackson

A freeware masterpiece that no adventure gamer should ignore, No-Action Jackson is a superb point-and-click freeware adventure game that could have been packaged in a box, stamped with LucasArts' logo, ... game design, this is just a minor discomfort. Just press F5 to save, and save often to avoid any bugs you might encounter (I did not encounter any, but I have heard reports of some nasty bugs).

Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It

Graeme Cree posted an excellent review of this pun-filled old game from Infocom in SPAG, so I'd like to quote it here in full: "Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It is a collection of interactive ... goes beyond this, not merely doing things BETTER than a graphics game could, but doing things that a graphics game could never do at all. Definitely one of Infocom's most underrated classics."

Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus

Review 1: Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus are two superb first games in Oddworld Inhabitants' uniquely compelling Oddworld series. Similar to Delphone's cross-genre classic Out of this World, the Oddworld ... a world after much trial and error in finding the way to escape the glukkon clutches. I definitely give this game a very high rating and it is one of the most diverse games you will ever play, 8/10

Oklib's Revenge

Sergeant Oklib himself "volunteered" you to find the King's missing staff. You are off on a classic quest vowing that you'll find your way back and show Oklib just what you think of him for doing ... IF that features a few funny lines and a "light" atmosphere reminiscent of Zork, but bogged down by some obscure puzzles and a limited parser that doesn't understand many synonyms.

Once and Future

Uncontested winner of the "longest time in development" award for an IF title, Once and Future is a top-notch game by Gary Kevin "Whizzard" Wilson (GKW). First announced as Avalon in ... a happy occasion for anybody slightly interested in text adventures. Here is your change to get immersed in a truly inspired piece of IF that deftly juxtaposes history with myth. Highly recommended!

One Week

Mark Silcox, competition organizer, says it all about this fun Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game that was entered in the 2001 the LOTECHComp: "[One Week is] a nicely-written rendering of the week in ... of a teenage girl like Common Ground and I-0, check out One Week. Cliche and quite predictable, but at least the jokes are funny and the writing good enough to evoke the atmosphere. I liked it :)


IMHO the best Polarware game ever and definitely Mike Berlyn's masterpiece, this is a great sci-fi story that opens with you, as a human explorer, captured in the alien land of the Oo-Topos. You must escape ... find your ship. Features a pulse-quickening action and many clever gadget-oriented puzzles despite the limiting verb-noun engine. Recommended for anyone interested in a well-written sci-fi adventure.


In a setting familiar to most horror fans, you must negotiate a variety of creepy events while exploring Carfax Abbey, an ancient dilapidated house that's become your new home. The unusual second-person ... fair puzzles, and good atmosphere makes this a pleasant game that falls short of Infocom's classic horror IF Lurking Horror, but is still a worthy attempt despite banal plot and amateurish writing.

Orion Burger

Sanctuary Wood's last game before disbanding is a fun cartoon adventure with a zany plot: Orion Burger, a galactic fast food joint, has selected Earth as its next target for "protein procurement" ... a time-loop adds a neat dimension to the game, since you can solve puzzles by trial-and-error without the penalty of death. Time limit spoils the fun, however, and puzzle solutions are too obscure.

Orion Conspiracy, The

Divide by Zero's third adventure release is an uneven space opera that has interesting puzzles and plot-- marred by a huge amount of gratuitous violence and prafanity that may turn many players off. Played ... The Orion Conspiracy altogether. There are also a few mildly-graphic scenes of animated violence, which, together with the language, seriously hampers what enjoyment you can get out of it. Beware!

Other Worlds

One of the longest freeware adventure games ever made, Other Worlds is a fun point-and-click adventure from Greece that boasts a sprawling gameworld, captivating plot, solid writing (inspired by Stephen ... deal of humor, that will have you rolling on the floor laughing - that is, if you can appreciate good humor. In other words, a model adventure game, created by an adventurer for adventurers."

Out of Order

One of the best freeware adventure games I have ever played, Out of Order is an excellent point-and-click adventure from Hungry Software. The premise is banal, but the game gets much more interesting later ... and characters, and well-written dialogues, Out of Order deserves a spot in every adventurer's collection. It even has a neat ending, and quite a lot of easter eggs that LucasArts fans will enjoy.

Out of This World (a.k.a. Another World)

Review 1: One of the most innovative games in any genre, Out of This World (a.k.a. Another World in Europe) is Eric Chahi's breakthrough game that masterfully combines action, adventure, and artistic ... Its cult status is justly deserved as seventeen years on from it's original release, you speak to almost anyone who ever played it, they'll regale you with story's of there time on Another World.

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