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Qianhong is a good and free Chinese chess game for Windows. The author calls the game "Chinese chess for the casual and curious," and this description fits Qianhong quite well. The well-written ... that the game is continually being updated by its author, means a very good choice for anyone who is interested in Chinese chess but never had a chance or found an easy-enough program to try it out.


Quod is great Windows version of a creative board game invented by G. Keith in 1979. Similar to chess, the game has simple rules requires sophisticated strategy to win consistently. The goal of the game ... that leave no room for luck, Quod will keep you entertained for a long time. Note: the game was created for Windows 3.1, but should run with no problems on Windows 95, 98, NT, and later versions.

Railroad Tycoon Deluxe

Review 1: Railroad Tycoon Deluxe (RDX) is an excellent updated version of Sid Meier's classic Railroad Tycoon, a game of robber barons at the turn of 20th century. Despite a host of new features and ... bring you hours of enjoyment and sometimes frustration. I will tell you right now it is not easy to survive the trail, as it was in real life no doubt. I recommend it very highly, have fun and enjoy.

Reach for The Stars

The first time I read about Reach for the Stars was in a computer magazine at the local library, after reading about 10 lines of the review one thought flashed in my brain - I must have this game! I never ... many of today's games. After having played the original I can only say that I will be looking for the remake that SSI is about to release within a very short time - and this time I will get it :)

Real Blackjack

Real Black Jack is an excellent early blackjack game from Villa Crespo, coded entirely in Microsoft's BASIC language. Although it plays just like any other blackjack game, Real Black Jack is much more ... and even make risky bets on occasion - especially when you are bluffing without a good hand. If you like casino blackjack, Real Blackjack will keep you entertained for hours on end. Recommended!


Review 1: An early fantasy strategy game, the goal in Realms is by now a familiar fare: recruit armies of humans, orcs, and other creatures to conquer the known world. For its time however, the game ... an above-average game. Review 2: Nice done stratgey game. Mission: Conquer three settlements of the Orcs. You can achieve this by building armies, get money from your own cities and build defenses.

RealmSpeak (a.k.a. Magic Realm)

RealmSpeak is a solid freeware Java version of Magic Realm, Avalon Hill's classic and long out-of-print tabletop strategy game featuring fantasy elements. An ambitious game that is much broader in scope ... You can also play the game solo - by hosting the game yourself and controlling all the characters. Highly recommended to fans of the board game, or anyone looking for a complex fantasy board game.

Rebel Charge at Chickamauga

Landrey and Kroegel's second Civil War game after Shiloh is identical to its predecessor in every respect except for the battlefield. Rebel Charge at Chickamauga is slightly more difficult than Shiloh ... Rebels face. Overall, only a slight improvement on its predecessor, but Landrey & Kroegel fans will find much to like here, despite a dubious AI and strange ahistorical results that may occur.

Rebelstar 2: Alien Encounter

Rebelstar 2 held much more appeal for me than the first game, probably because the idea of fighting wave upon wave of gieger-esque aliens appeals to me more than destroying tin-can robots. The game centers ... of its time. Bags of gameplay and enjoyment to be had from it (pulling off a driect hit from one side of the map to the other with the photon just feels great =)) and the game is very replayable.

Records of Warrior

Records of Warrior is a decent solitaire mahjongg game from prolific Taiwan developer Softworld. The game is a typical match-the-tiles game that many Western gamers recognize from Activision's superb Shanghai ... mahjongg game that lacks many options that are common in today's mahjongg games. Pleasant graphics and plot (if you can read Chinese, that is) nonetheless make this worth a look for mahjongg players.

Red Lighting

Review 1: Red Lighting is SSI's explosive depiction of the potential war in Europe between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. As the Soviet player, your mission is to sweep aside NATO and capture the Ruhr. As ... albeit at a cost of added fatigue), but the user-friendliness/clumsiness of inputs was so awkward as to make the product a tedious chore rather than an interesting or enlightening experience."

Renegade: Legion Interceptor

Based on an excellent but little-known FASA boardgame of the same name, Renegade is a ship-to-ship space combat simulation that was among the first games to feature turn-based gameplay combined with real-time ... lackluster AI and repetitive missions. Overall, a great game for fans of FASA's RPG universe, and a much better game than the mediocre flight-sim sequel Battle for Jacob's Star released years later.


Reunion is a worthy attempt from Amnesty Design (now Digital Reality) that follows in the grand tradition of space exploration / strategy games pioneered by Starflight. The game suffers from shortcomings ... much better, but you'll need a lot of patience to get to that point <G> Still, this is a great, story-oriented, epic sci-fi strategy game that all armchair commanders should take a look.

Revolution '76

Revolution '76 and No Greater Glory are grand wargames covering the entire U.S. Revolution. You choose to be either Lincoln or Davis and you must deal with politics, cabinet choices, internal bickering, appointments and firings of generals and of course..the conduct of the actual war itself! Both games are designed by Ed Bever, longtime Sid Meier collaborator and himself a veteran wargamer. Highly recommended!

Riders of Rohan

Review 1: Riders of Rohan is taking place in the popular Middle Earth world created by J.R.R Tolkien. It's a good mix between real-time action and strategic events in the game. All the famous characters ... is one of the pioneers of the genre that would later see the likes of Fantasy General and the Warhammer series. The developer PSS also developed Sorcerer Lord, another underrated fantasy wargame.

Richard Carr's Treasure Island

Richard Carr's Treasure Island is the second and, unfortunately, last game from Carrsoft, the developer of shareware classic Capture the Flag. The game is based on an intriguing (but little-known) outdoor ... in development was spent in perfecting the AI, and the results are truly impressive, especially at "Varsity" difficulty level and up. If you're a strategy fan, this game is a must-have.

Rings of Medusa

Review 1: A nice strategy game that offers both the usual battles but also the opportunity to do business. Trading is actual an essential part of Rings of Medusa since you have to get a lot of money ... 4: Strategy Adventure game. Trade and gain an army. The map of the game is actually very large! So lot's of walking with you army. Defeat Medusa in order to regain your father's (the king) crown.

Rings of Medusa 2 (a.k.a. Return of Medusa)

Yet another pair of Amiga cult classics that did poorly on the PC, Rings of Medusa casts you as a prince of the kingdom who must amass armies and find ancient rings to defeat the Medusa that took over ... armies via trade income) and RPG (find the rings) that's not too taxing in both but provide solid fun nonetheless. Rings of Medusa 2 adds more RPG elements with 3D dungeon romps and cool spells.

Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires

Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires is an ambitious Civilization-style strategy game from Impressions/Sierra that unfortunately falls flat from uninspired gameplay and poor AI. Tim Chown's review for Games ... if you've played Impressions' much-better Caesar 2 and are wondering why Rise and Rule, which was released by them around the same time, remains a much more obscure title than its illustrious cousin.

Rise of The West

Rise of the West is a fun political wargame based on SPI's outstanding Empire of the Middle Ages boardgame that focuses on the rise of Western powers at the beginning of the 14th century. Upto 8 players ... and thoughtful game with a decent computer AI that may proves too abstract for some. For die-hard wargamers, though, Rise of the West is an intriguing historical wargame that is well worth a look.

Rising Lands

One of the most innovative real-time strategy games to have come along in a long time, Rising Lands is a good game that is hampered by a few idiosyncracies and an inconvenient user interface. The review ... grow on you once you get over the initial annoyance of having to put up with the interface until you are used to it. Highly recommended and a top game in my book, but definitely not for everyone.

Rival Realms

Rival Realms is a little known but highly underrated real-time strategy game from Romania-based developer Activ-Pub, published by Digital Integration in the UK and Titus elsewhere in the world. Games Domain's ... nor does the spell system have HoMM's depth, but it has enough to keep you entertained." All in all, a great first effort by Activ-Pub, and worthy of at least a play through by every RTS fan.

Road from Sumter to Appomattox 2, The

The Road from Sumter to Appomattox, released in 1993, is an ambitious simulation of the American Civil War -- from start to finish. The initial responses were less than overwhelming, with mediocre graphics ... 1996 as The American Civil War by Interactive Magic, to cheers of many grognards who now consider it the best simulation of American Civil War ever made, although it is still not quite user-friendly.

Roadwar 2000

Review 1: A somewhat different but good strategy game where you are the leader of your own gang. The story is pretty much the traditional one where you have to succeed in different missions and then ... and unrealisitc features in the game (such as how gang combat in non-tactical battles is conducted). Despite these flaws, this is a great game that should have received more attention then it did.

Roadwar Europe

Review 1: A somewhat different but good strategy game where you are the leader of your own gang. The story is very simple where you have to walk around in different cities and remove nuclear bombs. Of ... enough of the great gameplay that made Roadwar 2000, so it is a lot of fun to play with improvements that make it easier to get into and understand. If you liked the first, you'll like this one also.

Robo Rumble

Robo Rumble is a decent real-time strategy game (in fact, one of the first 3D releases) that features some new concepts to the tried-and-true genre dominated by Westwood's Command & Conquer series. ... options and mission variety. As it stands, it might appeal to action gamers who want some strategic elements in their game, or RTS fans who are looking for a more arcade-oriented title than Kohan.

Robosport for Windows

This fast and fun futuristic tactical strategy game is among the best "beer and pretzel" multiplayer games ever made. Despite a disappointing single-player mode (where entering commands for robots takes forever), the game is a lot of fun in multiplayer, where up to 4 players compete in various modes (e.g. "capture the flag") using robots.

Robot Battle

Robot Battle is a great programming game in the footsteps of Apple II classic Robot War. From the official website: "Your goal is to create robots or teams of robots to compete in tournaments against ... too easy, Robot Battle nicely fills the gap. Formerly a shareware title, the game has been released into the public domain, and anyone can download the source code to improve it even further.

Robot Rascals

Review 1: From Brian Moriarty's tribute to Dani Bunten: "Heart of Africa was to be the last product Ozark ever designed for a single user. In fact, their next design took the multiplayer option ... to download card scans to play with the game :) Review 2: Don't know exactly what to do in this game. You can drive with a robot across some plane. It is turnbased and playable upto 4 players.


One of the best games ever made in any genre, RobotWar is a strategy/puzzle/simulation hybrid masterpiece by Silas Warner, creator of Castle Wolfenstein for MUSE Software. The game is best described as ... in CGW's prestigious list of 150 Best Games of All Time, and deservedly so. And if you like the game, be sure to check out CogniToy's modern spiritual successor, MindRover: The Europa Project.

Romance of The Three Kingdoms 1

Review 1: Without a doubt, KOEI's flagship Romance of The Three Kingdoms games are some of the best and most original historical strategy games ever made. Based on the classic Chinese epic of the same ... control over some powerful generals. They will fight battles and make peace with other regions. Furthermore you have to conquer natural problems like floods and stuff. In short; great strategic game!

Romance of The Three Kingdoms 2

Review 1: The sequel to KOEI's excellent Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a somewhat inferior game. As opposed to a balanced gameplay of the first game which requires you to use both strategic and tactical ... 2: The sequel of the first one ofcourse. Concept is still the same: built a great chinese Empire with. Some game improvements where made to play it more easily. Time is e.g. a bit slower. Good game!

Romance of the three Kingdoms 3

Review 1: It's one of those hardliner-strategy games, you really gotta WORK while playing this. No no no - it IS fun. Well, it seems so - I haven't played it THAT much, but I think it's worth a try if ... VGA graphics and great soundtrack help bring medieval China to life. To prevent the game from ending too soon, though, play as a custom character instead and don't ask for advice from your advisors .

Romance of The Three Kingdoms 4: Walls of Fire

The last game in KOEI's acclaimed Romance of The Three Kingdoms series to be released in English, Romance of The Three Kingdoms IV: Walls of Fire ends in a disappointing note for long-time fans of the ... disappointed, though, especially at the lack of city-wide battles of RtKIII and the stupidity of computer players. Recommended, but only to anyone new to wargames or is interested in Chinese history.

Rommel: Battle for North Africa

The battles in North Africa, 1941-1943, were like no other , up to that point ,in the 2nd World War. It was fought almost entirely in the hot, humid desert. SSG brought the best simulation of that period ... while still maintaining a 'fog of war'. As with all Battlefront games, Rommel is very drawing and enjoyable. This definitely belongs with the rest of SSG's games in every wargamer's collection.

Rorke's Drift

Review 1: One of my all time favorite games ever made for the Amiga. Of course it was also made as a PC version, which don't feature as good graphics as the Amiga version. You control the British army ... not to design a wargame, but little else. If you want a good game about the Zulu War, play ISI's Zulu War instead. Fortunately, the updated 1993 version slated for release in the U.S. was never out.

Ruckus Poker

Ruckus Poker and Ruckus Roulette are two of the best entries in Villa Crespo's long line of casino games that found their heyday in early 1990s. Marketed as full-price commercial titles rather than as ... will be delighted with, including variants, comprehensive rules, and scoring options. If you enjoy poker or roulette, these games are some of the best games of their kind you can find. Recommended.

Ruckus Roulette

Ruckus Poker and Ruckus Roulette are two of the best entries in Villa Crespo's long line of casino games that found their heyday in early 1990s. Marketed as full-price commercial titles rather than as ... will be delighted with, including variants, comprehensive rules, and scoring options. If you enjoy poker or roulette, these games are some of the best games of their kind you can find. Recommended.

Rules of Engagement 1

One of the most replayable games of all time, Rules of Engagement 1 is a strategic starship combat that could be integrated with tactical-level Breach 2. The interface, although logical, is dauntingly ... is an updated version that is even better than the original, with a campaign builder and integrates with strategic-level Breach 3. In all, two of the best starship command simulations ever released.

Rules of Engagement 2

One of the most replayable games of all time, Rules of Engagement 2is a strategic starship combat that could be integrated with tactical-level Breach 3. The interface, although logical, is dauntingly detailed. ... of depth. In my view though, they have not completely taken advantage of the opportunity to bring more "sexiness" and immediate appeal to what is already a very solid game indeed."


Rummi is an excellent freeware computer version of Rummikub, one of my most favorite multiplayer board/parlor games and currently the third best-selling board game in the world according to Lemada, the ... are clear, and the computer AI is quite good. Overall, Rummi can't beat the real thing, but it's a good choice if you feel like to play the game, but can't find enough friends to pay it with.

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