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Rebelstar 2: Alien Encounter

Rebelstar 2 held much more appeal for me than the first game, probably because the idea of fighting wave upon wave of gieger-esque aliens appeals to me more than destroying tin-can robots. The game centers around the increasing threat of an alien race on a distant planet, and your squad of space marines have been sent to deal with them. The game is simplicity itself right from the start, equip each of your agents with a weapon (anything from a lightsaber to huge photon guns) and use your remaining TUs (point which dictate what each unit can do each turn) to either move across the map or attack your enemies. The aliens themselves are diverse and interesting - from hulking warriors to tentacled water dwellers, the map are well designed and quite large considering when the game ws released (I particularly like cutting through those alien vines on the first level :)).

For those who have played later Gollop games it will all be very familiar and no doubt highly enjoyable. I have also included the 2 player version of the game, meaning if you want you and a friend can take eachother on - you can even do it by email if you save the snapshot after eachothers turn and send it back and forth.

Simply a superb game that was way ahead of its time. Bags of gameplay and enjoyment to be had from it (pulling off a driect hit from one side of the map to the other with the photon just feels great =)) and the game is very replayable.

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