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Real Blackjack

Real Black Jack is an excellent early blackjack game from Villa Crespo, coded entirely in Microsoft's BASIC language. Although it plays just like any other blackjack game, Real Black Jack is much more comprehensive due to the plethora of house rules, help functions, and many other options you can toggle. The graphics is text-only, but the crisp resolution makes the game look much better than many other ASCII games. Cards and text are easy to make out, and the menu-based interface is very easy to use. Computer players play a mean game of blackjack: they know when to fold when the odds are not in their favor, and even make risky bets on occasion - especially when you are bluffing without a good hand. If you like casino blackjack, Real Blackjack will keep you entertained for hours on end. Recommended!

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Real Blackjack screenshot
Real Blackjack screenshot

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