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Rommel: Battle for North Africa

The battles in North Africa, 1941-1943, were like no other , up to that point ,in the 2nd World War. It was fought almost entirely in the hot, humid desert. SSG brought the best simulation of that period (Although Decision in the Desert by Microprose comes close!) I can remember playing Rommel on my Apple II around 1987. It is just one in a series of games that use an adaptation of SSG's "Battlefront" game system. As in MacArthur's War, you utilize the system, developing your strategy, and then you "RUN 5". Fans of SSG's wargames will no doubt recall, spending a good while on your turn, only to see your best laid strategy go to crap after pressing "RUN 5". The 8 scenarios range anywhere from a 'What could have Been', a make believe Malta Invasion by an Italio-German force to the 'Cauldron' at Alamein. I especially enjoyed playing Montgomery against the computer Rommel in Alam El Halfa. Gameplay can be swift, precise while still maintaining a 'fog of war'. As with all Battlefront games, Rommel is very drawing and enjoyable. This definitely belongs with the rest of SSG's games in every wargamer's collection.

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