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10 Rogue

This is the great grand daddy of ALL role playing games.. far back enough to become a classification all it's own.. as in Rogue-type games.. it is the forerunner of Hack, Nethack, Dungeons of Moria, Pitfalls ... Gallery of Antiquity as a revolutionary piece of software. The game itself is rather primitive, lacking even a save feature, but it is worth downloading just as a cherished memento of your childhood.

2400 A.D.

Review 1: 2400ad is an RPG that is set in a future where an alien race called Tzorgs rule. You have to escape but the area is constantly patrolled by robots which can take away all your items or put ... by better descendants, although the game's humor and fun gadgets would keep you enthralled for hours. This game also deserves notice as Chuck "Chuckle" Bueche's first design for Origin.


Another solid entrant to the relative obscure world of fanmade RPGs, Abaddon is a fun anime-style, top-down RPG similar to console hits such as Dragon Warrior, with many notable differences. In contrast ... as a shield in the other :)." While his ideals may be too lofty, Abaddon is an admirable attempt, one that should please fans of post-apocalyptic games and Zelda-style games alike. Recommended!

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places is a subpar PC conversion of a well-respected Amiga RPG. In this dungeon crawl, you must select four heroes to fight the evil that threatens the land of Kalynthia as they emerge from their ... main plot for a long time, and there are very few tasks to do besides monster bashing. Too bad the PC conversion turns the game's strengths into horrendous graphics and sluggish pace. Caveat emptor.

Advanced Xoru

One of the best text-based RPGs ever made, Advanced Xoru is an excellent but little-known shareware dungeon romp that is reminiscent of Infocom's Beyond Zork, but with a much more effective use of RPG ... Overall, I find Xoru to be an excellent, well-written, and thoroughly enjoyable text-based RPG. Well worth a look for RPG fans who are curious about the IF genre, and vice versa. Highly recommended!

Aethra's Chronicles

Review 1: Despite amatuer graphics and a cliched plot, this RPG's depth and playability (which runs smoothly on a 286) may surprise you. The game can be a bit tough at times, but not overly difficult. ... of the monsters you are facing is required. This game cannot be recommended for the casual RPGer for many reasons but can be enjoyed by the hardcore RPGers who are looking for something different.


Review 1: Akalabeth, or so called Ultima 0, was the game that started the Ultima saga. It was actually never made for PC so this is a version that came with the Ultima Collection released by Origin in ... looking while keeping the fun (if simplistic) gameplay intact. Definitely worth a look if you want a nostalgic walk into the famous designer's past but don't want to put up with his ugly drawings ;)


Albion is a severely underrated RPG from the makers of two Thalion hits Amberstar and Ambermoon, which became instant hits on the Amiga but unknown on the PC. The game shines with a richly detailed story, ... and a truly epic and captivating plot that could make a real novel, Albion is simply a must-have for all scifi & fantasy RPG fans. Highly recommended, especially to fans of Wizardry games.

Aleshar: World of Ice

Review 1: Aleshar: World of Ice is one of the best shareware RPGs ever made, although it remains very obscure due to lack of publicity or marketing (and perhaps high cost of registration as well ;)). ... all spells are described within the game so I highly recommend you take a look at them as not all of them are obvious to understand just from the name. A well done game for the true roleplay player.

Alternate Reality: The City

This is yet another Commodore 64 classic that failed to attract a following among PC crowd. An immensely detailed RPG (with various weather effects!) on an epic scale, Alternate Reality, like Might and ... getting an unheard-of 256 colors onscreen in high-res mode. This color feature was undoubtably lost on the C64 and IBM. The best news to fans is that he's working hard on a remake of this classic :)


An Amiga hit that failed miserably on the PC, Amberstar is a novel top-down RPG that combines conventional RPG elements with adventure-game puzzles and ingenious riddles. The hallmarks of Amberstar, other ... With colorful graphics, tons of items and catacombs to explore, and colorful NPCs, Amberstar is a masterpiece. Too bad Thalion never released the PC version of the outstanding sequel, Ambermoon.

Amulet of Yendor

Review 1: Amulet of Yendor is a cheap rip-off of Rogue, included as part of Keypunch's Swords and Sorcery package. The plot is straightforward: go into a castle to retrieve the magical Orb of Yendor. ... Review 2: Another text RPG based game. This one is actually in ansi colors :) The game has some Rogue like features and some more interesting stuff you can pick up in castle where you are wandering.

Amulets & Armor

Amulets and Armor is an excellent RPG that suffered the same fate as Wizards & Warriors: a game that has been in development far too long that it fell out of the technology curve when released. Similar ... was never marketed properly: it was released only as shareware, and sold less than 100 copies during its time according to this very interesting article at written by one of the designers.

Ancients 1: Deathwatch

Ancients: Deathwatch reminded me of a classic pen-and-paper RPG with all the fighting in the game. It's more-less 90% fighting and 10% searching and talking. Gather a group of 4 heroes and venture into dangerous dungeons beneath a city.

Ancients 2: Approaching Evil

Review 1: The same disappointing sequel to the first game. Ancients 2 is pretty much the same as first game with a lot of fighting and some talking and quest completing (just to break the monotony). ... game has no major quest, just smaller ones. Reminding Might and Magic series, this one, just as first one can be recommended only out of nostalgic reasons or for die-hard d"d fans (like me).

Anvil Of Dawn

Review 1: Anvil of Dawn is a roleplay game that has never received the interest it has deserved - at least in my opinion. The game is very similar to another roleplay game called Stonekeep that is also ... nice touch that add much replayability to this already solid RPG. Without a doubt, this is one of the most underrated RPGs ever made-- and arguably a better RPG than Interplay's overhyped Stonekeep.


One of the better freeware RPGs with a quality that rival commercial releases, Avalon is an RPG in the classic anime "SD" (stumpy head) style, although it resembles Western comics more than Japanese ... good storyline, and many NPCs, items, and monsters, Avalon is easily one of the most underrated freeware RPGs ever made. Highly recommended, especially to casual players who enjoy console RPGs.


Azalta is a decent freeware RPG game with full color graphics,music and sound effects. According to the official blurb, "... it has huge worlds with hundreds of creatures, people, and items to discover, ... "The Cult of the Raven" to be too simplistic for my taste, but any non-programmer looking to create top-down RPGs in the style of Ultima may want to take a look at this freeware old game.

Bahamut Lagoon

Review 1: In addition to being one of Square?s most underrated games, Bahamut Lagoon is one of the best strategy/RPG hybrids ever made ? a genre popular on the console systems (popularized by games such ... frustrating that it will never see the light of day on these shores, but hopefully a sequel will arise from the ashes of Pokemania and allow us one more romp through Kahna on the back of a dragon...

Bard's Tale 1

The Bard's Tale is surely a classic. It's one of the games setting the standard for computer roleplaying games. It's a different standard than the AD&D games or the Ultima series set, however it had ... your party of adventures and hunt monsters in various dungeons throughout the city. Finally you have to find a way into his stronghold. This game was the first game I ever bought with my own money...

Bard's Tale 2: The Destiny Knight

Every game that sells well deserves a sequel, and here it is -- THE BARD'S TALE II: THE DESTINY KNIGHT. Might is not always right, but in this game it sure doesn't hurt to have some on your side. It seems ... banks, taverns, temples, and the ever popular dungeon! So, buy your bard a drink, cast a Batchspell and prepare to destroy Lagoth Zanta before he destroys you! Oh, yes: Don't forget your Archmage!

Bard's Tale 3: Thief of Fate

The third and last of the Bard's Tale series. Bigger and more advanced. Have fun!

Beneath Apple Manor

One of the oldest Roguelike RPGs in existence, Beneath Apple Manor is a very rare IBM version of the Apple II game of the same name which was designed by Don Worth and published by Quality Software way ... ability to generate random dungeons and dynamic difficulty level is nothing short of a programming marvel. If you like Roguelikes, check out one of the oldest - and rarest - pioneers in the genre.

Betrayal At Krondor

Review 1: Betrayal at Krondor is quite possibly one of the greatest RPG's ever, on any platform, period. It features excellent game mechanics, a good combat and magic system, and most importantly a storyline ... all fans of RPG's such as the Wizardry series or the Ishar trilogy. And to anyone who frequently plays hack and slash dungeon crawls, get this to see how a proper RPG setting ought to be constructed.

Blind Justice

Blind Justice is a post-modern RPG in which you play an unwilling shapeshifter on a lam. In this world, your soul reverts back into previous lives with each new form you gain. The government suspects that ... plot unfortunately drowns amidst frustrating combats, poor puzzles, and bland graphics. Overall, a game that foreshadows Dreamforge's 1998 classic Sanitarium in plot and style , if only half as good.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

Review 1: The game starts right after you (that means Kain) have been ambushed and killed by criminals. Closely after this you are back in the world, returned as a vampire, as a necromancer has helped ... such as rage, speek, etc. There are puzzles as well. In short the game is pretty well designed, with a really good story line, incredible weapons, and opponents, power, and level design is amazing.


Based on the same engine as Magic Candle 3, Bloodstone is IMHO a much better game than its better-known cousin (Magic Candle 1 is a true classic but the sequels were disappointing). Magic Candle fans will ... separately, a good turn-based combat system, lots of spells, and the epic scope. Despite cliche "kill the big woozle" plot, the game has many interesting side-quests and treasures to find.


Review 1: One of the dungeon crawlers that never got the attention is deserved. The game is very simple where you start by creating your character and move into the dungeons at once. The interface is ... where each player takes control of a party of four characters. However, this does mean that the already poor quality of the graphics is greatly reduced when they squashed down to a smaller screen.

Bones: The Game of The Haunted Mansion

Bones is an excellent freeware text-based RPG that is no different from other RPGs at first glance, but offers plenty of innovative features that will grow on you the more you play. The objective is similar ... fun and challenging fantasy world. If you want an epic RPG, this freeware gem is not for you. But if you are interested in what fun Roguelikes you might be missing, Bones is definitely worth a look.


Build your own town.

Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

Although SSI's Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games are critically acclaimed best-sellers, the fantasy context of the AD&D world tends to exclude many gamers. While we might enjoy the role-playing aspect, ... here, as is the excellent application of the tried-and-true Gold Box engine. If you like games of the Gold Box vein, this is the king of them all and is a fantastic addition to any RPG collection.

Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed

A superior sequel to Countdown to Doomsday, Buck Rogers: Maxtrix Cubed is the second and last game in the promising series of RPGs based on the Buck Rogers comic book universe. As with its predecessor, ... shows. As a result, what it lacks in glitz it more than makes up for in substance. Matrix Cubed is simply a must-play for all RPG fans, and a pleasant change of pace for Gold Box AD&D veterans.


Review 1: Captive is a science-fiction RPG. You have been unjustly sentenced to some hundreds of years in prison in artificial sleep. When you awake, you manage to take control of four robots located ... attributes make this a great RPG. The fact that it is designed by Anthony Crowther, designer of many Commodore 64 classics, should also entice traditional RPG lovers to check this out :) Recommended!

Castle of the Winds

Castle of the Winds is a fun graphical Roguelike RPG designed by Rick Saada and published as shareware by Epic-Megagames. The game contains 2 episodes: the first was titled "A Question of Vengeance" ... intuitive, and easy to get into. If you enjoy Roguelikes, you will like this "lite" shareware game that has recently been released into the public domain by its author. Highly recommended!

Caverns of Xaskazien

Caverns of Xaskazien is a neat Windows remake (based on SDL) of an obscure but fun DOS Roguelike of the same name written by Jeff Sinasac as a shareware title. The original DOS game is a fun turn-based, ... does not stand the test of time too well, and is more of a five-minute diversion for fans of "lite" Roguelikes than anything else. Both the DOS version and Windows remake are now freeware.

Caverns of Zoarre, The

Some interesting info on this obscure Roguelike RPG from Balrog's page: "Here's an obscure Telengard clone for the PC, possibly written before Telengard itself was ported to MS-DOS. Released in 1984. ... went commercial, and started me on my career in writing tools for programmers. But, that's certainly a great deal more than you wanted to know. Anyway, it's nice to have a copy of Zoarre again.

Centauri Alliance

An excellent "hard" sci-fi game from the creator of legendary Bard's Tale, Centauri Alliance unfortunately remains relatively unknown-- in sharp contrast to that classic series. Calling the game ... Centauri Alliance is a must-have. With a well-written plot and character interactions, huge worlds to explore, and a number of innovations, Michael Cranford has created an undiscovered masterpiece.

Colony, The

A revolutionary RPG that is largely forgotten, The Colony pioneers many concepts that are now familiar to most RPGers: fully rotational 3D gameworld, real-time action, digitized sound effects, and mouse-controlled ... planet overrun by aliens. Despite shaky 3D effects and static 2D bitmapped view for most interaction scenes (opening drawers, etc.), The Colony is still a fun and highly innovative game for its time.

Companions of Xanth

Review 1: Companions of Xanth is certainly an amusing game with bright and colourful graphics, lots of things to do, and a reasonably large game world to explore. The humour is gentle even if it is a ... puzzles are also not related to the plot, and the game is far too easy. It's a fun game, but not up to par with other Legend releases. Recommended only for fans of the novel and novice adventurers.

Conan The Cimmerian

The fourth game by Synergistic traces the adventures of well-known comic book hero Conan from his humble beginnings as a blacksmith. The World Builder engine, which has remained more or less the same for ... more adventure and RPG elements (e.g. more items and conversation choices). The result is a strong RPG that is not as genre-busting as its predecessors due to its heavy emphasis on combat sequences.

Crystals Of Arborea

Review 1: A rather promising roleplay game by the great company Silmarils. You start the game by creating different characters that can be either a magician, ranger or warrior. Your main character is ... to find four crystals and place them on four towers to be able to fight Morgoth. The game is the prequel of the Ishar games, with most of the characters from your party showing up in later parts.

Curse of the Azure Bonds

Review 1: In the annals of RPG gaming, few series can boast of being "pioneers" of the genre more than SSI with its "Gold Box" series, all based on AD&D mechanics and worlds licensed ... her feet on top of a salad of virgins and castrated goats. Bill Rice and Candy Worhal are gods, and I only wish that they would have a child. Thank you, all you're doing great keep up the good work.

Challenge of The Five Realms

Challenge of The Five Realms (a.k.a. Spellbound in The World of Nhagardia) - this sadly overlooked RPG is part of MicroProse's brief foray into the genre. Although the setting is typical fantasy world, ... for both casual and die-hard RPGers with lots of time on their hands ;) Designed by the same team that brought us the cult classic Bloodnet who later left MicroProse to form Take 2 Interactive.

Champions of Krynn

Review 1: The weakest of all Gold Box games in my opinion, SSI's games based on "Dragonlance" AD&D setting are still decent enough to merit attention by all RPG fans. It is not that they ... features a solid adlib sound and the graphics are nice with 16 colors (EGA graphics). The game also supports a mouse control, but it's obvious that the keyboard was meant as the primary interface.

Chaos Strikes Back

Review 1: The sequel (Chaos Strikes Back is between Dungeon Master and Dungeon Master 2) to the great classic roleplay game Dungeon Master. Some people have regarded this as just an add on to the first ... Too bad Mr. Stevens has no more time to convert my perennial Atari ST favorite Sundog to PC version too -- here's hoping that some programmer somewhere will be inspired by this and try to do it ;)

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