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Bard's Tale 1

The Bard's Tale is surely a classic. It's one of the games setting the standard for computer roleplaying games. It's a different standard than the AD&D games or the Ultima series set, however it had and still has many fans. The game mostly focusses on slaying monsters and gaining levels to be able to defeat harder monsters etc. - but that's of course not all.

Your goal is to defeat the evil wizard Mangar who has taken over your hometown Skara Brae. He has frozen the surroundings of the city with a spell of Eternal Winter. To have a chance to challenge the powerful mage you have to build up your party of adventures and hunt monsters in various dungeons throughout the city. Finally you have to find a way into his stronghold. This game was the first game I ever bought with my own money...

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Bard's Tale 1 screenshot
Bard's Tale 1 screenshot

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