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Nemesis clone.

Sideswipe: Project 053 II

Sideswipe is another quality freeware offering from Natomic Studios. A fast-paced side-scroller, the game offers lots of frenetic action and enemies in crisp anime-style graphics. You play secret agent ... original soundtrack. If you enjoy well-coded freeware gems that won't take you too long to finish and will serve as a pleasant diversion during coffee breaks, check out this fun, unassuming game.

Silly Master Blaster

Very old pinball game. It doesn't look anything different from a normal pinball game.


Review 1: A decent first person shooter. Your typical go-around-blowing-things-up game. This game has alright graphics and gameplay, but the sound isn't really of a very good standard, it tends to get ... (thin) storyline which isn't why you'd play a shooter to begin with :) Definitely one of the very few shooters I struggled to finish despite overwhelming odds, and a must have for every action fan.

Silpheed (SEGA CD)

Silpheed for SEGA CD is a cosmetic update of the 1988 game of the same name, also developed by Game Arts and published to great acclaim by Sierra outside Asia. Although this SEGA CD version adds nothing ... that it's still the same game, though - meaning a challenging shooter that is quite frustrating due to the high difficulty level. If you are up to the challenge, Silpheed for SEGA CD is a blast.


As a commercial follow up of "Epic Pinball", Silverball was the successor of the first pinball PC-Games having really realistic sounds, ramps, complex bonus systems and goals to achieved on the ... resolve to have a lot of secrets and hidden bonus lits and holes, ramps etc. Try it out! Maybe you will still get addicted to this pinball game which once was a milestone in gambling hall gameplay.

Silverball Plus 2

Silverball Plus 2 is a pretty good pinball game by Epic Megagames, published by Micro League in 1994. From the information page at MobyGames: "Silverball is basically a commercially published version ... above-average title. With 7 tables and the ability to accommodate 4 players at a time (each taking turn to play), the game offers much more "bang for your buck" than most pinball games.

Simpsons, The

A great conversion of the arcade game of the same name, based on one of the world's most popular cartoon series of all time, Konami's The Simpsons features great graphics (for its time, of course), fluid ... items, that gameplay is always refreshing. Overall, this is a great game based on the show, and a must-play for every Simpsons and platform game fan. Just be wary of very difficult end-level bosses.

Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants, The

An fun platform game that doesn't quite live up to Konami's classic The Simpsons, Bart vs. The Space Mutants is a solid conversion of the NES port of the same name, starring once again TV's most famous ... Clown, and many others. Overall, Bart vs. The Space Mutants is a fun game that isn't as varied or creative as Konami's earlier games based on the show, but it is still very entertaining. Recommended!

Simpsons: Bart's House of Weirdness, The

A fun action game with minimal adventure elements, The Simpsons: Bart's House of Weirdness is a cross between a toybox and a game, starring the world's most famous brat. The action begins with Bart being ... his house, or in his dreams. Still, this minor issue hardly detracts from a very entertaining experience. Highly recommended for fans of the show, and everyone else who aren't afraid of the joystick.

Simpsons: Virtual Springfield, The

Virtual Springfield is a disappointing 'game' from FOX Interactive. Set in the Simpsons universe, this CD-ROM takes you on a virtual-reality tour of Springfield - more specifically, about 50 famous locations ... license. Konami's Simpsons games (which you can find on this site) are far better than this marginal game that offers far less gameplay on a CD-ROM than many 5.25" classics under 100KB.

Sinaria: Lost in Space

Sinaria: Lost in Space is a fun, bang-for-your-buck shareware platformer that boasts surprisingly varied and addictive gameplay despite amateurish graphics. Similar to most other games in the genre, the ... cool power-ups, huge levels, and excellent level designs, Sinaria has plenty of play value that rivals commercial games, although its graphics are unfortunately amateurish and blocky. Worth a look.

Sinbad (a.k.a. Throne of The Falcon)

This Cinemaware game puts you in the shoes (sandals?) of legendary Sinbad the sailor from 1001 Arabian Nights, who roam the seas in search of fortune, power, and true love. In contrast to Cinemaware's ... characters that don't do justice to the classic novel, Sinbad has more than enough swordfights, potential love intrigue, and exotic charm to keep Cinemaware fans trigger-happy for hours on end.


sion2000 is a neat 3D first-person space shooter from Japan. The objective is simple: shoot everything in sight. Although it's an arcade shooter, the control resembles a flight sim game in that pressing ... a more powerful blast. There are also many kinds of enemies and nice weapon effects. If you're looking for a fun shooter to spend 10-15 minute at a time with, sion2000 is a good choice. Recommended!

Skippy's Revenge

You are Skippy, a little boy who, while riding his bike, is the target of some baddies in their car. They want to score some "roadkill points" (Carmageddon, anyone?), and Skippy is a big bonus. ... to replay it. Probably for this, there are two mini-games, the "Gang War" for two players and the Painting, but they get old very fast. A fun game, undoubtedly, but only for a short while.


A cute action game starring Skuld, the goddess from hit Japanese anime Ah! Megami-sama! (Ah! My Goddess!) series, Skuld is a fun mini-action game that features great animation, sounds, and addictive (albeit ... is a solid and well-executed anime action game. Part of a larger collection of games that Banpresto released on CD in 1997 in Japan, Skuld has since been released as freeware. Highly recommended!

Skull & Crossbones

A dull pirate fencing platform game from Tengen, Skull and Crossbones is much inferior to the swordfighting sequence in Sid Meier's Pirates!, despite more detailed graphics and Caribbean scenery. Your ... the screen, looking more like bowling pins than human beings. Play this one only if you're really bored of Pirates! swordfighting, although I can't imagine why :) A disappointment, to say the least.

Skunny 32-Bit

Last and best entry in the semi-popular Skunny series of platform games from Magic Touch, starring a cartoony squirrel who looks like a distant cousin of Jazz Jackrabbit. First (and last) in the series ... worth a look, especially for fans of Jazz Jackrabbit or Zool. It is by far not as inventive as those two games, but it does offer dozens of hours of platform fun for gamers of all ages. Recommended!

Sky Jaguar

Sky Jaguar is an early classic vertical shooter from Konami, released only on some non-PC systems, including the short-lived MSX computer. The game is quite primitive by modern standards, with few level ... is full of them. Highly recommended, at least as a piece of SHMUPS history. Note: the game was never made for PC. This download is the MSX version recompiled to work in DOS with no emulator required.

Sky Puppy

Sky Puppy is a great entry in Retro Remakes' One Switch Competition that deserves to finish in the top three, except it did not. Your goal: fly a puppy as high as possible before time runs out. The puppy ... increase your score. The graphics is great to look at, the gameplay is addictive, and even the music is pleasant. Overall, a very well-made little coffee break gem that will put a smile on your face.

Sky Shark

Review 1: Sky Shark is a faithful conversion of early Taito classic arcade game. A top-down shooter similar to Raiden, Sky Shark is much more accessible to beginners due to more forgiving enemies and ... :) Recommended, although by no means a must-have. Review 2: Just an good old topdown shooter. But the graphic part is a littlebit strange. For explosions strange colors are used. The music is nice.

Sky Target 3D

Sky Target 3D is SEGA's rather half-hearted attempt to modernize its arcade classic Afterburner for the 1990s. Nothing much to say about this game, other than the fact that it looks and plays like Afterburner, ... well, but most retro fans will probably choose Afterburner over this disappointing remake. Not really a bad game, but one that doesn't surpass its predecessor at all in the gameplay department.

Skyfox II: The Cygnus Conflict

Skyfox II is a fun, early 3D space shooter from Dynamix that marks one of the earliest and few collaborative efforts between its two founding designers, Damon Slye and Jeff Tunnell?long before they became ... that is much more than a simple arcade-style shoot-em-up. Perfect for fans of space simulations who want some arcade fun, and arcade fans who want something a bit more complex than Space Invaders.


Skychase is a fun 2-player action game that plays like a cross between classic boardgame Battleship and arcade flight simulations. The controls are as easy as it gets: just press two keys to start white-knuckle ... although the AI is capable. With a wide variety of options, good clean fun, and attractive wireframe graphics, Skychase is one of the most underrated multiplayer games of all time. Recommended!


Review 1: Here it is, the classic amongst small action-packed games, Skyroads. This game packs hours and hours of gameplay into 600k of data. Fast-paced action calls for alert reflexes. Then what's the ... get past anything in it, which makes it quite addictive because it's so damn hard. All up a quite difficult but mainly basic game from Blue Moon Software, the graphics could have been better though!

Slam Tilt

Slam Tilt is an excellent pinball game from 21st Century Entertainment, best known for Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Illusions. Fans of these classics won't be disappointed with Slam Tilt, although this ... with the score table which offers neat sub-games and animations along with its usual job of displaying your score. If you enjoy pinball games, Slam Tilt is a worthy addition to your collection.


UFP and SLD are two fun little arcade games from Japan from the same author. UFP is a cool shooter that lets you fly a paper airplane and shoots at balloons and other paper airplanes for points. The game ... ideal time wasters during coffee breaks. As a shooter UFP is more repetitive than SLD, but it is a good kind of repetitive - the kind that makes simple games like Robotron so addictive. Recommended!


One of the most unique platform games ever made, Sleepwalker was OCEAN's final game before being bought out by French software giant Infogrames. You are Ralph, the ever-faithful dog (yes, dog) who must ... was actually produced for the Comic Relief charity, but there was no telling how much money actually went to the cause, since it didn't sell well despite many positive reviews for the Amiga version.


Smashset is a fun Breakout clone from Japan. The game introduces nice twists on the familiar bounce-the-ball formula in several ways. For starters, you don't play this game from a 2D view, but an attractive ... difficult to make the ball bounce off both sides at steep angles, if at all. Still, I am sure Breakout experts will have no trouble figure out how to do it after they get used to the perspective.

Smoke Attack

Smoke Attack is another fun freeware game from the Swiss division of Phenomedia, one of the world's best promotional/tie-in game developers (an increasingly popular genre now commonly referred to as "ad-games"). ... are excellent. Although the gameplay is slightly repetitive, the higher-than-average difficulty level and varied level design should keep you occupied for at least as long as your coffee break lasts.

Smokin' Guns

Smokin' Guns is a simple shooting gallery for Windows 3.1 with a surprising depth and variety. As the game states: "you are the law in Gangsterland-- take on the crime lord and clear the streets of ... a "realistic" 3D shooter, but the game packs more than enough gameplay to compensate for inferior graphics. You'll be playing this charming little game long after Mad Dog McCree is over.

Snack Attack II

Another wonderful Michael Abrash classic, Snack Attack II is an enhanced Pac-Man clone that is no less addictive than the arcade classic. The goal, as we all know too well, is to gobble up gumdrops and ... higher levels), and there are more types of enemies than the Atari game. Overall, a great arcade classic that you can't really fault, except that it could have been a tad more original. Recommended.


Snake! is a great clone of Nibbles with some very innovative concepts, even if the game is ASCII-only with no graphics. There are three modes of play in the game: single player, two-player, and computer. ... as the angle you hit it from. If you hit it exactly on the gate, you get double points. Arcade fans who don't care much for graphics will find hours of enjoyment in this little-known ASCII old game.


Snarf is a fun action game where you try to find your way through a maze without getting overrun by the swarms of snarfs that run through it. The game is similar to Pac-Man, with a few new twists such ... game from Everett Kaser, who currently runs one of the largest shareware puzzle game companies. It is also notable as one of the first games in history whose source codes were released with the game.


Back to the old days. Where (a small) size was more important than the graphics. The glory days of ASCII games. Addictiveness was the trump card. How do you achieve addictiveness fast? By keeping the game ... versions: The original DOS(-only) version, a monochrome Windows compatible version with the extra option to destroy walls in higher levels, a Windows compatible color version, and a network version.

Snowball Action Puzzle, The

The Snowball Action Puzzle is a neat action/puzzle hybrid from Japan. The idea is simple: you control a 3D duck who must kill all the enemy ducks on each level by throwing snowballs at them while avoiding ... My only gripe is that it is sometimes hard to gauge the ball's trajectory, due to insufficient shadows and other 3D cues. But the red crossharis make up for that... if you can see it in the snow.


Review 1: A very simple but still amusing game. The game is simple. You fight against a bunch of kids with snow balls and you have to hit all the other kids in order to win the level. The levels aren't ... and addictive yet simple gameplay, SnowCraft may not be the ultimate stocking-filler, but it's ideal for whiling away a few minutes during coffee break... especially when it's snowing outside.

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