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As a commercial follow up of "Epic Pinball", Silverball was the successor of the first pinball PC-Games having really realistic sounds, ramps, complex bonus systems and goals to achieved on the boards. As CPU speed was low these days, the option menu contains settings concerning graphical quality which was pretty uncommon these days. The graphics are good and the SoundBlaster sounds realistic as in a gambling hall.

Silverball comes with five tables: Fantasy, Nova, Blood, Snooker Champ, and Odyssey. The extended Version "Silverball Plus 2" included two extra tables: Warbot and Duel, which were more or less the same as the Excalibur and Magic tables from Epic Pinball. The boards appear to be very simple, but resolve to have a lot of secrets and hidden bonus lits and holes, ramps etc. Try it out! Maybe you will still get addicted to this pinball game which once was a milestone in gambling hall gameplay.

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